Supporting Pastors in Sudan

Supporting Pastors in Sudan

Greetings from the Brothers and Sisters of the Sudan Churches of Christ.

Thanks a lot for the support that your ministry known as Christian Books Worldwide has given to our pastors.

Pastor M, together with the missions from Uganda, has been a great blessing to the body of Christ in Sudan. They have risked their lives to reach us with the Word of God. We have received from them copies of Pastors and Teachers and others that have been a great instrument for our pastors and leaders. We received in December from you 40 copies of 2 different books.

The churches here have undergone severe persecution and torture from Moslem extremists but your books have strengthened our pastors. It is very difficult to mail a letter to you from Sudan so I’ve decided to send it to you through Pastor M.

Recently we had a pastors’ conference that had 325 church leaders in attendance. We used Pastors and Teachers books for our training of pastors. Right now we have 136 churches in our region and 84 churches in the Southern Region. All together I supervise 220 churches.

Pastors who have been lucky to receive a copy of the book titled Pastors and Teachers are doing very well in their pastoral ministry. I have now 136 pastors who need that book seriously. I therefore humbly request you to send our pastors the following books:-

Pastors and Teachers – 100 copies

Books of Apologetics – 50 copies

Books on Leadership – 50 copies

Any copies of other books in stock

I’m training pastors in defending their faith and the Gospel. That is the reason why we need books of apologetics. As usual send the books to our mentor and spiritual father Pastor M. He will make sure all the boxes reach us.

Finally, being a Moslem nation, we need Bibles to replace the Qurans. If possible, find just some kind people who can buy for us Bibles from Trinitarian Bible Society in UK. We will be grateful for your support from that line of need too.

My brother I would like to hear from you through Pastor M. Send a reply to him and I’ll be able to receive it.

On the day when God will reward those people who reached Moslems with the Gospel, you will be among the people who will be rewarded.

God bless you brother.


Note: Names have been omitted for the safety of the individuals.