CBW seeks to be efficient with the Lord’s money and to minimise overheads. Hence the work is entirely by volunteers, many in their retirement years who are blessed with good health.


CBW links to overseas printers where we are sure the quality can be maintained also to keep costs down.

CBW seeks to find reliable but cheaper ways of transporting.

The turnover for the first three financial years can be seen below:

Expenditure for Financial Year 2010/2011 – £39,000

Expenditure for Financial Year 2011/2012 – £75,400

Expenditure for Financial Year 2012/2013 – £113,708

Expenditure for Financial Year 2013/2014 – £117,713

Expenditure for Financial Year 2014/2015 – £121,377

Expenditure for Financial Year 2015/2016 – £126,253

Expenditure for Financial Year 2016/2017 – £109,371


Expenditure for 2016/2017

In the year 2014 –
34 books published with Translation Projects underway in 20 languages

Foreign Printouts

In the first few years of CBW’s mission the Lord has used the sacrificial giving of a small number of supporters to achieve an enormous amount. Elisha’s oil reminds us of the way we have witnessed thousands of books sent out or published overseas to reach pastors in obscure places. Some people hold in their hands for the first time a new Bible commentary in their own language.

At the beginning of 2014 the first Martin Lloyd-Jones book was published in Swahili.

Well over a 300,000 books and pieces of literature have now been distributed in four years, (Over 45,000 in English ).


26 languages in 20 countries are currently being reached.

The Apostle Paul requested Timothy to “Bring the Books”. This we will do, God enabling us.

BUT this effort is miniscule when we compare the vast numbers of under-resourced Christians

Will the WEST Resource the REST
Will Evangelicals Send Theology 2 Resource Every Saint with Truth

Christian Books Worldwide is a Registered Charity No. 112 75 03
Company No 05741613