Translation involves finding reliable people fluent in language and theologically sound to produce a faithful document. We need a translator, checker and editor to ensure this process is achieved successfully. It can take weeks or even years to produce a good translation.



Publishing good quality books, which do not fall apart in hot humid conditions and which exude quality, takes perseverance to find the right publishers. Fortunately, within the CBW group we can call on competent artists, type-setting etc.


Filling Boxes

Distributing involves an army of volunteers from the front contact to the back room packing. We have staff, who have been in contact with key personnel in many Developing World countries. Correspondence goes back many years and we continue to build networks of people. Through these contacts we are introduced to yet more. We make it a policy also to liaise with other agencies, who train pastors or supply literature so that we try to prevent duplication, while extending the reach into very needy areas. For instance, there are more French speakers outside France, and most are in Africa. The Francophone countries are even poorer than the rest of Africa so we are focusing on pouring literature into places like Burkina Faso and Mali where PTI has been holding conferences in recent years. PTI were able to use five newly translated books this year and we were assisted in this by supplies from Chapel Library and The Gospel Coalition International Outreach.

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