The Preacher’s Collection

Tremendous Titles for Pastors in the World’s Largest Languages

Christian Books Worldwide wants excellent biblical literature to be available to every pastor in the majority world.

The pastor’s main calling is to proclaim Christ by preaching the knowledge of the Bible. To do this consistently well, the pastor must gain a clear and effective understanding of the Bible’s message and teaching. To help preaching pastors grow deeper and stronger in biblical understanding, CBW’s panel of editors are selecting a core set of ‘must have’ volumes for circulation in the world’s most widely spoken languages.

Helping preaching pastors grow stronger in biblical understanding

Focussed on basic literacy levels yet giving readers of all backgrounds a solid understanding of foundational biblical concepts, these titles steer clear of technical terminology, explaining theological ideas simply and directly.

Helping pastors study the Bible for their own good and for the good of the people they serve, The Preacher’s Collection is intended – initially – for print distribution to pastors and Bible teachers within 20 of the world’s poorest countries and – ultimately – for digital availability in 170 countries across the global south.

For preaching pastors in the world’s poorest countries

The Preacher’s Collection is designed to have global appeal, gathering a carefully chosen series of established classics for distribution to leaders who declare and apply the Bible in many of the world’s poorest places.

While the precise needs of pastors often vary in different parts of the world, CBW believes that each book in The Preacher’s Collection possesses extensive cross-cultural suitability and will command near-universal interest from evangelical leaders seeking to fulfil the chief pastoral duty: ‘instruction of the people of God through preaching the Word of God.’

Appealing to the widest number of leaders in the broadest range of contexts and cultures

The main aim of this core list is to provide a typical pastor in the majority world with a ‘toolkit’ for his ministry. The intention is not to develop an ultimate list of evangelical literature, but rather to select appropriate books for pastors that we wish to support. 

Books in The Preacher’s Collection balance simplicity with profundity, appealing to the widest number of readers in the broadest range of contexts and cultures. Taken together these titles provide an attractive, reliable, and accessible introduction to biblical knowledge. They are works which will be central to CBW’s ministry moving forward, forming the nucleus of our translation strategy.

View the current shortlist

Translation and Distribution Policy

The Preacher’s Collection will be circulated to majority world pastors in languages with 100 million-plus speakers, beginning with English, French, Swahili, and Arabic.

100 million-plus language speakers, in order of priority:

  • English (1.21 billion speakers), with an initial focus on distribution to pastors in some of the world’s poorest English-speaking countries (Liberia, Malawi, South Sudan, The Gambia, Sierra Leone, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Tanzania, Cameroon, Kenya, and Zambia).
  • French (285 million speakers), with a primary focus on distribution to pastors in the world’s three poorest French-speaking countries (Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi, and Central African Republic).
  • Swahili (98.3 – 150 million speakers), with a priority focus on distribution to pastors in Africa’s Great Lakes Region.
  • Arabic (422 million speakers), with a priority focus on distribution to pastors in four of the world’s poorest Arabic-speaking countries (Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen).


  • Mandarin Chinese (1.107 billion speakers)
  • Hindustani (697.4 million speakers)
  • Spanish (512.9 million)
  • Malay (281 million speakers)
  • Russian (264 million speakers)
  • Bengali (261.8 million speakers)
  • Portuguese (229 million speakers)
  • Punjabi (148 million speakers)
  • Persian (110 million speakers)
  • Urdu (104 million speakers)

Then 50 million-plus language speakers:

  • Javanese (84.3 million speakers)
  • Wu Chinese, including Shanghainese (80.7 million speakers)
  • Telugu (79.7 million speakers)
  • Turkish (78.9 million speakers)
  • Marati (74.7 million speakers)
  • Tamil (74.6 million speakers)
  • Yu Chinese, including Cantonese (73.7 million)
  • Vietnamese (67.9 million)
  • Hausa (63.1 million)
  • Thai (60.5 million)
  • Southern Min, including Hokkien (50.1 million)
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