Training in Africa

Training in Africa

An encouraging report from Joster Jumbe, one of our regular contacts:

We thank the Lord that the work in Malawi, Mozambique and Zambia is progressing very well. We had have managed to distribute Chichewa books by CBW in this October, 2018. The leaders were very happy to receive these books. It is now when our ministry is growing when we have discovered that many of the leaders do not have even a single book for ministry preparation. This has forced us to think of working a certificate program in their mother tongue.

The mission work which is being conducted in 10 small congregations scattered in Sofala, Zambezia and Tete Provinces needs a lot of trainings and books for them to get grounded in reformed theology. As many leaders are opening their hearts for reformed theology, we plan to intensify our trainings in their respective areas. The demand for Chichewa books is very great in all countries beyond our imagination.

A Mozambican pastor receiving a bag of books

In Zambia, I met the principal of Covenant theological College in Petauke. We donated many books to the college for the students. The Principal of this college is planning to invite me to teach at this college two times per year. Apart from this college we have also several contacts in Zambia who are the beneficiaries of these books. We need your prayers because for us to reach such a big area requires strong health and wisdom.