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                       CBW is a mission:                              

                                                                    -  dedicated to spreading truth
                                                                    -  directed to those who have little or nothing
                                                                    -  dependent on the Lord to use those who have much more                                                                                                                                   

                    Christian Books Worldwide exists to:                                                                                                              

  •       Translate reformed Christian literature into other languages for the strengthening of the church
  •        Publish sound Christian books  in European languages  
  •        Distribute sound Christian literature in  - English to Pastors deprived of theological training**
                                                                                       - foreign languages to residents in the UK 


                       We invite you to explore our site to see what the Lord is doing through our mission:  

                             "The Lord has done this and it is marvellous in our eyes."  Mk 12 v 11      

   See LATEST TRANSLATION PROJECTS  for translated books in Swahili, Tamil, Portuguese, Pushtoo, Urdu, Burmese...  


**Latest in Distributing:   We collect redundant libraries from retiring pastors and sort

according to suitability for pastors and students in Bible colleges all over the world.  We have sent to: Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, Burundi, Burkina Faso, Mozambique,

South Africa, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Myanmar, Cuba, Israel, N Africa as well as for foreign students in UK Bible colleges including WEST and LTS. 

                                                                                   If you have or know of

suitable theological books we should be pleased to collect them for passing on to the hugely deprived Christians overseas.

PUBLISHERS in             

     SPANISH Website   www.editorialperegrino.com


     GERMAN Website  www.3Lverlag.de


    RUSSIAN Email          tdf7@rambler.ru


                  CBW is a sister mission of PASTOR TRAINING INTERNATIONAL   www.pastor-training.org                    

            Christian Books Worldwide is a Registered Charity No. 112 75 03  Company No 05741613

                  Registered Office: The Garden Cottage, Knightons, Dunsfold, Surrey GU8 4NU