Who We Are

Christian Books Worldwide is a volunteer organisation born from the vision to supply the REST with sound Christian literature. It is an associated mission to Pastor Training International who it supports with literature for its Pastor Training conferences in English or increasingly in vernacular. All volunteers must subscribe to our Basis of Faith and are drawn from a range of Evangelical churches throughout the United Kingdom.

We are a charity registered in the UK and operating as a limited company. We will only spend out on projects where we have ready finances. Thus, we rely on the giving of the Lord’s people in the WEST to resource the REST.

Will the WEST Resource the REST
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Packing Books

These publishing houses translate English classics (under license) into the local languages, which is an expensive operation. They then publish as any publisher would, but please note that the books in their language are far more expensive than their equivalent English volume due to the additional translation cost. They can only continue this work by sponsorship and then recoup the publishing costs with sales. CBW seeks to lend support to these vital European operations.

Our staff liaise with overseas contacts who we have learned to work with through the assistance of PTI (Pastor Training International) or other worthy organisations. It sometimes takes a long time in correspondence to decide if we can work reliably with these overseas contacts following rigorous though kind assessments. Accurate translation for both language and theology reflecting accurately the author’s thoughts is vital. We have as a principle the requirement to engage an approved translator, checker and editor. By this we seek to achieve accuracy in translation. It may be, of course that old English will be simplified on conversion to the vernacular, while remaining true to the text.

The dedicated staff who collect, sort, select and dispatch suitable English books cannot be praised too highly. It is their sound packing and labeling of these valuable resources that ensures books reach the most obscure places. It is a challenge to get books into ‘closed’ countries as well as to remote, rural communities where post hardly exists.

We have publishing houses working as mission agencies in

Spain (Editorial Peregrino),

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Germany (3L Verlag)

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and in the Ukraine (Biblos Alpha).

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Christian Books Worldwide is a Registered Charity
No. 112 75 03 Company No 05741613

Registered Office: The Garden Cottage, Knightons, Dunsfold, Surrey, GU8 4NU

Christian Books Worldwide is a Registered Charity No. 112 75 03
Company No 05741613