Students seek meeting place in Kampala

Students seek meeting place in Kampala

Most of the books you sent were really helpful to read through and afterwards I was able to give some to young workers within the church, and five others books I gave to Christian student leaders at the University where we run a weekly fellowship. Thank you for those books and may God richly bless you.

Pray for the Christian Union students of Kampala International University. The University has been sold to a Moslem investor and currently all Christian fellowship has been stopped within the University premises

Just this week we have received more news form this pastor/student worker as follows:-


To respond to your question on books, my answer is definitely Yes, it will be nice to receive more books. Foundations of the Christian Faith is such a wonderful book as it points out quite crucial/ important message that many young generation pastors are struggling with. It gives good background on the Christian faith and most importantly preparing our faith in the Lord as we wait for His second return.

I will be very much happy to receive all the books that you have highlighted (mentioned) and any other that can help university students in their walk with the Lord.

Fellowship with Christian Union members of Kampala International University is still at wrestling point, and yet many students are so passionate for discipleship. I have got one Christian married couple who live nearby the university and, at a request, they have agreed to open their compound for us to keep meeting once a week with the students as we look for a way out.

The Idea was to hire a nearby piece of land and put up a tent, or find a nearby hall that we can hire every time for the day of our fellowship so that we can continue to meet and fellowship while encouraging and strengthening these students in their walk with the Lord through discipleship and faithful bible study. One of the big reasons that I personally fear is that if nothing is done, most the students will end up in the hands of the false pastors around the university. Also to say, there are four different kinds of churches within the university with weird kinds of doctrine teaching, and so my fear is that if we don’t keep the few Christian students that we have at the moment, then they might all fall into the wrong hands.

At the moment, I’m looking out for a convenient place that we can keep hiring at a fair, manageable cost that we can start using. I met with some student leaders yesterday and they are so willing to do research around for places. We thought that it was so kind of the couple to offer their compound for the students to fellowship in temporally but then there will be inconveniences for them and their family as most times students would love to sing and dance; but most importantly time, as fellowship always begin at 6pm up to 8pm as during the day they are in classes, and this happens thrice a week.

This requires God’s guidance and wisdom. Sometimes fear grips my heart but the word of God (2 timothy 1:7) continues to strengthen my heart. I will keep you posted upon the search for the place and what it might take.


Lastly, something to praise God for!

I, and some Godly men who are after God’s heart for missionary work, we been running a project – (Grace-Line Foundation) since 2012. The ministry is basically doing gospel proclamation in: Health centres, student outreaches and the elderly in the local churches. We struggled with the government as they had denied us the opportunity to reach health centres till yesterday when we received the good news that the project has been fully confirmed by the government authority, and is now permitted to reach the hospitals within the country with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus. Praise Jesus! I promise to write more soon about Grace-Line Foundation.

Kampala, Uganda