What We Do

Christian Books Worldwide exists to:

  • Translate and Publish suitable reformed Christian literature into other languages
  • Distribute sound Christian literature in English

In the words of Bill Walsh Director of The Gospel Coalition International Outreach, USA:


Amazing volunteers are helping hungry Christians in dozens of countries to read great Christian classics which inspire them to evangelize and teach others.

With the millions of untrained pastors in an ever growing church
(see Welcome) we are nibbling at the edges to bring them training with books and teaching materials. However, this will help those we reach to get to know the Scriptures more, challenge their Christian life, and teach them to preach more effectively. To this end we are hoping to develop materials (see Library) to assist those with only a primary school education or limitations in available languages.  We want to help them to learn starting from a basic educational level. Please pray that this ambitious venture will come to fruition quickly. The numbers we could help are vast

 Second-hand and new English books.

We need redundant, sound theological books. Please consider donating these well-used treasures for the REST.  In 2014 we sent out over 9000 English books

Reformation truth is stimulating a new generation.


From a standing start, in four years we have distributed over 350,000 pieces of literature in English or vernacular languages (Book list). Evangelistic tracts and books by Robin Asgher and John Blanchard in twelve languages including Pushtoo for Afghanistan. Christianity Explored in English and Nepalese. Ryle commentaries. books by Spurgeon, Bunyan, Baxter, Owen as well as modern writers such as John Piper, Peter Jeffries, M Lloyd-Jones have all been in the mix.

The book most translated and demanded is the simple systematic theology written by Roger Weil called “Foundations of the Christian Faith”. He wrote this volume to make it easy to translate into Communist-Block languages. Over half a million are now circulating in China through his initiative. CBW has extended that work into Tamil, Hmar, Nepalese, Vaiphei, Zou, Telegu, Mizo, Hakha Chin, Burmese, and Romanian with have several more language editions in preparation.

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Christian Books Worldwide is a Registered Charity No. 112 75 03
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