“For as the earth brings forth its sprouts, and as the garden causes the things sown in it to spring up, so, the Lord God will cause righteousness and praise to spring up before all the nations.” Isaiah 61 v 11


Last year CBW sent out over 11,000 selected books to meet the needs of pastors, churches, Theological colleges and individual christians who we know can use the material profitably. Some are training others, and we know they can safely hand on books to assist their people.


For earlier letters received please follow the following link:    Gratitude archived letters 



Here are the latest “THANK YOU” letters received during the last few months: 


August Book Responses

We have learnt that our attempts to clean ourselves up, to make ourselves presentable or attractive before a holy God mean nothing (Is. 64:6). We know this because the text says these gifts come only from God – “HE has clothed me” and “HE has covered me” it says in verse 10b. These gifts are the work of the Father through the Servant. And when He has covered us in His salvation, we will find that He has enabled us to live righteous lives. We are GIVEN God’s righteousness and only then can we fully reflect God’s righteous character – we will be wearing His garments of salvation and righteousness and this is why he says we will beautify him.

Through the Servant, God desires to plant salvation and righteousness in our life. This is the hope of new life promised in Isaiah 61. This is the good news that Isaiah summarizes for us in this chapter Thank you!.

Benin City Nigeria


Blessings  in Jesus’ name, for you and your family is our desire. We let you notice that the books had arrived properly and safe to us. This time, we really enjoy the: Moving out from Peter Jeffrey, the New Bible commentary, and others. The doctrine exposed in those books has a very deep foundation in the bible and had cleared us some aspects that de dont have very clear, until Now. Our prayer is that our lord give you the strength to do keep going on faithfully in your great service to us.

Holguin. Cuba


I really thank God for His mercy over my life  for connecting me with such a ministry like yours at the time like this which to get good book is rare, also  I thank you for the spiritual openness books you sent to me. God by His spirit has unfolded the mystery of His word

Through the books I receive from your ministry, with deep insight and revelation in my Christian life, ministry, family and the call of God in my life. There is no doubt that God using the books you send to me to bless my spiritual life and understanding not only me, but the household of God, even to prepare message is made easy for me thru the Study bible you sent to me, it has also kept our spiritual flame burning and also renew my vision for Heaven, most especially the book with title FOUNDATIONS OF THE CHRISTIAN FAITH,WAITING ON GOD and so on. Is just like I’m in Bible college, all the materials in the books are quite commendable. I’m totally committed to learn, to live and to teach the true glorious Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and I’m sure that this books and the one to be send will help me in this great vision. To be frank with you I am blessed, time will not permit me to share with you All my words. I pray that Almighty God will bless you, and the ministry.

Ado Ekiti, Nigeria


I have already read 5 books and seen that they have. A great  value in changing people’s lives and also changed my understanding. Many were blind but now they see. GLOBAL STUDY BIBLE is helpful to me and my congregation because it makes us know the outhor of the book. Date, theme, references and instructions that is why  I like to use it daily and teach by using it in crusades.

KNOW THE TRUTH as this book titled it teaches we Christians true gospel. for example life of Jesus Christ and his ministry so when I come tell people about Jesus I tell them confidently. Thanks for these books.

Mbeya, Tanzania


I am sorry I haven’t been able to keep it up and going, this is because most at times I am in remote areas planting churches, and the network in these places I either bad or non-existent. This said, I must say I am grateful for the last box of books you sent, I just met it yesterday when I went to check at the post office. Thanks so very much for this work that you’re doing.

I pray you join me in prayers, for the work really is not easy, and you know our master said the labourers are few. I mostly find myself confronted with the need of Christian literature, bibles and New Testament. The training of these new pastors is most challenging.

Tombel, Cameroon


This is to inform you that the books that you orderded for me to distribute to the Pastors of the Moslem nation of Sudan reached safely and the distribution was done by me in person.

I’ walked through the book with them in discipleship approach and they were greatly blessed. It took me 2 Month to complete the book with them.The book Titled Pastors and Teachers is a great book that Pastors need more than anything else. I turned to be blessed by the teaching in this book together with the 30 Pastors who received a copy each. Those Pastors requested me to extend their love and appreciation to you.

Tororo, Uganda


We have received your books and they have proven helpful in our teaching and preaching ministry. Amongst these most importantly books is the (Prosperity book). The prosperity gospel has done so much harm in our pastors, churches and nation today and those who teach it are in the part of destruction and need to repent!

Let me put a clearer and broader explanation:

Sometime ago we met a homeless man outside a church where a new couple were having a wedding .The man said he had lived on the streets for months. He thought the couple getting married were going to chase him away, but instead he received a piece of cake, kind words, hugs, and friendship. Another man gave a brief story of this man’s life that before now he was a devoted pastor, later he mixed up with other friends and had some difficult experiences, returned home, developed a drinking problem, and wound up living on the streets, a place where more often than not he encountered derision and rejection and even outright hostility.

The religious groups he joins is that which teaches that Christians are “children of the King,” so they ought to claim the promises and “live like it!” (that is, live on the level of wealth that king’s children would) and those in this group say we need to live in big, expensive houses; drove fancy cars; had a big home, etc.

We learnt and we can see that the prosperity gospel is mere teaching of men and is not in line with the Bible, again we thank you for giving us an opportunity to read God’s word and apply them to our lives.


Benin City Nigeria


While the next matter is not strictly about books, you will probably be encouraged to read this from one of our contacts in Myanmar.

Over the weeks, I have been preaching on air with WeChat application to a group of 500 people. This social media is mainly used in China I think. Many have been blessed and some pastors and local church leaders have contacted me to visit them and preach at their churches. But I am not yet sure if I could make it. If I could, God willing, this will be a trip in addition to my annual visit there in late December. But as you know, Heart Cry supports our trip last year. And I am not yet sure if it can support us this year too. Whatever may be the case, I am convinced that China outreach is a Macedonia call. So, with God’s help, I will put efforts in trying visit there and preach to hundreds of Lahu there. Moreover, I am talking to local leaders about possible pastoral gathering where I could have a chance to teach too. This is a slow and long-term plan. Please remember this in your prayer. As for now, I can’t yet give you exact time and dates of this.




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