Thanks from Malawi

Thanks from Malawi

It is a great blessing for us to work with CBW in Malawi. The varieties of books we receive from you are a great source of Christ-centered Theology. Indeed, we could not have registered any success without the help of your books. Our students have managed to finish their assignments in time because of these books. Most of these books are very rare and very rich with hidden treasure without measure.

In pursuit of higher education, many students with a poor background of reformed theology have been exposed to reformed teachings. We have always recommended these books as the must read books. Our aim is to approach them with true knowledge from the scriptures as expounded by many God-fearing men of God whose works have been revered for centuries.

Many students have confessed of their past after reading these books. They have always admitted that what they obtain from these books is rarely found in most of pulpits. We are living in a time when the truth has been very much compromised with the world. People do not want what God speaks through the Scriptures, but what pleases their eyes and ears, hence great apostasy. We hope that, with the help of the Lord, these books will continue to penetrate into many unreached people who think they are on the right path, but yet are not.

Apart from the benefits which our students are obtaining, our office has also been very blessed. From these books, we have managed to select some books for translation. The translation work is filling the gap for many of the Christian leaders who cannot study in English. These books have spread to Mozambique, Zambia and Malawi. 

We thank the entire management and all supporters of CBW worldwide for the great work and zeal you have shown to reach the poor nations with books. We are very sure without your generous support our work would face negative untold challenges that would block the spread of the Gospel.

We continue to pray for your work for Christ sake.

Zomba, Malawi