About CBW

Christian Books Worldwide (CBW) is a UK-based charity dedicated to advancing knowledge of God in the poorest segments of the Majority World by publication, translation, and distribution of essential biblical literature.

Since its inception in 2009, CBW has delivered some 600,000 items of biblical, evangelical, and reformed theological literature to individuals and organizations serving disadvantaged communities across 41 countries on 5 continents in 36 languages additional to English.

With a special focus on preaching pastors, Bible-teachers, and evangelical leaders serving the world’s most disadvantaged communities, CBW provides a broad range of great literature designed to strengthen evangelical ministry and preaching, stimulate evangelism, and enhance the quality, depth, and effectiveness of Christian leadership training in the world’s emerging regions.

CBW’s present operation is comprised of three chief elements: 


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Translation & Publication

of new books and study guides, in 36 different languages and growing.

Print Distribution

We send new and pre-owned books to pastors and theological institutions, globally to 41 countries and growing

While evangelical pastors and leaders in the Global South often receive excellent theological training (ranging anywhere from the equivalent of primary school through to postgraduate and research-level education), high-quality Christian books and study materials are usually very expensive and, in many contexts, frequently difficult to obtain, especially in indigenous languages. In plenty of places, too, pastors and other leaders have no theological training, no books, and sometimes not even a Bible. 

As the population-centre of global Christianity moves, ever more dramatically, from north to south and from west to east, CBW reaches out to pastors and other evangelical leaders with limited or no access to high-grade biblical literature (and especially to those with most minimal or zero resources). Our over-arching objective is to deliver reliable books, study aids, and culturally relevant Bible-teaching materials, across the whole spectrum of educational and literacy levels. In this way, CBW enables thousands of leaders – pastors, evangelists, church-planters, ministry trainers, Bible students, and theological teachers – to deepen their knowledge of Scripture, grow in love for Christ, mature their competency, and make a stronger Christian impact wherever they are in the world.