Recent Thanks

Recent Thanks

My weekly studies continue with the young men I train to lead Bible study groups.  The text is Foundation of Christian Faith and we are now dealing with the doctrine of atonement. On pastoral ministry we are now on the 7th chapter of  Christian Ministry by Charles Bridges, and pages 35-41 (Pastoral oversight, Growing Leaders in the Church). These titles you sent to me are extremely helpful!

Carmines Norte, Philippines

We are grateful to partner with you in the service of the Lord. The books you send enable us to do two things mainly: first is to keep educating our pastors and teachers, to provide them with resources that they would not ordinarily have, so that they can know better how to understand and teach the Bible. The second key way is that it is preparing the way for our college to take the step up to offer a degree program. With much thanks we receive these books and praise God for your service.

A Theological College in Usa River, Tanzania

I thank you so much for the kinds of books posted to me, the material has been very helpful and gave me an in depth understanding of the Bible passages. It also helps me to become a more informed preacher, dividing the truth of God’s word correctly.Most especially,the following books: BIBLE-CENTRED CHURCH, by John Temple, WAKE UP AND LIVE, by  Joseph Alleine, and 1 and 2 timothy. Thank you very much for your support in this regard. It is highly appreciated!

Ado Ekiti, Nigeria

these books are a tremendous help to me personally and also to my ministry

I am very glad to let you know that  I received the books that you sent. Indeed, I am truly blessed how these books are a tremendous help to me personally and also to my ministry. The Global Study Bible is a great help and an aid in my study, also the book Pastors and Teachers and The Ministry We Need are a very wonderfully encouraging and inspiring, especially in the area of doing the work of a minister. Other books that are doctrinal in matters are very useful in my preaching ministry and even in Sunday school classes, they are truly rich in sound reformed doctrines and a better study material. All of the books that you sent are being used by God to me in my personal growth and in the ministry as well.

Bacolod City, Philippines

It is my sincere honour to send you today news that the precious package of books arrived safely and in good condition. Praise be to God. These books contain a high value of information in ministering the Word of God, touching lives, creating hunger and thirst in the lives of people. Each book read left a seed in my life, which is germinating, and later will bear much fruit that remains (John 15:16).

The information continued in these books is worthwhile. Truly, that are great books! I would be very grateful if you could send me another package.God continue blessing you, the Ministry and your co-workers of this Ministry.

Mpika, Zambia