Print Distribution

Advancing the Christian faith entails distribution of biblical literature (Col 4:16; 2 Tim 4:13), and each year Christian Books Worldwide ships tens of thousands of high-quality volumes to pastors and Bible teachers in dozens of countries across the majority world.

Pre-owned books

Central to CBW’s mission is distribution of pre-owned theological books and teaching materials to evangelical leaders and communities with minimal or zero resources. 

We source, select, and send pre-owned literature to Bible colleges, grass-roots seminaries, preachers, evangelists, and other Gospel workers proclaiming Christ and teaching the Scriptures in underprivileged environments.

New books

An essential part of CBW’s ministry is distribution of brand new books and other biblical literature to evangelical leaders situated within some of the world’s most impoverished regions.

See the books in The Preacher’s Collection.

To accomplish its objectives CBW works in association with a variety of organizations similarly engaged in delivering biblical and reformed content.

Integrating our networks with other Christian publishers sharing a common vision has enabled CBW to deliver greater volumes of literature material through multiple channels to even more of the world’s neediest places. 

We send pre-owned biblical literature to Gospel workers in underprivileged environments around the world

CBW’s usual practice is to supply basic-level and generic literature to individuals, with more advanced material being directed to educational and training institutions.

Pastors in many remote areas are supported on an individual basis, yet wherever possible we target centralised libraries and local reading rooms to ensure broadest possible accessibility and best use of resources.

We make every effort to correspond personally with beneficiaries, taking care to accurately understand circumstances particular to each context and to respond appropriately to differing needs. 

We are also able to consider requests for pre-owned theological books from Majority World students currently enrolled in U.K. theological institutions.

Retired pastors and others donate their book collections

CBW encourages retired pastors and others with sizeable surplus libraries of Christian books to donate the collections necessary to sustain and to expand this vital ministry. 

Donated volumes are sorted for suitability, selected according to recipient, processed, packaged, and shipped to designated beneficiaries across the globe. 

If you have books to give through CBW, or if there are specific parts of the world where you personally would like to strengthen Gospel-ministry in this way, please click here .

CBW has distributed books in 41 Countries

Albania; Botswana; Burkino Faso; Cambodia; Cameroon; Cuba; Congo, Dem. Rep.; El Salvador; Ethiopia; Germany; Ghana; India; Israel; Kenya; Macedonia; Mali; Malawi; Morocco; Mozambique; Myanmar; Nepal; Nigeria; Pakistan; Philippines; Poland; Romania; Russia; Rwanda; Serbia; South Africa; South Sudan; Sri Lanka; Sudan; Tanzania; Uganda; United Kingdom; Ukraine; Uzbekistan; Zambia; Zimbabwe [to 2019]