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The following are some of the “Thank you letters” we have received in the past, for the latest letters please see under the ‘Gratitude’ sub Tab to Prayer above.


I acknowledge receipt of a “Commentary on the Whole Bible” by Matthew Henry. I thank you once again for this gift. Your services through CBW have enriched us with reformed books. We regard your services highly and always include you in our prayers. The translation project is going on smoothly. We hope by the end of this month to compile a document of translated Spurgeon’s of sermons worth publishing.


I am back from my long trip to Tanzania where I did a number of issues including introducing MINTS, teaching and settling disputes among the Christian brothers. Both things went on very well. The Lord was on my side.   Zomba, Malawi


First of all, I thank you for the books you sent to us last time. I received one box containing the different books . Thanks so much. Is it the one box did you sent? As I told you in my previous email, we are a goal to enrich our library because on the Christmas day the Local Government will visit us and visit the officially the Library.   Gisenyi, Rwanda


We appreciate for posting another box of books to us. This is highly appreciated so much. I will let you know as soon as they arrive. I believe that we will be assisted by these books mainly at our Jerusalem Bible College which is a study center for MINTS Theological Seminary from America. We really need these books for different assignments as well as ministries. When I have an access of a camera, I will take a photo and send you our 8 students and 6 teachers who are benefiting from your support of books. I am a study center coordinator. I also teach orphaned and less privilaged children the word of God in secondary and primary schools. We pay them school fees and give them basic needs for their studies. The Lord is blessing our work.   We will pray that these books should reach us and other countries where they find problems for the books to reach them. We wish you all the best as you continue ministering to us through these books. Chichiri, Blantyre, Malawi



I am greatly blessed by the gifts send by you from the ministry of Christian Books Worldwide.  I am much thankful to you both. Me and my wife are much blessed with this precious books as they are rarely available in India as will as the cost cannot be afford.

The books arrived in very good condition and step by step i will go thru all of them. Truly they are blessing to me personally as well as to the preaching especially as i prepare message for Christmas “The God in the Manger” will be much of help.

I am attaching the photo with this email hope to find it helpful to you. Thanking for this ministry of taking care of our souls in much greater way. May i request to kindly keep sending such precious books written by godly men in future too if you can as God permits.  Once again I want to say I am blessed with this books….THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Kohlapur, India



I am so much excited as the awesomeness of our God the Father and the

Lord Jesus Christ unfold through the books I receive from your

ministry, with deep insight and revelation in my Christian life,

ministry, family and God’s call.

There is no doubt that God using the books you send to me to feed me

and the God’s household, and keep us aflame.

The books are WORTH IT. I thank God for the books, Gordon, the

ministry, men and women who sacrificed their time, money and efforts

to encourage us to fulfill our ministry and calling.

We are praying for all of you.

Aba, Nigeria


Hoping you are well and praying that you have happy Christmas season.

We will be praying for a large space for the books that will be donated to you. and as well pray for the safe arrival of the Books to all their destinations.


Your Books has been so help to us one student commented that we know we have a school now because we have the Books coming from christian books. He was saying without the Books their is no Library and without the Library there is no school so, your Books has done great deal to us and our school is not the same again.


May God bless you and your team for sending this Books. And God bless the brethren that are donating the Books too.


Please you can send for us the Books for studies on Islam, missions and christian leadership


Thanks so much for getting in touch.

From a Bible College Soroti, Uganda


I am very grateful to the Lord and to you of what you always thought to me. Thanks in advance for the books you want again me sent. It is true that posts here don’t work not sometimes well. But I think that with prayer I can receive them without difficulty. I continue to pray for your Ministry so that God gives you the means to properly do the job. I am much encouraged by the books already received, because it help me for the preparation of certain teachings.

That God gives you to have a good Christmas party.

Bouafle, Ivory Coast


I finally had a chance to set eyes on the books you send me and Reuben. My copies just fit my taste these days since I have a clinging for men and women of God in past generations. The periodicals you included just adds to what I am saying. Thank a zillion times.

I am with Reuben in Dar and will be having another class next January at the college I teach.

Keep up the good and noble fight.

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania



I am very glad to inform you that we have received the Study Bibles and other books. May Almighty God bless you and your ministry. Our students will sit for end of first semester examination from Monday 14th December to Friday 18th December, 2015. These books and Study Bibles will be of great use for them and other lecturers as well. At the same time our library will be boosted up. To Him be all the honour and the glory.

Chichiri, Blantyre, Malawi


I’m greatfull for the connection and yesterday i received 12 books to help me in my growth and i’m realy greatfull for your help for me and may God richly bless you

Brother Gordon i would still love to ask for Bibles and a study bible and A Matthew Henry Comentary to help me further.

I do hope to read from you soon

Bondo, Kenya


Thank you so much for the gift. A week ago i have received those gifts. I am so glad having those ones and it will be a great blessing for me in my ministry as well as personal growth. Now i have been going through a small booklet FREE GRACE BROADCASTER – SUBSTITUTION. It is a very blessing for me to grow more understanding the Cross of Jesus – Grace. The more as i am receiving the truth; my faith is going bigger and bigger in Him. Thank you brother Jeff for your effort; reaching up to me. Thank you all for your prayer and being kind to me. All glory to our God the Father Almighty!

Kathmandu, Nepal



I’m very grateful for being part of these group of ministers who received this great blessing. The books have already safely arrived and I’m very happy with the titles and the authors that you’ve selected.


I’m totally committed to learn, to live and to teach the true glorious Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and I’m sure that this books will help me in this holy mission.


I pray that the Lord may continue to bless you and use you greatly!


Amadora, Portugal


The books have been so far very good and the greatest blessings God has

dropped into my ministry this year, in counting my blessings, that is

what I have to say. Special thanks for the ESV Global Study Bibles and other materials. I received them yesterday. School is on break now, I will send photos of

the students receiving and using the Bibles. Thank you very much and

God continue to bless you and the ministry.

Tombel, Cameroon



I’d like to thank you so much for the support you always bring to our ministry.

I do pray that our God in His mercy may continue to bless you in all. For the books

you have been sending to us brought most change even spiritual maturity to me and others to whom I pass them.

It’s obvious that your work is not in vain for Christ and His Church.


Eastern DRC, just over the border from Bujumbura, Burundi


This Bible is of tremendous blessing to me for my spiritual life and to spread the gospel to other places. This Bible has attracted many to Christ- there is even an orphanage home where the pastor lack Bible and so we worked with this orphanage called Hope Children’s Centre where this Pastor had to make use of my Bible in teaching the people who gathered together to worship Christ. This Bible helps spread the GOODNEWS in this Orphanage home. While in this Christian Orphanage Home l spent time with some grown up kids teaching them the word of God from my this Bible! They were so much fun and exciting as we study many portions from the Bible like the Story of the GOOD….This Bible has yielded glorious fruits in this Orphanage Home as those who gathered around the pastor preaching and teaching from this Bible were so Blessed. l have since returned home with my Bible and l study it each day and night. My experiences at the orphanage home makes me to reflect on Matt. 25:35.

We pray that you will join us in our efforts! “For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me,…

Please pray for this orphanage home and the pastor and l thank my brother very much for this Bible.


This comment is from a lady who wrote asking for a Bible. I was not sure that her request was genuine, so I asked a brother to whom we send books to make contact with her because he lived in the same area of Nigeria. He confirmed that she was definitely a believer, We had a lovely new Bible which we sent her.

Picture 061

Second Hand Books

We are grateful to the Lord for gifts of large numbers of excellent second hand books. The result of this is that we have been able to send to parts of Asia and Africa hundreds of these books in the last three months with many more waiting to be posted. The majority of the pastors who receive these books are men who are involved in training other pastors. This is done either at a Bible college or among the pastors in the area where they live. Here are a number of responses to the books we have sent. These will also show the desperate need and hunger for more.

From a pastor in Uganda

I have received the second box of 10 truly useful Books, The content in each of them is truly relevant to my teaching ministry as a preparatory material and also reading materials for the students. I can’t appreciate enough the value of two little volumes – “A Sure Guide to Heaven” and “Life in Christ” to my new converts class in Soroti. Just spot reading into Exposition of Genesis 1 &2, unveils the treasures of well research, devotional and thorough exegetical material of Genesis – it unveils the hidden treasures of the living gospel from the very start of the OT pointing to Christ. “Lets study Revelation” – just a quick look into it reveals that it is a very helpful to understanding Revelation.

From a pastor in Yangon, Myanmar.

Thank you so much for your previous shipments of books for my pastoral ministry in Myanmar. We want to develop more of our church’s library and it really needs more books. Can you kindly help me with more books for the use of our church members. I ask your help. English is so persuasive also in our mission work and evangelism that young people are interested to learn English and by teaching them of English we can present the Gospel of Christ and the love of God. We are in a process of developing our church library in this year. and I would like to request and challenge you to participate in sending more books and prayer. This is truly building the church grow and my congregations are so much blessed by your books too.

From a pastor in Kinshasa in DR Congo (he has received some French books as well).

Would you please send another books and another lesson for Church History to me as you had been mentioned before in last year 2013. Pastors from my community are very grateful and blessed to read and to share the wonderful messages and sound dotrine in my community indeed. Surely the books has been helpful and usable in all churches in my community indeed. Please don’t forget the new pastors by helping them material for better preaching indeed.

From a pastor in Northern India.

We are very happy and thankful to receive the treasure of 14 books in mail yesterday. We are assured in Spirit that these resources sent by you time to time are very helpful in our teaching and preaching ministry on a large scale since Lord showed this year we were connected to more pastors of rural who serve in interior parts of India and thus body of Christ is growing in thousands in this whole north India region with new believers.

Finally from a pastor in Kenya.

Thank you so much for the books i have been receiving from you. It has been of great help to my student pastors. In this regard, my students take time reading the six volumes of Acts by Lloyd-Jones when they were doing their studies on the book of Acts. These books are of great help to us here in Kenya. If possible, you can send me books on Systematic theology, church history, preaching, communication, Christian ethics and Bible interpretation. Feel free to send me any books you find necessary.

We trust that these encouraging responses will stir you to pray for this aspect of our ministry. Pray for the Lord to speak through every book that we distribute. Pray too for the safety of the books in the postal system.

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