Set a pastor’s ministry up for life by sponsoring ‘The Preacher’s Collection’

The Preacher’s Collection is a mini library of 15 books which have been specially selected to provide pastors educated to secondary school level, who have received very little theological training, if at all, with the fundamentals they need to be sound, gospel-focused Bible teachers and church leaders.  The books cover four key areas: The Bible, Doctrine & Theology, Preaching & Pastoral ministry and Discipleship, Ethics and History.

Each title has been chosen because it is not too long (unless it is one of the three reference books) and has been contextualised to make it more accessible to a majority world audience.  CBW has secured the books from publishers at favourable rates so that the collection can be collated and dispatched way below retail cost.

By donating £100 you will be not only blessing the pastor who receives the books but the flock who will benefit from his preaching and pastoral ministry.