Publication and Translation

‘every tribe and language and people and nation’ (Revelation 5:9)

CBW targets biblical literature provision for places where it is most needed, and seeks to present it there in the most suitable form.

Nearly 200 titles in 36 languages

Using in-country translation teams and local publishers we have produced almost 200 titles – commentaries, theological standards, evangelistic, preaching, and Bible-teaching materials – in 36 languages additional to English.

CBW’s approach to publication of translated works is guided by the desire to allocate resources in ways which will maximize benefit, reaching as many preaching pastors as possible in as many different places as possible, throughout the poorest parts of the majority world. 

Outstanding biblical literature in the world’s most widely spoken languages

To this end, our general rule is to devote approximately 80% of available time and money to fulfilling projects designed to increase provision of outstanding biblical literature in the world’s most widely used languages, each with 100 million or more speakers. 

This puts us in a position to dedicate the balance of resources toward providing similarly excellent literature to preachers and Bible teachers serving Christ in some of the world’s less well-known languages and in some of the world’s more easily forgotten places. 

Projects devoted to circulation in less widely spoken languages may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Some books prove applicable almost universally, whether in India, Africa, the Middle East, Central America, or Eastern Europe.

Foundations of the Christian Faith by Roger Weil

For example, Foundations of the Christian Faith by Roger Weil was written in deliberately  easy-to-understand English, originally for translation into former ‘communist block’ languages.

Over half a million copies are now circulating in China, and CBW has published this book in a further 18 languages.

Forming the core of our medium-term translation strategy, CBW editors have chosen a selection of outstanding titles for pastors – The Preacher’s Collection – for circulation in the world’s largest languages. Other CBW translations include:

  • Long-established classics by writers including Martin Luther, John Calvin, John Bunyan, Richard Baxter, Jonathan Edwards, John Owen, Charles Spurgeon, and several of J. C. Ryle’s  biblical commentaries.
  • Contemporary classics by authors including D. M. Lloyd Jones, John Blanchard, Mark Dever, Sinclair Ferguson, David Kingdon, Stuart Olyott, John Piper, Derek Prime, Vaughan Roberts, Andrew Sach, and Christopher Wright.
  • Evangelistic tracts and booklets by Robin Ashger.
  • Christianity Explored.

Review and research with a first-class network of Christian translators

To achieve its goals, CBW follows a dual approach to publication and translation. Our editorial team constantly review the vast range of Christian books published in English and selects for translation titles that will be of most benefit to evangelists, preachers, pastors, teachers, and ministry leaders in the majority world. At the same time, we research country- and region-specific Christian literature needs, listening to local pastors and leaders, and trying to respond to their needs.

New and on-going commissions are prioritized according to our editorial policy and resources. We collaborate closely with authors, publishers, missionaries, ministers, and donors, backing a broad spectrum of new and special projects. We also work in association with a wide range of sponsors interested in targeting specific regions of the world, translating particular book titles and commentary series, or requesting publication and distribution deliberately focussed on certain countries, specially designed literature types, and literacy levels.

Whilst CBW’s general policy is to concentrate on major regional and international languages, no language is without meaning (1 Cor 14:10), and we are willing to consider specific requests for publication and translation into less used languages. 

CBW has built a network of first-class Christian translators, and works with highly-skilled translation teams in many diverse regions of the world on an array of different projects. To identify and establish fresh translation partnerships in new localities we liaise with a wide variety of regional Christian publishers and in-country contacts, including theological educators, scholars, authors, and church leaders. As far as possible, we employ approved local translators and aim to publish translated books that have been requested, designed, and printed either in-country or within the relevant region.

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