Gratitude archived letters

Comments received in July 2017


Truly God is great! For the past 2 years of waiting and trusting God concerning His will to me, God answered my prayers by entrusting me a small church to pastor and take care of. Starting this month of July, I will be pastoring the small church full-time. I am very much excited to teach God’s Word to them and to share the books I received from you. May God continue to give me the resources i need to better equip my people in the ministry. As of now, I am praying and planning to start a Bible Institute with the church where I will minister. Please pray that this plan will come to reality. This is my desire and my burden.

Also, I want to share the books to my fellow pastors here who are hungry and thirsty of good books to use.

Albay, Philippines


The three boxes of books arrived the other day. Pastor Rico and brother Lanuzo helped me bring the books to the chapel and we thank God for these wonderful gifts. When we opened the boxes we found the books they desire to read- Foundation of Christian faith  so I gave  each one a copy. See attached photo.

We are  thankful that you sent also J C Ryle’s Exposition of the Gospels- a pastor told me that reading Ryle’s expositions truly blessed his life and ministry! The Puritan paperbacks will be a great help to us here in the Philippines. I think Octavius Winslow-no condemnation

John Blanchard’s exposition of the book of James (I hope you can send me volume 1) will also be a great help to us and Behold my servant as well.

Volume 1 of Thomas Peck writings, pages 246-280, contain interesting notes about Mary.

I am reading Alec Motyer’s  little book A Christian Guide to loving the Old Testament -and found it very interesting!. It is good that you sent a copy of the book to me. In my younger years in the ministry I had little interest in reading the OT. but praise God,  when my family and I started reading (every evening from Monday to Friday) I saw the great spiritual teachings, soul-inspiring truths in them-Christ is found in every book of the OT. I am reminded of the Lord’s words in Luke 24:27, 44-46 and John 5:39! No wonder Paul told us that ” For whatever things (truths) were written aforetime were written for our LEARNING, that we through the COMFORT of Scriptures (OT) might have HOPE”

I think many here in the Philippines should read this little book!

Carmines Norte, Philippines


I have also finished to read a Book, titled  ‘condemned for ever.’ The author is Eryl Daves. The main theme is that, ‘what the Bible teaches about eternal punishment.’ This has helped me alot. I am preaching from Genesis. I was preaching from Genesis 23, on the last four weeks. It was about the death of Sarah. This Book helped me, as I was preparing to preach about the death.

My wife has also finished to read a Book titled ‘All things new.’ The author is Peter Jeffery. It has helped her to understand more fully what God has done for her in salvation.

We praise the Lord for Christian Books worldwide. God bless you.

Zomba, Malawi

 I have included the above request and report to give an idea of some of the brothers we seek to help.  This man has been very warmly commended to us by a friend who is well known to us


Foundations of the Christian Faith by Roger Weil

This book is one of the books I was looking for in my ministry. It has come at a proper time where the church in my area needs to learn about Christian doctrine. Many Christians are tossed like waves and they need to be grounded in their faith. This book is the answer to that need. Since I received this book I have started a class in the church whereby members meet twice a week to learn Christian doctrines. Foundation of the Christian Faith is a textbook. As a result, members enjoy these teachings since they discover Biblical truth.

Mwanza, Tanzania


These books are not avilable here in our store and whole part of Nagaland state actually.I felt so hesitant and inadequate to express thank you just in words because it is not really enough and fair on my part to express thank you just sitting at my comfortzone in minutes and hours comparing to your good works and troubles you have gone through for my well being. Thank you so much. May God continue to shower His blessings upon you as always. Thank you Lord.

Nagaland India


Thanks for the Study Bible you have sent me. I was really in need of one of this. I was reading the introduction and it’s really amazing the names of different editors that have taken part in the confection of this awesome tool. Thank you very much.

You have also sent some books that for the titles, I think they will help me to understand the book of Job and Psalm 73 much better. Everyday I find people in the street and brothers and sisters in church struggling with the reality of trials in our lives though we are Christians. I think these books will help me to understand Jesus’ life as the “Green Tree” and my life… I mean our lives as “dried trees”.

Be blessed and thanks again for thinking of these Cuban pastors.

Havana Cuba


it a great joy and blessing to inform you about safely arrival of the book . we have recieved it and it is so precious to us .I will let you know more as we progress our reading .still i am using exposition of book of Mark by JC Ryle in our Sunday is so helpful for my sermon also we have gone through study of book of prayer by Warren Wiersbe with our church member . It had changed our views about prayer. By the grace of God the church is growing better day by day. Your books has been tremendous blessing for church and our own growth .

Once again thank you so much for  your help and concern for local churches and people. We continually pray for you ministry on every Wednesday morning.

Varanasi, India


My special thankx to you and to those dear brothers and sisters in the lord, more especially those who are involved in the ministry of books. I write to inform you that i did receive the box of books yesterday. The fact that i have not yet ready them, but i can judge that they are good books and i will be  blessed. The previous books i contributed them to students studing under Mints .i believe these books will be of great help in their studies and ministry.  i have given other books to  the church leaders specifically those who teach the word of God. I put some on my library for personal use. Am very happy because  am now having a sound and health library. May the good lord continue to strengthen you in Jesus name.

Serenje Zambia


I just want to let you know that I have finished reading a book titled,  “Man of Geneva. “The author is E.M Johnson. It is a story of John Calvin.It is a good book. It has encouraged me a lot. I did not know that Calvin had no success at the early years of his ministry. But later the city was transformed. Pray for me also, I need the city of Zomba to be transformed. May we experience success by God’s grace.

Zomba, Malawi


Responses from Pastors received in June 2017.


Another Sunday school leader (being trained for the ministry) got a copy of the books you sent to me. He teaches at  Grace Baptist church in Daet.What I like from Puritan writers is that they combined doctrine with practice (faith & works together). Very encouraging, indeed!

Carmines Norte, Philippines


We heartily thank you for the new package of books. John Owen’s collected works made our brothers very excited. Special thanks for Warfield and Cunningham’s work. I’m writing an article for a reformation theology journal at the moment and this book is very useful.

Thank you for your ministry. May our God generously bless you!


Hello from Presbyterian church of Kharkov! My name is Mark. I am studying economics at the university. I am part of student ministry and I am leader of small group  in our church. Our church have big library and it is great opportunity to me to know God more through high quality literature. As for me I am very like reading Puritan like Owen, Whitefield, Edwards, Watson and other great men of God.         I am so thankful for your ministry

Kharkov, Ukraine


I am happy to write as I confirm that Books reached us safely and for sure these are really great books with the content that we have been searching for. I have developed deep interest in one of them ” Commentary of the whole Bible, OT Volume” I am being edified and setting roots into the actual word of the Lord.

Katitu- Kisumu County, Kenya


Thank you very much for 10 books including Needham’s 4 volume series on Church history. Particularly Preaching through all the Scriptures by Graeme Goldsworthy, preaching and preachers by DMLJ and Doctrine of God by Hermon Bavinck are some of the books I have been searching for my reading.

From a teacher in a Theological College, South India


Today I had the delightful surprise to receive a box of books from your ministry. These are definitely the type of books I love and cherish brother. The two large commentaries on Peter and Judges will definitely bring great blessings to my soul and enhance my ministry. I really trust they will benefit me a lot in my studies and stir greater affections for the Word of God and towards my Lord. The small book by Samuel Rutherford , communion sermons, is filled with spiritual gems and faith nuggets.

I was speechless when I saw the KJV Thompson study Bible. I am extremely delighted that you sent me a good KJV study Bible. I really love the Bible brother. Moreover it’s an old Bible (1966) which delights my heart more.

By the way I really love facsimile puritan books. This is my first one but I did read some online and I am quite acquainted with the old English though  I need to slow down  a bit my reading pace. But these are absolutely treasures for me and I trust I will learn so much from these spiritual giants.

I am again more than grateful to you for these amazing gifts. I will never cease to thank you for blessing my heart and ministry over the years…. One of my dreams was to have the books by Thomas Adams and you actually sent me his massive commentary on 2nd Peter. You can’t imagine the joy in my heart. Definitely an amazing commentary to enhance my teaching and preaching skills.



Thanks very much for the books that you have posted to us. We appreciate very much the work that you and your colleagues are doing in the vineyard of the Lord. We pray that God should exceedingly bless you all.

As for us, we train church leaders to grow in the grace of God so that they should be conversant with reformed theology and be able to teach members of their churches.

May you pray for us mainly in the area of maintaining reformed teaching and be doing it faithfully to the glory of our Holy Father. We are in existence for two and half years now. We volunteer ourselves teaching these elders.

Chichiri, Blantyre, Malami


Responses from Pastors received in June.


Another Sunday school leader (being trained for the ministry) got a copy of the books you sent to me. He teaches at  Grace Baptist church in Daet.What I like from Puritan writers is that they combined doctrine with practice (faith & works together). Very encouraging, indeed!

Carmines Norte, Philippines

We heartily thank you for the new package of books. John Owen’s collected works made our brothers very excited. Special thanks for Warfield and Cunningham’s work. I’m writing an article for a reformation theology journal at the moment and this book is very useful.

Thank you for your ministry. May our God generously bless you!

Hello from Presbyterian church of Kharkov! My name is Mark. I am studying economics at the university. I am part of student ministry and I am leader of small group  in our church. Our church have big library and it is great opportunity to me to know God more through high quality literature. As for me I am very like reading Puritan like Owen, Whitefield, Edwards, Watson and other great men of God.         I am so thankful for your ministry                                                           Kharkov, Ukraine


I am happy to write as I confirm that Books reached us safely and for sure these are really great books with the content that we have been searching for. I have developed deep interest in one of them ” Commentary of the whole Bible, OT Volume” I am being edified and setting roots into the actual word of the Lord.

Katitu- Kisumu County, Kenya


Thank you very much for 10 books including Needham’s 4 volume series on Church history. Particularly Preaching through all the Scriptures by Graeme Goldsworthy, preaching and preachers by DMLJ and Doctrine of God by Hermon Bavinck are some of the books I have been searching for my reading.

From a teacher in a Theological College, South India


Today I had the delightful surprise to receive a box of books from your ministry. These are definitely the type of books I love and cherish brother. The two large commentaries on Peter and Judges will definitely bring great blessings to my soul and enhance my ministry. I really trust they will benefit me a lot in my studies and stir greater affections for the Word of God and towards my Lord. The small book by Samuel Rutherford , communion sermons, is filled with spiritual gems and faith nuggets.

I was speechless when I saw the KJV Thompson study Bible. I am extremely delighted that you sent me a good KJV study Bible. I really love the Bible brother. Moreover it’s an old Bible (1966) which delights my heart more.

By the way I really love facsimile puritan books. This is my first one but I did read some online and I am quite acquainted with the old English though  I need to slow down  a bit my reading pace. But these are absolutely treasures for me and I trust I will learn so much from these spiritual giants.

I am again more than grateful to you for these amazing gifts. I will never cease to thank you for blessing my heart and ministry over the years…. One of my dreams was to have the books by Thomas Adams and you actually sent me his massive commentary on 2nd Peter. You can’t imagine the joy in my heart. Definitely an amazing commentary to enhance my teaching and preaching skills.


Thanks very much for the books that you have posted to us. We appreciate very much the work that you and your colleagues are doing in the vineyard of the Lord. We pray that God should exceedingly bless you all.

As for us, we train church leaders to grow in the grace of God so that they should be conversant with reformed theology and be able to teach members of their churches.

May you pray for us mainly in the area of maintaining reformed teaching and be doing it faithfully to the glory of our Holy Father. We are in existence for two and half years now. We volunteer ourselves teaching these elders.

Chichiri, Blantyre, Malami



Book Appreciations Received in May 2017


I hope to complete the translation (lessons 26-28) into Tagalog of ALL THINGS NEW this week. I inquired about the cost of computer printed copies and it is not so expensive. Each member of our study groups will contribute some money for this project.

We pray that those who will receive a copy of this booklet will be saved and enlightened and grow spiritually.

My brother Ira baptised new believers yesterday. And it is our desire that these new believers would grow spiritually and be an instrument of God for spreading the gospel of salvation to others.

Attached are photos of recent teaching and preaching activities! Pray for our young preachers: brother Eric, Rico and Jonathan.

We are studying (for our weekly meetings) the doctrine of atonement (pages 123-140-foundation of Christian faith). We read and studied carefully each verse quoted in the book- it is very, very helpful!! Every one enjoys the precious truth of redemption in Christ!

I also encourage each believer to read their Bible daily! My family reads Scriptures n the evening. We have completed dozens of times the NT and many times the OT. After reading the Bible each one of my children pray and we pray for you, dear brother!

A little later the following arrived

Our people are happy to see new books in our chapel- our young ministers are now reading  the other books-you sent to us. Young’s book on Inerrancy is very good! John Flavel “Keeping the heart” is being read by one of our young people. Puritan writers are truly good-the two young ministers wish to have commentaries – I let one of them read Calvin’s book on Psalms.

Carmine Nortes, Philippines


Thank you for the books posted, I have the Expositor’s Bible Commentary with Frank E. Gaebelein as General Editor Volume 10. This is a wonderful commentary to have for all studies, be it for teaching or preaching. I prayerful make a request for the other volumes, if I can have it complete that will be just great.

I want to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks and gratitude to you, the entire CBW team and to our good donors. I just submitted  my Masters Thesis which is now being evaluated, I have received some thumbs up already. I was able to do this because of the some biblical books on my shelves from you, You have a blessing and may God richly bless you all now and in the world to come.

I cannot thank you enough, please keep send these wonderful materials to me.

Tombel, Cameroon.


I would like to report to you that, I have read a Book titled, ‘wanted servant leaders.’ The author is Gottfried Osei-Mensah. The Book has 73 pages.

The Book is clear and Biblical. The author has written it in African context. The author gives practical answers to this question: ‘what kinds of leaders should we be  training to meet the future needs, of our Churches in Africa?’ Church Leaders in Africa needs this Book. I like the Book. It has humbled me. God should help me to be a servant leader.

I thank you for the opportunity of sharing Christian Books with us. God bless you. I praise the Lord for you.

Zomba, Malawi


Greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. On 5th May the main office received the parcel and gave it to me yesterday, 6th of May 2017. The global study bible is very good and useful for daily preparation of sermons, devotions, short talks etc. The notes on Matthew’s gospel is good tool to consult and get simple ideas for daily devotion. The book Mysterious Ways a case study about the life of Joseph was a new understanding regarding greater truths.

Thank you for these great gifts to our students. The students who on masters degree are 26, they understand English and enjoy the books specially Bible. Students on bachelors degree are 120 and they need Tamil books, let us whether I could arrange a translations.

We are really grateful to you and for your ministry and regards to all those who toil for the Christian Books Worldwide. God bless you.

Madurai, India


I am now studying 2 Corinthians and the books you have sent to me are of great use. I use the exposition by Dr.Campbell Morgan and also the Geneva bible notes. Both are very useful and helping me to have more insight on the passages.

Coimbatore, India


The Student Leader gives this report on behalf of the students of Greater Grace Bible College I send my heart felt love and appreciation to Gordon Oram for the great work you are doing to send us these Christian books . These Books include Bibles , Sermons from re-known Pastors .Evangelical preachers and Theological writers . These books have tremendously increased our capacity  of knowledge in the Word of God and understanding the Word of God more Also since we have no access to inter net these books have helped us much by reading directly from them. Lastly since they are written in English , our capacity to read and write in English has increased a lot. May God bless you indeed as we wait for another delivery from you.  Lastly thanking you for helping our School Bible Library to grow.

Kampala, Uganda.


I received a box of books from you in the month of April.  These 7 books are very, very wonderful, excellent and useful.  In my work of preaching and teaching I spent many hours, especially the night hours examining and reading through these 7 books.  I have found them to be very helpful..\i have greatly grown in the knowledge of our Lord by reading and studying these books.  I am now preparing a series of sermons to be preached to the church that I work with.  These sermons will be based on the books you sent to me.  Based upon the NT survey, I will present a series of sermons entitled ‘Messages of the New Testament’ for about 13 Sundays.

(This pastor/teacher is also using them in many of the courses that are taught in his Preacher Training School.)

Benin City, Nigeria


Praise God for having you as part of learning where most of the books you sent are

beneficial in spiritual growth. One of the books that I used during my morning reading and devotion is PRAYER wrote by E.M. BOUNDS. Its very inspiring because it talks about the purpose of prayer, our attitudes in prayer, and Gods promise in prayer that he is going to answer our prayer especial if it  comes from our heart. The second book that I used is Foundations of the Christian faith  by Roger Weil, where  I used it  as a reference for our doctrinal class for our leaders. Its very clear and practical tools of the christian faith. I like it also a reformed teaching.

Whenever there is a difficulty in my part to understand theological meaning, I used a Dictionary of Theological Terms by M. E. Manton. It helps me to understand some meaning of it. And as I prepare a sermon I used some story in the Bible such as parables and Gods healing ministry using the book  of Sinclair B. Ferguson entitled  “ Lets study Mark”.

It is my honor  and privilege that I am one of those who received the books and I said  before, some of my members  read  it also  and sometimes  my  pastor’s friend borrowed it.

It is  my prayer that your ministry in distributing books to other countries will continue to be blessed and God  will poured out his blessings on your ministry and all the workers who work behind.

Manila, Philippines


Comments received during April 2017

This is to confirm to you that We did receive the books safely, we are so very excited that you did a great mix with various areas of concern. thank you for the great work.

I do this mail to inform you that we did give out several books to members to read for three months and bring them back, after this they have been tasked to share impact realized from the pages, I want to share an experience that personally I encountered having read the book on Justification by John Bunyan.

Three areas stand clear to me for the first time.

My representation with Christ being stated in this book as “imputed” Rightousness. How that Jesus became a sinner because of me and died the death that I was entitled to die. herein receiving a righteousness that I do not equate. This has gone deeper into my system than ever before.

The place of Works and Faith has as well been elevated and my understanding improved, This has changed my attitude in approaching the throne of grace day by day. I no longer do god to earn but because of Him who lives in me and does them. ” For by the works no man can be justified” I have dedicated to read through the books of Romans, Corinthians and Galatians to get deeper

My third revelation has come from the reason why it is penned down clearly that it is only through Jesus that mankind is saved. because it is only Him who played this role, having been foreordained for it.

Katito, Kenya.

This book “Mysterious Ways” has started widely open my appreciation on God’s providence.

It is true that He doesn’t explain to us the details of his plans. We tend to be in comfortless every time but HE places us in places and circumstances that we’d never choose by ourselves and all that to fulfil his purposes.

Havana, Cuba

The recent Bibles mailed were all received and put to good use and souls saved, and lives touched such that they are over two house fellowship been planted. Thanks! Thanks!!

Please in case more Holy Bibles (40) becomes available in your hand please mail them to us as there is so much to be done for the Lord here.

Benin City, Nigeria

Catholicism: East of Eden (Insights into Catholicism for the 21st Century – Richard Bennet

I believe that this book could help me to understand the Catholic faith and it will give me some insight on how I can effectively share the gospel of the grace of God to our fellow Filipinos. You know the Philippines is predominantly a Roman Catholic country (from the

Spaniards who colonized us for three centuries). But we do not waiver in sharing the good news to our loved ones and friends because we firmly believe that it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone who believes in our Lord Jesus Christ (Rom. 1:16; 10:9,10,13).

Faith on Trial (Psalm 73) – Martyn Lloyd-Jones   For quite some time, I’m struggling with this age-old question: “Why do the righteous suffer, while the wicked is living a comfortable and

prosperous life?” I think, I have to meditate on this particular psalm as well as the similar passage in Psalms chapter 37 and read the comments on this book, so that I can have a balanced and proper perspective of the present world that we lived in.

Labo, Carmines Norte, Philippines

Calvary greetings in His name. I write to acknowledge the receipt of the parcel of literature you sent on the 21st April, 2017 in good condition.

Secondly I also write to give you a little news on the last parcel of Books you sent to me. I was able to share some of the Books to my children and a girl staying with us to read and then explain to the family what they read. Books and titles sharing below:

  1. Tabitha Nanret Gideon Book- Right with God
  2. Samuel Gideon – Seeking God
  3. Plangnan Gideon – The ultimate question
  4. Grace Gideon – Reach out for God.
  5. Ainan John – The girl staying with us
  6. Derek John clave – “Know God”

Each person is to read his or her Book and then present to the family what each read during the family morning devotion. Infact it was wonderful to hear each person presenting a summary of what he or she had read from the Book without the Book. Once each person finishes his or her Book, another Book is given to that person. Plangnan has finish her first Book and “why believe” is given to her as her second Book..

Please joint me in praying for each of them as they go through this assignment so that the Lord will make what they had read useful to their lives.

Jos, Nigeria

This brother distributes a lot of evangelistic literature to churches and evangelists as well as other literature.


Thanks for your love and kindness in sending these books. I was very happy about the package. When I saw the Geneva bible notes, it does not seem fair to me initially, but when I starting using them, it was a great use. I must frankly say this.

Adding to this, one more happier moment was to get the books from some of the great puritans. I was indeed searching for those ones and got the same. Even the one by Dr.MLJ.

Thanks once again for this great work.

Coimbatore, India


The package with the books has safely arrive in Macedonia,.

I spoke with the director of the bible school registered under our denomination (Evangelical Church in Republic of Macedonia, bible school is just starts with its work and has around 20 students), offering them some of the books :Thessalonians, Timothy and Titus – Hendriksen ,Preaching Acts, Notes on Matthew ,Study Bible, Foundations of the Christian Faith, Faith on Trial ,Directions for Christian Living .

We agree the books to be use by  students who knows the English language to study and to be educated on biblical truth.As well some of our pastors can use it as they serve the  people with goal of discipleship.

thanks again for your servant hearts toward the spreading the gospel and educate  the pastors and all people who are wiling to grow in the Lord and serve in their areas.of influence.

Pray for us in Macedonia

We do thank you for your warm care for us! It gives me a great pleasure to remember you, your spouse and your faithful ministry in prayers.

Your books have become a great blessing for us.

Now some of the books are read by four people.

For me personally a book about church history was very helpful to me in preparation of a series of lessons on the Reformation.

There are a little more than ten people who read in English in our church. In addition, our library is also used by many students from other churches. Thus, this literature has become a great blessing not only for our church, but for other brothers and sisters who attend our serves.

I send you a photo of our library and a few stories about usage of the books.

We are very glad and grateful for the generosity that God has shown us through you. However, as I wrote earlier, Ukraine needs good books on theology, and John Owen is recognized as a prince of Puritans and the pinnacle of their theology. We will be immensely grateful to you for the collection of works by John Owen.

P.S. Brother Markas about “The doctrine of Justification”:

“James Buchanan – amazing theologist who proves in his “The doctrine of Justification” that Christ’s Gospel to man was always the same, from the garden of Eden to nowadays. He brings up deep understanding of how sinful man can have relations with Holy God resting on teaching of Scripture”.

Kharkov, Ukraine


Responses for Books Received  –  March 2017

The first five lessons have been translated into Tagalog. As we translate each page the more we see its usefulness in making a new Christian understand Biblical conversion! Yes, I will send you a copy once it is completed. The young men being trained for the ministry are enjoying their study of the Global study Bible. Brother Eric  informed me that he enjoys reading ( and in preparing weekly topics for Bible study) ACTS. Brother Darell enjoys his Global study Bible. In the future if there are available( USED) concordance kindly send us.

For me, I like the book Foundation of the Christian Faith-very helpful!!  It is not difficult to read like other Systematic theologies.

It is our textbook in Bible doctrine studies!



Just to inform you that I have received the parcel of Books you sent on the 20th February 2017 in good condition. Find attached photos of the contents.

Among the Books I saw 3 books that ask several questions Why believes? by Roger Carswell and Who is Jesus? by R..G Sproul. These books ask wonderful and important questions. They are my favorite.I also got two books I was looking for. They are the New American Standard Version  NT Bible and the booklets Who is a Christian? and  Am I  a Christian? to give to my son to read. Please pray for my son, he is yet to be a Christian. He is 16 years old and His name is Samuel Gideon. He follow friends that are not believers.

Finally I am planning to give some of the books to all my children to read and then share with us what they have read during our family evening prayers. Pray for me also as I do this.

Jos, Nigeria


I would  like to let you know that I have finished reading from the Book titled, “365 days with Spurgeon.” This a collection of daily readings from sermons preached by Charles Haddon Spurgeon from his Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit. The Book has 393 pages. The editor of the Book is Terence Crosby. The publishers are Day one publications.

I have benefited a lot from the reading of this Book. It has brought great comfort to me. I am grateful to God for the service of Terence Crosby. Spurgeon has encouraged me to pray, knowing that it is the character of God to answer prayer. I praise the Lord for this Book. I will be teaching others what I have learn t from this Book.

Thank you for providing Book to us. We praise the Lord for you.

Zomba, Malawi


Warmest greetings to you…your literature team. I want to express my sincere and profound gratitude for the literature you sent me last year. I want to  describe and explain a little more elaborately the extent to which these books have helped me in training other pastors…Foundations of the Christian faith is a major text for the course BIB225 – Systematic Christian Doctrine. I have also planned a series of sermons with the theme – sacred principles on which we stand.  The sermons will span 21 weeks/Sundays.  The entire sermon is planned to be preached in the church.  The sermons are based on this book.  Thank you so much for sending me this book…The book Elijah (AW Pink) is now part of the reading text for our course BIB211 Preacher and his ministry.There are helpful insights into the ministry of the prophet Elijah that todays pastors can utilise helpfully.  The book has now also become part of our reading text BIB224 historical books of the Old Testament. Since the life of Elijah is situated in the historical books of the OT our students read it for that course.

My own growth has been promoted very much by reading and teaching the books that come from you.  Whenever I receive books from you, I devote many hours reading and studying these books.  In that process I have learnt much and my relationship with God is better.  These books are helpful in many, many ways. Thank you so much.  I look forward this year 2017 to receiving useful books from you soon.

Benin City, Nigeria


After receiving the package that you sent me, I was very excited to read it and absorb the nourishment of those great books. The Lord used those books to enhance my knowledge and at the same time helped me in my studies of the Scriptures to become more passionate and persevering.

I am using one of them in my discipleship class as we enjoy learning the fundamental doctrines of faith. those who attend the said class were deeply encourage and were very thirsty and hunger to learn the Word of God.

As of now, I am helping Sovereign Grace Bible Baptist Church as a pulpit supply and as one of the lecturers in its Bible School. I am so excited to share to my students the knowledge that I’ve gained from those precious books. In addition, I praise the Lord for granting me two new bible studies in my mother’s place.

Whenever I go and visit my family, I always carry to books to read and share it to my younger brother who is also in the ministry. He also enjoyed reading the books I give him.

Carmine Nortes, Philippines


The time is let you know some comments about the value and usefulness of the books you have sent to us.

I say the books you have sent to us because, they can be appreciated not only for me but, for other ones too.

I have made a little personal library in the living room of my house where some members of the church that know English too can go to read all the books you have sent to us. In this way, we are charing the books and more people can enjoy them.

Good books to the church means to grow in the Gospel and grace.

Personally, I have to say that they help me every day in my preaching, giving a better understanding of some themes like the theme of Revelation, explained in More than Conquerors, written by William Hendriksen, just to say one example of many.

Thank You And, we hope and pray you to continuous sending books.

Pray for us, for our church and people.

Holguin, Cuba


I am writing to you to inform you the books you sent to us have arrived. I want to express my sincere thanks for this great gift you have given us.

The books you sent us are so suitable for the courses we offer here at Morogoro Bible College. All of the books you sent are the books which recommended in our curriculum. Therefore the books are very useful for our studies.

We will keep you informed how the books are helping us. At the moment we have decided that the staff will use these books to prepare their lessons in order to teach the students. We pray that we can continue to receive books from you.

Morogoro, Tanzania


Comments from recipients of books – February 2017

CBW Malawi Library

In addition to our many thanks to you for the gift of books and financial support for the translation projects, we are also making sure whatever we receive from you is under proper management. Recently we have organized a very good library stocking books we receive from you.

A MINTS student selecting a book for reading

This library is open from Mondays to Saturdays.

We keep on praying for CBW ministry and the entire management for all whatever you are doing to us. We could not be successful in spreading the word of God without your generous support. I will send the 10 copies of Chichewa Sermons of Charles Haddon Spurgeon next week.

The work on Old Testament sermons is in progress. After this, we plan to work on sermons Martin Luther and John Calvin and later other reformed books. With the help of the Lord, we hope this may revive reformed approach of the word of God among the local people who despite Christians, many of them are not exposed to reformed sermons.

This is from a brother in Zomba, Malawi.  We have sent him a large number of books over the past three years to help establish this library. We were asked to encourage this brother by Julian Zugg of MINTSWith his help, we have been able to encourage a number of other pastors.  If you would like to know more about the ministry of MINTS here is the link


Other comments received


I have a doctor in my family and had the impression the logo of medicine was from the Bible… I was wrong but good similarities. Doctors treat patients and get better. I will now change that Moses had to hang up the  serpent as a command from God so will Jesus be hung up. He would be hung where many can see(Romans 3:25) The serpents biting us is our sins and none was spared…young or old…so I will say though naive to look to Moses serpent so it was to look at Christ. But this isn’t deception but an act of faith on God’s gracious provision brought salvation (Eph 2:8;9) I will testify I have looked on Christ on Golgotha and shed blood saved me…no need for penance ordinance or traditions…only faith.

Ikosi ketu, Nigeria


I am going thru more of the books. I will use this particular one to teach new believers the Scriptures given are true to the statements. I have leant true meaning of baptism of the Holy Spirit as said in 2 Corinthians 12:13 as having more gifts of the Holy Spirit not limited

to 9 Paul mentioned and moreso the dangers of the modern teachings of return of apostolic gifts since that when the perfect one has come(completed canon of Scripture) I guess Paul did warn Timothy in 2 Tim 4:3-5…is still relevant today thank you for sending the books

Ikosi Ketu, Nigeria

let’s say I wish every African minister on your list could get a copy of this book (The Healing Epidemic)and read with diligence and open mind. My God I checked the background if Prof Verna Wright who write the last chapter.. am touched by the death of the depressed doctor who stopped taking spouse had same situation and thought it was wrong of him having Holy Spirit to be taken anti depressant… almost committed suicide also save for timely intervention of another Christian doctor My belief that God works thru medicine was reinforced and won’t be shy amongst my peers who believe it’s wrong and that God has promised all his children superb health…I visit hospitals and saddened by Christians on sick bed …we lost a dear sister to breast Cancer.. she fell for the lie even when Christian doctors offered help @stage 1 of the disease and her employer(Africa”s richest man) sent her to


Oru Ijebu, Nigeria

I want to thank you for the books you gave to me are really important to me and ministry I have passed through the booklet Reading the Bible and praying in public which has changed my understanding and the way I have to read the bible and praying when I am in public for sure I have sent it one of the pastor who I teach to read through, “The wanted Servant -Leader” by Gottfried Osei-Mensah, now I am reading the book of “Foundations of the Christian Faith” which is also taking me back to check my foundation teaching of Christian faith.

Soroti, Uganda


Attached are photos of the young men who are now sunday school

teachers in their respective congregations.

Bother Darell teaches at Sovereign Grace Baptist church, Brother Eric

teaches at Redeemed Baptist church and bro. Jonathan leads a group  in

Abucayan. Jonathan is still studying civil engineering but has time to

study and teach as well.

The booklet  ALL THINGS NEW is good for young believers. I think it

will be more helpful to Filipinos if translated into TAGALOG- our

local dialect.

These young men like Global Study Bible. We use it in our doctrinal

studies (Monday-to wednesday).

Carmines Sur, Philippines


Book appreciations received January 2017

I am in receipt of the books sent by Christian Books Worldwide today. I understand that these books are a gift to me by the ministry of Christian Books Worldwide. I am in receipt of the following books:

  1. The Pleasures of God by John Piper.
  2. Redemption accomplished and applied by John Murrey
  3. C.H.Spurgeon Personal reminiscences by William Williams
  4. The Epistle to Timothy and Titus by William Hendriksen
  5. Romans (8 :17-39) D.M.Lloyd Jones
  6. Romans ch 06 D.M.Lloyd Jones
  7. Gems from Martyn Lloyd Jones
  8. The Works of John Owen  Vol one
  9. Global Study Bible

I am listening to the audio messages of Dr.Martin Lloyd Johns on Ephesians. I have listened to  200 messages  twice in Ephesians. Now I think the books on Romans will be useful because the portions covered are very important passages. Gems from Martyn Lloyd Johns will certainly be a reference  book.  Needless to stress the importance of  The Works of John Owen. I will go through the other books and write about them from time to time.  I will also share these resources with those who are in need.

Gandhigram, Tamil Nadu, India

Having received the book you sent, we here by write to show our sincere gratitude. The books are helping me to grow in spiritual knowledge and to do my assignment given to me by the staff of bible college were i’m being trained. Please send me more study books and bible references.

Chingola, Zambia

It is my greater joy to inform you that the books you’ve have been sending  have been valuable to me personally and in my ministry as well.

Personal benefits : Since I started receiving these books  great changes have taken place in my life when my spiritual and Intellectual life have been enriched.

Ministry: The church benefits much from these books in the following ways:

First, through  teachings. For example, one of the topics I have recently addressed is prosperity gospel.

Prosperity gospel is one challenges facing the church in my area and Tanzania as a whole. Since I received the book entitled “Prosperity? Seeking the true Gospel, I began  teaching the church. The results are tremendous since believers in the parish I serve have become aware of the danger of prosperity gospel and how to combat it biblically.

Second, the establishment of a library. In order for the books to benefit many, I have  established a lending library where Christians come and borrow books for two weeks. After this period the book is returned to the library. Through this approach I have seen great changes taking place in the church. Many Christians acknowledge that they are blessed through this approach.

Mwanza, Tanzania

We do thank you for your generous Christmas gift to our church. We received two big packages from you and cannot help but enjoy your present.

The collection of works by Flavel is a real spiritual treasure!

Multi-volume of the church history and theological journals are very timely since this year we conduct a lot of projects on the history and theology of Reformation.

From the bottom of my heart we thank you for your generosity and kindness.

We admire your selfless ministry!

To God be the glory!

Kharkov, Ukraine

Be informed that the books arrived safely.I failed to let you know soon after the arrival of books since l was Mozambique with my Bishop where we attended the consecration ceremony of Bishop Julio. My ministry started on 2014 and lam working among the Islam.

But because of the books you sent to me manage me to approach the Islam and opened two stations among them .Love is a key to harvest the Islam. You have encouraged me through the knowledge you imparted on me through a book called “A Christian’s Pocket Guide to Islam”. Books like The doctrine of repentance, Adoption as the children of God, Rainbow of grace. Pastors and Teachers just mention few. From the first time l received the books my spiritual life has changed interns of family life and preaching ministry have clearly improved.

Mangochi, Malawi


Your Book sent -PROSPERITY – SEEKING THE TRUE GOSPEL was so right when it said that our greatest need is salvation!  not finances, health, wealth as been taught by prosperity preachers.

I presume that the Lord watches in anger as today’s prosperity preachers continue to misrepresent the truth about Christ’s death and our greatest need. Their misunderstanding on the Bible as explained in page 1 of this book is one factor that have truely led to this, it’s a lie that Christ died on the cross so that we may own ounces of gold and acres of diamonds of this world.

Christ did not die so that we may drive trendy cars. He did not endure the torture on Calvary so that we may own mansions in this world. Christ never died to give us immunity to suffering – Page four of this book put light to the issue of suffering.

My dear brother, He did not die so that we could get many wives, houses etc. The reason for his death is clearly stated; Christ died so that, “…whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life”

That’s why John 3; 16 is a revolutionary verse to every true Christian because it aptly captures how man was given back his riches according to the Kingdom of God. He died so that sinners who had been sold to the devil (by Adam) could be saved back.

When the Bible says of Jesus, “…though He was rich, yet for your sakes He became poor…” (2 Corinthians 8; 9), it is not referring to earthly riches which Jesus always spoke against. It is a reference to the eternality and pre-existence of Christ.

Jesus Himself became poor in that He took our form and died on the cross and through the process restored us to everlasting life (spiritual richness). He took our place. This is the incontrovertible truth of the matter.

In all seriousness, it is shocking and unbelievable for prosperity preachers to preach that it is never God’s will for suffering undermining all the things God can do in our mind through pain. He is in control of temporary suffering in this world and use it to strengthen our faith/ Also their teaching of sowing and reaping is not in line with the true teaching of the Bible.

Their teaching on the subject area as treated in that book such as – our greatest needs, suffering, sowing and reaping were plucked from their own heart and not from the Bible and so it is a false teaching and should be rejected and so your prosperity book informative and education book that minister the true Gospel- that their spiritual blessing is in heaven and not in this world.

The Bible is awash with the message that this world is not our home and it is irresponsible for a supposed minister to misdirect thousands and wantonly reject Biblical counsel. Peter even puts it plainly, “…we are waiting for new heavens and a new earth in which righteousness dwell.”(2 Peter 3:13)

Benin City, Nigeria


I leant what grace I have having the whole Bible available to both in English and my native tongue.

I learnt it’s a shame for me a minister to fear man and select only sweet promises but leave out areas condemned sin or calling for repentance The author made us understand Johan wasn’t just cruel running to Tarshish but feared ridicule ..on page13 its explained Jonah wanted to protect his own people.. if Nineveh don’t get to hear the message God will punish them….then there won’t be a people to be used to punish the stiffed necked Jews he had preached to but not repentant…

I have learnt Thai if God lays a particular people/tribe/nation on our hearts its to lead them to repentance. In foolishness he ran as most of us do trying to presume to tell God how to run the affairs of this world…he is sovereign. It’s now a decision for me not to allow itching ears of our churches to decide our messages but like proverbs 14:34 righteous exalt a nation…

I now have the understanding of preaching against corruption, vices etc knowing God will show mercy to hearers and  they will repent .And Iwouldn’t not be  laughed at when people ignore the message.

I learnt that some times the adversary Devil even circumstances provide means for us to go against God will and we see it as providence like Jonah getting funds even space aboard a ship heading opposite to his mission. In the course of our lives we may bring danger to others thru our self-will, disobedience. this he  did wen God sent a tempest against the ship and sometimes people even unbelievers sense these and bring animosity

I further learnt not waiting for so called ideal situations or timing before obeying God or sharing our testimonies don’t open doors for God’s grace to bring salvation Acts 4:12

Rather than alienating us from unbelievers or having their bloods on our hands we should see ourselves as watchman .By God’s grace I will put these to practice and remember and the author wrote God pursued Jonah out of love so he could save Nineveh just like he did to Christtill he died on the cross to give us salvation

Thanks for sending me such a lovely book.

Ikposi Ketu, Lagos, Nigeria


The books are helping us in so many ways. In our college, Jerusalem Theological College, students use them for study. If you may need some of them to be translated into our languages e.g Chichewa, we can do. We are also ready to teach what we have translated to other native people who cannot understand English. Once again, we appreciate for whatever you are doing to our ministry. Again, thank you for the ten commandments of the pastor. They have assisted me so much. They are an eye opener for real Christianity as well as ministry. I will also send this to my fellow friends in the ministry.

Chichiri, Balntyre, Malawi


(We already have a brother translating in Malawi, and we have linked this pastor with him)

I report to you about the great work the Lord is doing in my life and through me. The books you have been sending me have played a big role in my life and ministry. I am experiencing great transformation both in the life of the church and my life. Many people are now appreciation God in their lives. I am using the books in my preaching and for my own spiritual growth. I am also using them at school since i have started the MINTS study center. I appreciate your effort, love and concern. May our Lord give you the strength you need as you labour to fulfil your task.

Serenje, Zambia

We appreciate your books .we have learnt that leadership is a priority but servant leadership portrayed by our great shepherd is the best we learnt errors of some style of leadership

By his grace we will strive to serve better and if in error ask for forgiveness and continue.

We shall build on conversion renewed mind exemplary obedience by God’s grace we won’t put importance on status and social privileges of leadership

Thank you for the book written by African on African issues.

The handy green book (Dictionary of Theological Terms) is now carried with me as I read your book: Foundation of Christian faith I use it to look up on some terms for me to understand better eg baptismal regeneration, apostolic, catechism, Catholic, advent

I will keep it close by to check up terms, it helps me in teaching throwing light on Bible passages

Lagos State, Nigeria


Yes, our work is going ok. God is bringing His people to Him through the preaching of the Bible. After some years here in Velasco now many are coming to faith in Christ. The congregation is growing in number and in the knowledge of God. Thanks for your help. I continue preaching in roman and I doing a good use of the books you sent me. Thanks God for your ministry.

A big hug for you and to all the team.

Velasco, Cuba


l would want to use the AFRICA context (Nigeria) to picture what the prosperity gospel meant to us.  God is still moving in Nigerian churches today. There are large churches springing up each day and there is increasing intense spiritual hunger for GOD but one can notice some hidden part of it resulting from the message that the pastors and churches teaches, and I want to point out most serious threats to faith in our nation. Your book helped us see the wrong leadership crisis in some of nations churches because many pastors -prosperity gospel – are so set on getting rich, that they cannot go through the process of discipleship that requires self-denial. The prosperity gospel they preach keeps people in poverty. The government of ours- Nigeria sometimes was under international news because of missing fund by its leadership where prominent professing christians in authorities are been implicated. Whereas the people live in massive poverty with poor infrastructures as a result of stolen fund. Sadly, the prosperity gospel preached in Nigeria has encouraged this -pastors and leaders to follow the same corrupt pattern. As a result, God’s people have been financially exploited and our nation is one part in the world that poverty has increased over times.  When Jesus described false prophets as wolves in sheep’s clothing, He warned us to examine their fruit. See Matthew 7:17 so l asked.. What is the fruit of prosperity preaching? the prosperity gospel is not bringing prosperity! It is a flawed message that works against the formation of Christian growth and is a message of poor imitation of the gospel of the Bible therefore it put the peoples lives in danger. However l believe that God will continue to use this book you sent us to correct it and the news reaching us is that a young youth pastor who saw this book was convinced of his sins – prosperity gospel – and so wiling to ask for forgiveness. We look forward to hearing from you and much of your encouragement in our ministry with additional books.                                                                   Benin City, Nigeria


December 2016

I write to let you know that, I have finished to read a Book titled, “The heart of Reformed Theology.” The author of the Book is R.C. Sproul. I have seen in detail the five distinct aspects of Reformed Theology, based on the famous five points of Calvinism. The Book has encouraged me to study the scriptures, so that my theology should be centred on God.

Zomba, Malawi


My sincere joy to inform you that I’ve received my long awaited for Hebrews Commentary by John Brown. it came in with other books. This mail serves to acknowledge the same arrival of the parcel. I particularly thank you for the labour you took upon yourself to source this rare gem for me. Please convey my heartfelt gratitude to the brethren at CBW who support us in these rarer ministerial tools.

lastly in the same vein I have shared these tools to a number of college students. It has pleased the Lord to impress the sovereign grace truths upon their lives such that they also need the same kind of literature. In fact four of these 3 Pentecostal and 1 Baptist have asked me to support them through internship. Please if there is any additional way they can be assisted with literature the joy and pleasure shall be mine.

Ndola, Zambia.

I have received two bags of books yet again. How generous are you brothers? Super thankful. Excited about these books. What a privilege for me to receive them free. Thank you again so much. Have been reading the church history books and am loving them.

A personal news: My wife had our fourth baby boy on 19th November and we have named him Nikhil Benjamin. We are super excited.

Lucknow, India

Today I have safely received the box of books and I was overwhelmed with joy and excitement by the quality resources you sent. All the books you have sent are of tremendous value and interest to me. These are the sort of books I have always dreamed of to use for my studies and ministry. Just reading a few pages here and there made me burst in praise Gordon. You can’t imagine how you are blessing my heart with these amazing books. The two large volumes, works of Jonathan Edwards, are definitely among the greatest gift you could have offered me brother. They are so rich, profound and exceed by far what I could imagine. The other books are: The Irish puritans, The doctrine of the Holy Spirit, Smeaton, Jude Thomas Manton, The Millenium Boettner, Judges Dale Davis , Letters of John Calvin. All the other books are just awesome and of unsurpassed value. You have carefully chosen the best resources for me brother. Just want to read every of them at the same time.



I thank you for short time we have known each other and for the support of books. Really it has touched many people in our church. They have been exchanging reading in shifts. They have been blessed so much, saying the books have blessed them. I wish you a good Christmas, a happy new year and I believe next year you will support us with books. Pass my greetings to your entire team

Moi’s Bridge, Kenya


Yesterday I received a call from our brother Levi, I rushed to the post office and received my parcel of books. Thank you very much for the books. The books are helping me and my ministry. From the recent ones I am currently reading Stand Bold in Grace by Robert G. Gromacki.

I received two cartons of books yesterday. One was filled with Bibles and the other Christian literature for me. While my young students will enjoy their gifts of Bibles the titles of the books are so inspiring. I have been looking at Preparation for Ministry by Allan Harman, others that I will like to go through very fast include The letters of our Lord, The Power in Prayer, A guide to prayer, Servant leaders and a penetrating look at Christianity today. Thank you for such wonderful books, CBW is a true blessing to my ministry and above all to the work of Our Lord Jesus Christ. I say thank you and pray that you continue to me such lovely books.

The above two comments are from brothers in Tombel, Cameroon


November 2016

Calvary greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I wish to testify of those books you send to me. So far I started reading the books and it has been a blessing to me and others who also read some of the books and handed it back to me. So far I have read the Christian hand book I learn a lot on the doctrine of election, how God has ordained those he wants to save, I also learned about the story of Job and how God humble him by making him to lost everything he has had by permitting the devil.  So that Job can trust in him completely.

Bamenda Mankon, Cameroon

 I’m so glad to inform you that last Friday afternoon when I went to the Post Office, I was able to claim one (1) box of books and booklets from CBW that you have sent me (Prov. 9:9-10). THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THESE VALUABLE CHRISTIAN LITERATURE! (Heb. 6:10) I only have to pay a minimal fee for that parcel of books/booklets (M-Bag) and I received it in good condition. Your latest shipment of books contains a note from CBW, 13 hardbound/paperback books and 4 booklets.

When I reached our home, I immediately browse some of the titles and contents of books and booklets so that I can give you some feedback about their value and usefulness. Like what I’ve said in my previous e-mail/s, I know that it will greatly help me in my Christian life (2 Pet. 3:18), in my ministry of teaching/preaching the Bible in our local church and of course in my theological studies at ABCCOP Christian Theological School (ACTS). I particularly like the ESV Global Study Bible, A Dictionary of Theological Terms: Written in straight forward English by M E Manton …At this time, I am continuing my expository studies in the Epistle to the Ephesians in our local church. Please uphold me in your prayers as I balance my secular work, personal life, ministry in our local church and my theological studies. I believe that our God will continue to provide for our needs (Phil. 4:19) as we do our work.

Carmines Norte, Philippines


The books are in my hands. I collected them from post office three days ago. These books are great tools in my ministry. As a pastor since you began sending me the books I have increased my knowledge and spiritual growth  as well. I can preach and teach God ‘s people accurately since I have resources to help me in the ministry.

One of the challenges facing Christians in my area is the false doctrine of prosperity gospel, but now this challenge is met when you sent a book addressing that challenge. Thank you for that vision. The books I received this week are also very important, they meet our need.

I would like to ask for additional books since there is a great need of Christian resources in Tanzania. The church is growing widely but it is one inch deep because of a lack of sound doctrines. I believe the books you have been sending and those you will be sending will meet this need.

Mwanza, Tanzania


I learnt obedience is key to everything we do as believers. Over here many people are seen as believers just they raise their hands, step forward or even fill a form then pronto you are a believer… if that were true everyone in Africa is more or else a believer.. now what about submission.. many false religion and prophets exist today based on lack of obedience our fall as humans is rooted in it. who so ever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved… with all those that can’t obey God words and spirit can’t be called a believer It’s my plan from now on to continue to stress this as a teacher and practice it daily. let them that name the name of the Lord depart from evil.  (an extract from comments on Walk Worthy by Peter Jeffrey)

Ikosi Ketu, Nigeria


It’s always Joy to the Lord and us here as a family of Christ to read your books it us encouraging words that always takes to another level Spiritually….Here i have comment about the book that you send of David Kingdom: The mysterious way, The providence of Go in the life of Joseph…I have learned also , Yet God does not satisfy your desire to escape. You need to recognise that , he never puts his servant where it is not his purpose. God bless you so much for sending me books, really it has blessed me so much . It has changed my thinking and my soul and also church leaders. I hope to hear much from you and another hope to send me another book.

Moi’s Bridge, Kenya


I am thankful to you for your valuable collections of books. They are very useful to me. Presently I am preaching from the book of Hosea in our church. Minor prophets by Baker is very helpful. I like John oven very much. Because His book ” The death of death in the death of Christ” changed my ministry life. I have read the abridged Tamil version. Also I thank you for his book ” The mortification of Sin”. Really I am very much blessed by your books. Glory to our Lord Jesus. No words to say thanks. Thanks a lot. I pray for you and your ministry.

Madurai, India


This is to let you know that the books have arrived safely and they are much appreciated. I will be sharing some with the Bible students. We have had some challenges in ministry here also. One of my deacons is facing marital problem. He lost his job and the wife is threatening to leave the marriage. Much talking seems not to convince her to stay. They have five young children. People are also becoming more apathetic toward the things of God. Even, they are no more patronizing prayer meetings. In all these, we thank God for His mercies that endure for ever.

The PTI conferences have been of much help to the folks here. Many ministries have been transformed. I have been receiving calls from participants asking for more of such programs for them. Thank you for allowing us to benefit from this great work. It is a privilege to serve with you.

Teshie, Accra, Ghana


October 2016


CBW Ministries has been a blessing to us in many ways to specify for my personal spiritual growth and for the church in India. To me those books which you send to us are like a jewels, i read through most of the books gain knowledge and shapes my spiritual life in a wonderful way. And i have encourage some of my friends to read and hand out some books to them as well.

The first three books ‘Foundation of the Christian Faith’, ‘Walking with God’ and ‘Mysterious Ways’ are great books. Many  of our pastor and church elder really loved it and encourage the church to read. And they asked me and my team to translate more valuable books for the sake of the church. But i know translation is not an easy task we try to sale but very few bought it, in this way most of the books we give it away freely. So please pray for us, so that we would continue this crucial task for his glory.

Churachandpur, NE India


Greetings in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ , i hope you are doing well in God’s Kingdom. I have received books that you had send me, i received with a humbled heart. I have started reading them and they are so good and interesting.

The first book i have started reading is [the ministry we need] ; the book has become a blessing to my side. It has started transforming my thoughts and character. I have discovered that i have to preach for myself before preaching to others. Secondly, if you tell others about Jesus Christ , my self do I have Jesus Christ? Thirdly , what you tell people , have you left it. Forth, is it possible to fight Satan if you are his servant. Fifth Many ministers , they want to please themselves instead of pleasing God.

These are few remarks I have come across and actually it has changed my life and thinking perfection , I have never come across of such kind of books. Those who have written these books , they considered the word of God richly . The books you have send to me , I will teach other leaders and also giving them books to read plus Pastors of other churches so that they may understand the word and grow spiritually. It is my humble request again that if you have more books , to send to us because it will reach to many people and help them to grow spiritually.

Moi’s Bridge, Kenya


Thank you very much for the books you have sent so far; they have been a blessing to me personally. Among all of them the most wonderful book I found was the Commentary on Romans written by Martin Lloyd Jones. If I have to summarize his work in one word it would be: EXHILARATION. I have been much blessed by this commentary; I am still going through it and every chapter of that book is exhilarating my soul for our Lord; it is renewing my zeal for our glorious Lord.

Kohlapur, India

We praise the Lord for your ministry. With this letter we want to thank you and tell you about the blessings that God pours on us through your ministry. Kharkov Evangelical Presbyterian Church is the first and the only Presbyterian and Calvinist church throughout eastern Ukraine. In recent years the Lord blesses our ministry among students and young graduates richly. This category of people is fond of learning, and eager to study biblical theology. Knowing this we are developing our church library, which serves as an excellent resource not only meeting the needs of our community, but also meeting the needs of the other churches that search for quality and deep theological literature. But ministers, pastors and elders experience this need most of all. Solid spiritual literature is extremely lacking. Especially we lack books on systematic theology.

When we found out about your ministry we were very happy.

Your first package was the perfect gift for our library, almost immediately a few people borrowed your books. The leader of one of the small groups was able to understand the nature of God’s kingdom better through the book of Sinclair Ferguson. One of the sisters who work with students received answers to many questions related to the book of Ecclesiastes. One of the elders for the first time was able to get acquainted with the most important biography of John Calvin authored by Beza. A brother from the church was able to understand the Book of Revelation better using a comment on this book that you have sent.

Your second package consisted of a complete commentary of the Epistle to Ephesians by Martin Lloyd-Jones. Only the first two volumes are translated into Russian language and now anyone can get acquainted with the full, detailed exposition of this book.

The third package was a practical answer to our prayers. Ukrainian Christians suffers because of the almost complete lack of the Reformed theology books. And through this gift God blessed us with a true treasure. Now we have one of the best books on systematic theology which is «Lectures in Systematic Theology» by Dabney. We also received an excellent presentation of the history of Scotch theology, as wells as a great work on the interpretation of prophecy by Patrick Fairbairn. Also we got a full work of James Buchanan on the doctrine of justification as well as a good number of other excellent and highly relevant books. Some of them people have already borrowed from the library. And people even lined up to get Dabney.

I would like to say that although Reformed and Presbyterian Church in Ukraine is very young it is already feeling the pressure of the many distortions. And your books are a wonderful resource for us to grow in the truth of God’s word and in the pure preaching of the gospel.

We pray that your ministry will spread and bring good fruits for Christ’s Church!

Kharkov, Ukraine


I have just received the three commentaries which we has reached us safely and I am short of words. I thank God for you and thank you for being a friend in and out of season. Many are times when I have been asking myself that without you  I do not know what would have been my  spiritual life and ministry because you have helped me a lot and if I look at the many books I have received from PTI  through you and also Christian Books Worldwide I cannot believe it, as you have made our library to have what it has today. I thank God for you.

Ndola, Zambia


I have received the books you posted. I truly and greatly appreciate for the volumes of John Newton and other precious books. I am sure they will be treasure for a library I am hoping to open and also they will be great use for preaching and teaching.

Bhaktapur, Nepal


I am so glad that it has come so soon. Please be assured that the Tamil Bible has found it’s home. My dad is going to use this large letter edition. So, it is safe and sound.

Other than, I am also glad to receive the thematic books by various authors. It is always precious to read from the authors of the previous centuries which contains the gold and riches. I consider them as treasuries.

Coimbatore, South India


I received the books (precious gift) sent to me! Oh, I like Loraine Boettner Reformed Doctrine of Predestination- it is an excellent exposition of the doctrine of grace! Also, Global study Bible (I just hope I will have one with bigger print easy to read). Calvin history ( I pray and hope I could read History of Reformation by Aubigne) plus Pastors & teachers are truly helpful.

I desire also to have ( in God’s time) Hendricksen’s commentary – he was a great expositor! and I also pray for a commentary on Proverbs, Job & Ecclesiastes.

I share other books to other pastors working with me.

I am training 3 young men to lead Bible study groups since I am already 61 years of age. I let them read other books you sent to me!

Nabua, Carmines Sur, Philippines


I’m pleased to inform you that I have received a box of books today. I suggest this box was sent sometime ago. Thank you so much. The books are very important in my ministry, as well as studies. I have been blessed to get a book  having a biography of one of the Bishops of Durham. As the Bishop in the Anglican Episcopal Church International in Malawi, I’m inspired  by this book because I get lessons of life inBishopric See from which I may apply. Thank you.

Mangochi, Malawi


September 2016


The gift of books I received was a blessing to me, the church and my ministry as a whole. For the first time, I had a series of wonderful books to read from, I found the book on prosperity gospel very wonderful, it opened me to so many errors that I have been committing.



We appreciate very much your effort in send us this kind of books. For us has been a great miracle. We would like to give thanks for the selection of the books. And specially for the value of the doctrine which them explain very well. We keep on praying for your service.

Villa Clara, Cuba


Be blessed my dear spiritual father for sending me 14 theological books from the ministry of Christian books worldwide. These books has improved my preaching experience, evangelism as well as my theological studies under Miami international seminary (mints) based in America. Using the following books: all things new, attaining wealth that money can’t buy, Hints and signs of the coming king, Lord’s Supper ,Christian hand book as well as mysterious way. Helped me to evangelise Moslems and established 2 stations among them with the total members of 28 for three months except childrens. Finally l have much interested conducting lord’s supper but l don’t have the equipment to maintain the service of remembrance permanently. Therefore as l pray for other books please assist me also pray for these equipment.

Mangochi, Malawi


Received your 17 books on 10/09/16 safely . Thank you so much for those useful  books it will be much helpful for my preaching and for youth ministries books like BY GODS GRACE ALONE ,GODS GREATEST BLESSING, AMY CHARMICHALE , and the concordance (old&new testement)

it make me to preach the church our baptist doctrines rightfully ..

i need proverbs ,psalms comentry books

Sattur, South India


It is with a grateful heart I write to you ,

In fact, among the books you sent last, is one titled six principles to a powerful devotional life. Praise God I have learned these six principles and keep on practising them. The result of this is that my devotions now have taken a completely different and deeper meaning to me. That is why I must share the testimony, for it will surely be encouraging for you and your team to know your efforts are not in vain.

Once more, thank you for all your efforts to support ministry  here in Africa.

Tombel, Cameroon


I am pastor Ernest Ofon from Assemblies Of God Missionary Church and i received some books from Evangelist Obam in Cameroon and i was really blessed by the books

  1. Shining in the Darkness; i learned about apostle Paul,s live and his missionary work with God and also his exploits.
  2. Building Christian Character; the fruit of the spirit and from this book read the testimony of Horatio who worked with Dr Moody. The attitude of Horatio really marked me because having lost his four girl through shipwreck  and before this incident he lost all his properties in a fire out break but he still stay in Christ. he even composed a song out of the titled “when peace like a river attended my soul” i have tried to apply this to my personal life in the face of challenges and i thank God for it.


I really thank God for using you to send us these books and i pray that God should continue to bless you for His kingdom

Douala, Cameroon


Amongst the books that i received i shared it to the church leaders and i read personally the

book titled

  1. Global Study Bible; and from this book i have been able to know many biblical definition and this book has helped us to know the historic of bible characters and their roles. this book has been of great help to our bible study.
  2. A Dictionary of Theological Terms: i have also learned many biblical terms and theological definition that we have never known here in Cameroon.
  3. God Greatest Blessings: i am still reading this book and i am blessed also to know the promises God has for us as His children.

Douala, Cameroon


Praise God, the books arrived safe.  I have reading the materials it is very useful in our ministry. I am using the book slaves by MacArthur to train youth.  It gives a deeper and broader understanding of who is a Christian.  The book Pastors and teachers is a rich tool for ministry.  Be blessed for your support.

Mombasa, Kenya


“Posted August 2016

We thank the Christian Books Worldwide (CBW) because the books donated to us are a big help to these students. Our work is becoming simple because of your help. The translation work and the books have great impact upon our students. The translation project is opening us to reach those who preach, but cannot study the English courses due to low education. The Lord has also blessed us whereby many students studying at MA level are interested in helping us in teaching in our centers.

Zomba, Malawi


One of the books is a critique of the prosperity gospel.  What a help! I have now started a series of sermons on  the theme of Christian living based upon the insights from these books.  Those nine books are now required textbooks in my preacher training school.

Benin City, Nigeria.


I am very thankful to let you know that the books which you sent to me on the 22nd of August 2016 have arrived safely. There were 17 books and 4 booklets. I am using these books in my teaching and preaching. Many of the people are really giving a good comment because of the good staff that I am giving them both in teaching and preaching through using these books. Currently we are reading a book as a family

every evening. The title of the book is called Far Above Rubies which talks about the life of Bethan Lloyd-Jones. This book is very good as we learn of Jones’ life and what they did during the time of their ministry.

Harare, Zimbabwe


We are thankful for the books, the Global study Bible has been a great help.

I have preached sermons from the book the practical Christian, Gordon Keddie.

Since I am preaching from Romans I have used a lot of material from the book Trinity and triunity from charles bleinze in order to show the balance between grace, lae and works.

When I finish Romans I plan to preach a series from David Kingdom book Misterios ways, the providence of God in the life of Joseph.

So, we are thankful to God and you for the books and we are reading and making good use of them.

Holguin,  Cuba


I just want to let you know, that I have received the Books that you sent to me. Thank you for the gift. God bless  you and the whole ministry.  I have also finished from reading the Book titled, ‘The Lord’s prayer for today.’ The author is Derek Prime. I have learn a lot from the Book. Now I know the meaning Of the parts of the Lord’s prayer . I have also lean about the importance of praying this prayer as a Church. Even the early Church was praying this prayer together.

Zomba, Malawi


It is my pleasure to inform you that the books you sent on 4/7/2016 have reached me safely. Praise the Lord!  I would like to assure you that they are great help in my ministry. I appreciate how valuable they are. I ask for additional books because that is one of the greatest needs in Tanzania. Please, will you send additional ones?

I will be appreciative for your deliberation.

Mwanza, Tanzania

 The last sentence backs up what is said in Operation World about the chronic shortage of literature in Tanzania.


I have just received the box of books and that was really an awesome surprise and sheer delight for my soul. There is one Global ESV Bible and nine reformed & puritan books. Definitely the ESV Bible would be of tremendous blessings and help, whether for study, ministry and family devotions. I love the ESV version.

When I saw the other books I just wanted to shout with joy. Gordon these are really the sort of books I have always dreamnt of. John Calvin, Bonar, Thomas Watson, John Owen and some others. How could I not be enthusiastic and thrilled when holding these precious books filled with spiritual gems and solid reformed teachings. I have always longed and prayed to have my personal reformed / puritan library and drink into the wealth of truths of the scriptures availaible through reformed litterature.I still remember the words of Dr Sinclair Ferguson during a conference when he stated that the works of John Owen have been in fact his true ministry and seminary training. Being a confessional Baptist now I find great comfort, spiritual growth and training in the works of the reformers. By the way I am extremely delighted to have two awesome volumes, Sermons on 2 Samuel, John Calvin and Leviticus, Andrew Bonar. These 2 volumes are already by my side and getting ready to have my teeth in. This is not to demean the value of the other amazing books you sent to me.

As I told you previously I really don’t mind if the books are very old. Old is gold for me.



Yesterday I collected from the post office a box of books that you sent, and I am most grateful for your efforts and sacrifice in this great task for the master.

Since I started receiving your books,  I must confess to the enrichment of my sermons, seen and appreciated by those receiving this ministry.  My private Bible studies also begin to take on serious importance for me,thanks to the materials you send.

This leads me to ask please for more Bible study helps, commentaries, concordance and various versions. Also biographies of those that have gone by, Having with honour finished their race. Once more I want to say thank you to you and your team. May the Lord keep helping you.

Tombel, Cameroon


The books are immensely useful for spiritual growth and especially sermon preparation.  Watch Your Walk by Richard baxter deeply touches the main continued issues in the church background and moves the believer to a Godly position in Christ with sure confidence in Christ….The other books too are excellent, especially The Christian Handbook by Peter Jeffrey;  they strengthen faith in this evil hypocritical age.  Please send more good classic books.

Murambinda, Zimbabwe


Posted July 2016

Christian greetings to you.  May express my sincere gratitude over the newly received books. In the box, I found the New Bible Commentary, I didn’t have. I have found the this book be very important, especially in the preparation of sermons when I preach the gospel to people. I have found another book entitled “Christian Handbook” which is very important in teaching the Christian faith to the church leaders in Malawi. These and many other books are vital for my faith and Christian growth in ministry. It

would therefore be important to have the Christian Books Worldwide receive God’s blessing.                                              Monkey Bay, Malawi

 Kindly, I really appreciate for the good work you are doing,may God continue blessing you. We are have received the books today in chingola and i hope in Solwezi they have received also. All is well and may continue supporting us with literature and we shall also continue praying for the ministry and i would love also share with some pastors in Kasempa District, we are having a leadership conference from 21st to 23rd July,2016.and we are targeting to train 200 pastors/churches leaders from different churches.                                                  Chingola, Zambia


Very glad to let you know that the box of 9 books sent on 6 June has safely arrived. I have been teaching at the Bible college in Kyaingtong for a month now and will be doing so till the end of year.  The books are very helpful to my ministry. Thank you very much for this. We and the next leaders in this ministry benefit a lot from your book supply. One request. I am teaching OT survey and wonder if a revised version of Paul Benware’s Survey of the Old Testament, EBC, is available? If so please could you include that in your next box to me? That will make a huge difference to the effectiveness of my current teaching on the subject. All other books, as many as I have read, have proved very helpful to my understanding of the Word if God and to my practical ministry.                     Tan Yang Township, Myanmar

I am so so happy and I really thank God for all. Because those books are changing my life. I am reading to apply by his grace. I am growing as a believer and their helping me to impact others. Those books are inspired ,in fact i thank you may God continue to bless you.     Cameroon

Thanks a lot for the gift of one box containing 23 books. How wonderful was the gift to us, so we always pray that much blessings be upon you. These books are making a real difference in many lives for Christ here. Pastors, students and myself see and enjoy spiritual encouragement when reading these books.                                       Eastern DR Congo

 This is a small note regarding the books. Thank God that yesterday the books have arrived to me. Thank you very much for taking pain to send such a beautiful books. I am sure definitely this will help my ministry. Thank you once again.                                      Khandhamal, India


I am so, so happy and i really thank God for all. Because those books are changing my life. I am reading to apply by his grace. I am growing as a believer and their helping me to impact others. Those books are inspired ,in fact i thank you may God continue to bless you.        Cameroon

 I write to acknowledge that the books you have sent me arrived safely. I received them two weeks ago and have been going through them. I am so grateful for them and that they were a special selection for me. Each one of these books is a great value to me. Thanks so much.   I know that these books will help me to be spiritually stronger and more committed to serve our Lord Jesus Christ.                                            Tiko, Cameroon

Thank you very much for the selection of the books sent. I have received them in good shape. I will read though and give you my comments, but as before I have come to trust the choice of the books you have sent me. They continue to challenge me to purity of all of my doctrine and teaching of the gospel. For ‘From now on I am not afraid to say that what I am in the preaching of the gospel has greatly been shaped by your continuous resourcing.’ May the Lord continue to bring his blessing to all of you that many will come to know him and learn to follow his ways through your ministry.                                                      Kampala Uganda

 I received two parcels with very great books included. Thank you very much. I have not been able to put down LOCAL CHURCH PRACTICE (it has eight writers). It is an impressive book. I mostly enjoyed what Baruch Maoz presented on the church and the need for church cooperation – this is an area that is lacking between churches here. There is also the Ideal Church by Erroll Hulse, they have done a great job.  I will share this with many pastors as possible. During my next trip to teach at the Seminary in Bamenda, I will have to shear this with the pastors and church leaders there.  Four of us, Pastors are praying and researching to extend our work into church planting. So the titles that have come now is like a time bomb and will add much to the system we will come up with like: Prosperity? Seeking the True Gospel, Life after Pentecost, Spiritual Leadership, Leading little ones to God, etc.   Thank you very much and I pray that God will continue to provide CBW with all it needs to support pastors.

Tombel Cameroon

 On a different note here is an indication of the progress of the translation of Foundations of the Christian Faith into Lahu for use in both Myanmar and China

Regarding the translation of “Foundations of the Christian Faith”, I am glad to let you know that I am translating the book and am going to teach the lesson in the Bible school. My hope is that by the time I finish the book, get it published and give a copy to students, they will have completed learning the lessons and will be ready to use the book in their ministry. However, I am sorry that I am doing it alone but be assured that my co-workers will check my translation when I get it done. Please pray for that too as I have other commitments as well.

Posted June 2016

Sorry for the delay in replying. Was away at a Reformed Family Conference and then mom was sick because of the journey, food infection etc. Just took the parcel from the post office today. The books are awesome and just the ones needed for me at this time. A beloved brother now has become such a heretic. He was so brilliant and was so effective in spreading Reformed Theology in Tamil Nadu, but now lives like a vagabond and has been become such a false teacher. He believes Kingdom is now and here and hence there is no marriage, but God wants us to populate. He also says that God has a body and is not a Spirit. What a pity. His wife was weeping just weeping to mom but didn’t say a word. Is she realizing that her husband has gone astray? We had to basically confront him and also warn others not to associate themselves with him. Divines who wrote the Westminster Confessions of Faith are racist is what he is saying. His name is Abelraj. Another Reformed man says its only doctrine and fruit and life are immaterial. Holiness is not required at all. He is married at least 5-6 times. For bother these guys I am branded as heretic. The books you sent were perfect to refute to these guys. That is Providence at Work and in Love to equip and enable at the right time. Thank dear bro for doing such an awesome work through the Working of the Holy Spirit. God bless you abundantly.  Just read a few pages of No Holiness No Heaven which is so apt. Need to complete that by the next couple of hours   Secunderabad, India

There is great appreciation coming in from students and Christians for the books most especially: By God’s grace alone by Abraham Booth and The Christian Hand Book by Peter Jeffery. I am also having huge requests for these books from Pastors. A mother called me, thanking me greatly for the books saying it has clarified lots of issues and that they are using the books for home Bible Studies.  These are wonderful and warms the heart. Many blessings to you and the ministry of CBW. My warm regards to all.

A little later in the month he writes

Please keep sending these books, they are a real blessing to me and the ministry. I do get lots of invitations from churches to teach during their Bible Studies. This is a great sign of the transforming and increased of knowledge that God is granting me through the wonderful books that you are sending.                                                       Tombel, Cameroon

 I write to inform you that I have received the books you recently sent me today. Thank you so much. These books are very helpful my training and preaching ministry. I feel greatly honoured to have received such treasures which will make me inspired and spiritually.   We all bless this ministry.

Mangochi, Malawi

 The comment below has come via mobile phone, this pastor does not have access to the internet. I am sure you can understand his thoughts. We asked him specifically for his comments about a book we sent him on the “Prosperity Gospel”

The list of prosperity preachrs was quite modest. i cld add to it but

then one only hv to watch Tbn, Daystar,faith, Word etc especially

several free to air/satelite tv and u wld be overwhelmd by them.i

guess in my own assessment tv shld be avoided as a means of christian

edification…the radio though fading is still safer like with TWR.

I strongly believe my colleagues, ministrs wld benefit from this

books{can u send many} my own beliefs are being purged and am buildng confidence in preachn and explainin d sowing reaping scriptures of 2 cor 8:9;9:6.   I guess oral roberts coined d term “seed faith”. we too have urged pple using same verses i now knw better to translate it in d light of phil

3:7-8.  Moving on i also dont believe ‘word of faith’ led by kenneth hagin

that our words have creative powers…dat wld equate us with God.

I wondr d damage matter why charismatic/pentecostal authors

are not marketd by ACTS but go out there many books being pirated/sold

cheaply are by these authors and form d staple diet of most pastors in

Nigeria                                                      Lagos, Nigeria

 Please, apologies for the long delay in communication. This because, i was away in the Villages for several month and where there is no Internet. By this occasion, I am pleased to announce you that, while in the Villages I have had the opportunity to share with brothers and Sisters the word of God through the books you have sent to me. The Lord touched the hearts of some siners and 8 people believed in Jesus.  In the other hand, I met many of the God’s Servants there in the Villages and together we were been in meditating on the word of God in the books you sent. Through the seminar for making them to be strength in the field of the Lord.  After that, I gave some of them the books, unfortunately the help was small and the need is great.  Please, I pray that God bless you for sending me more and more books for the glory of His name!                Cyangugu, Rwanda

I am delighted to inform you that the books you send to me is enriching me and Ministry. I am about finishing God’s Ultimate Purpose by D M Lloyd-Jones. I fully aware now to know why God called me, thanks for the wonderful job you are doing. You might not know what impact these books have on.                                        Chichiri, Blantyre, Malawi

 I have been very much busy training pastors and church leaders through Africans Teaching Africans program here in Kenya. The books you have been sending to me has been of great importance in my ministry not only in ATA but also to our MINTS students in Vineyard College. Eldoret, Kenya

I would like to let you know that we have finished the work of translating the 1689 Baptist confession of faith. What should I do now?  I have also finished to read the Book titled, ‘The message of Hebrews’. The author is Raymond Brown. The Book has encouraged me a lot. And my knowledge of Jesus Christ has also increased. Pastors are meeting a lot of problems because their sheep lack enough knowledge of Jesus Christ. I will be sharing to my sheep what I have learn from the Book. Now, I am reading a book titled, ‘The Lord’s Prayer for today’. The author is Derek Prime. God bless you. I take great pleasure in your correspondence. Zomba, Malawi

 I thank the Lord for this opportunity for me to testify about my salvation. In fact, I was a robber in the past. I did not love someone who has been attending a church. I could never attend a Church, saying that the solution to my problems could not be found there. One Sunday my friend SEBAGENZI Sebastien asked me to follow him to the church. I followed him to the church where I heard the Word of God. I did not stop stealing while I did attend the church. More than 10 times for me attending the church, I felt the Holy Spirit calling me to follow the way of Jesus Christ and I praise God as I am now saved, baptized and I have accepted Jesus Christ as the only Lord and Saviour of my life.  I thank you so much dear Frank Allred as your book “God’s greatest blessing- Adoption as the children of God” is enlightening my spirit. 1 Cor.2:14 “ The man without the spirit does not accept the things that come from the spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him, and he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually discerned”. In chapter 2 “ The slavery of sin”. ‘All of us also lived among them at one time, gratifying the cravings of our sinful nature and following its desires and thoughts. Like the rest, we were by nature objects of wrath’ ( Eph.2:3) This book has reminded me of the sinking sands from which I have been lifted. I should always remember and rejoice that I have been transferred from the family of Satan to the family of God. And my only joy is currently to attend the church regularly, praying, praising and worshipping the Lord by living a godly life. So, please still pray for me so that the Holy Spirit will be abiding in me as I am serving the Lord. Today I have the faith that Jesus Christ is the solution to all my problems. Amen.

Many thanks and God bless you,       Cyangugu, Rwanda

The pastor who wrote this is just one sample of a number of responses that we received in one letter from Rwanda, which was written by the bishop who oversees their ministry.

Posted May 2016

These books are so helpful for my teaching and preaching ministries and also for my students in their studies of God’s Word. Even this morning, I was reading and meditating on Psalm 114 and one of the books you sent “Exposition of the Psalms”  by Leupold was so helpful to me to understand the passage. And I am going to share from that passage tomorrow, Wednesday evening worship service. So the books are not only helpful for my ministry, they are also helpful for my personal spiritual growth. Once again, I am grateful to you for all the books you sent to me and I would like to receive more books, especially theological books and commentaries.

Pyin Oo Lwin, Myanmar

 Thanks God I just received your books this day. Thank you very much for doing that. The Books inside are very helpful and important because here we do not have any kind of access to any christian literature. Inside of the box there are 12 books: a Global Study Bible, Christ In The Old Testament by Spurgeon, The Attraction of the Cross, Authentic Christianity, Moses and the Gods of Egipt, Preachers with Power, Grace-amazin grace, Mysterious Ways: The Providence of God in the Life of Joseph, The Lord s Supper, Pastors and Teachers, The Epistle To the Ephesins by Hodge, and From Fear to Faith.  Very important books. I am sure they are goig to help me to preach better the Gospel to my church and other as a pastor. Also, it will help to continious growing in Feith. Thank you again to you and yor ministry. We need brothers like you.  We Want You To Continious Sending literature, please. God bless you abondantly. We pray that our Lord will provide you all thins you need.  Some day we will see you. It will be a pleasure and honor to us.                               Holguin, Cuba

I cannot tell how much of a blessing the books are that you send! I am eating up “Preachers of Scotland” as well as the works of Stephen Charnock, George Swinnock, and the biography of Spurgeon among others. I daily read from these books, currently “Preachers of Scotland”, which gives me great inspiration and encouragement to continue open-air preaching and not to fear. The Puritan works are a deep repository of extremely edifying insight into the Word and the glories of our redemption that serve to inflame my love for our Lord and understanding of the nuances of our salvation. They also provide me with great quotes and observations to pass on to the people I train   Secunderabad, South India

 Among these books I am so much impressed by the book of J C Ryle on The Duties of Parents.  The author stressed the responsibility of parents to teach and train their children since their childhood; to train our children with love and patience; to let them trust on the Lord; teaching and correcting them face to face; to lead them into deeper knowledge of the the Bible; to live a life of prayer; to be diligent until aged in everything they do; to have and walk by faith; to teach about obedience to parents and teachers; teaching them to speak only the truth in love; to keep time in their life; training them in godly ways taught in the Bible; to copy parents’ attitude to any issues in their life; to know the seriousness of sin; to teach our children the promises in the Bibles; to train them with earnest prayer that blessings of the Lord will flow upon our children.  The author of this booklet fully centered on biblical teachings. He stresses the role of Christian parents teaching and caring their children in such a way that they will grow in a God-fearing attitude as believers.  The author put a great value to children that they are God-given blessings who need the leap and direction of parents for their growth.  I am happy to receive, read and share again this book’s thought to my congregations. This book is small but so effective and relevant to our context.  Please continue to send me other literature also in the future. From one of our contacts in Yangon, Myanmar

 “l have received the Bible you sent me. Again I went home and read your Bible last night. Few days back I was moved to tears and wept profusely for my unsaved family members as well as for other lost people in general so I was still very burdened and kept praying for an open door to witness to someone. I went to the Young Men Christian Association -YMCA – to pick up my son. While I was waiting for him, I noticed that the lady sitting next to me was nervously wringing her hands. Moved with compassion, I began to talk with her. She opened up about some very difficult problems she is facing. By God’s grace, the conversation turned naturally to the Lord. After a substantial discussion when l showed her this Bible and read passages from it such as John 3:16, she readily admitted that she was a lost sinner in need of salvation. With tears streaming down her face, she confessed those sins to Jesus Christ and received Him as her Savior. What a blessing. Thanks so much for this Bible you shared with me!” Benin City, Nigeria

 I am writing you this email to let you know that the books you sent me are a great help to me in the teaching I do at Kapsabet Bible College. i use them in teaching Systematic Theology and Bible Analysis courses. I give some to students to read and make summary notes required in the courses they are taking here. Therefore, these books are a valuable resource to students and I. May God bless you as you continue serving God in this ministry…helping us with books for this ministry.                                   Kapsabet, Kenya

Here is a pastor from Benin City Nigeria, who has had many, books, Bibles and tracts from our ministry. Situations like this are common not only in Nigeria, but a number of other African countries.

Please pray for the Churches in Nigeria as we struggle to stay true to Him who died for us! There are so many who are blind by the things of the world and been led away from the Truth.Our desire is to bring the gospel to as many people who are hungering for the Word of God and to support others churches how best we can in their task to win souls for Christ and am Thankful you have helped those we led to you!! My heart is beginning to hunger to preach the Word to those in other remote places who truly want to hear it! We have recently received a letter from some poor and educated pastors in another village who are not equipped to fully preach the word of God because they lack good books. We even learnt that many of these pastors do not even have a study Bible instead they borrow Bible from each other in another village and most times they even copy and photocopy scriptures from the Bible. They mentioned they learnt about us from another village where your books have equipped and aided the pastors to be able to teach others and who overcome the problems they have previously been facing at that time and they felt the need to contact us to help them too. We are praying and asking the Holy spirit to direct us on exactly how best we can help these pastors but at present we have no Study Bibles or Books that might be of help to them. We are so grateful to you for sending us good quality Books, the Lord must have spoken to your heart!


This is the list of books that I got last Saturday and honestly these are fine books not only to read but inspiring too. I have read 4 books already but it’s amazing: The Authority of the Bible; Hints and Signs of the Kingdom; The Tongue- Our Measure;

Prayer- The Christian Vital Breath. The literature and the explanation of the scriptures regarding the topic at hand are relevant and the authors took time to read to pray and to communicate effectively so that despite shortfalls of theological training someone can easily grasp God’s truth and apply them accordingly.                             Lilongwe, Malawi

Posted April 2016

Thank you very much for the update and the a Books sent. It’s always a pleasure to receive quality books from you. I thank God for His continued provision for the Books that has enabled me to develop a Christ centered preaching network in my country. I look forward prayerfully and eagerness of the Spirit to receive this treasure of the Lord’s word. Soroti, Uganda

 We received the box of books some days ago. We are very much excited with the assistance that you are giving us by the grace of God. As I always say that these books help very much in our school of theology “Jerusalem Theological College”. Students are happy with this gift. Mangochi, Malawi

 Today l just remember the last trip we made to a village some months back when you gave us ESV Bibles then.. WOW what a trip it was that time – over two months now! As so many were healed, blind sinners received salvation and our team of pastors truly changed and impacted the lives of whom they got to minister to with the aid of your books & materials. We got to teach over 200 people with the gospel.  We had handed out over 5 ESV Bibles of yours in those two days trip! As many pastors received their ESV Bibles, they held them so close to their hearts, some even cried. They were so grateful.                                      Benin City Nigeria

This does not refer to the Study Bibles. We had a stock of other ESV Bibles which we were able to send to him.

Thank you so so much for the gift of books which arrived safely to me last Saturday. I am so grateful. They are the right resources that will be of great help to me in the teaching and preaching ministry I do here at Kapsabet, Kenya. I will be writing more to let you know how they are useful soon.


I’m writing to share our joy for being part of those who are being blessed by your ministry. Here in Portugal we’ve received the collection “The Treasure of David” by C. H. Spurgeon. We’ve heard that this work is recognised as one of the best expositions on Psalms ever produced, and we know the importance of this amazing “hymns” to our spiritual life.

Meditating on one of my favourite Psalms (128) and reading from this great resource, I found this profound truth: “The fear of the Lord is the internal principle; but unless there be a corresponding expression in the outward life, what reason is there to suppose that it has any existence at all?” (vol. VII, p. 51).  As other faithful servants of God that lived before us, we want to set our heart to study the word of our LORD, and to do it and to teach His will in Portugal or anywhere God send us. We are sure that this resources will help us to achieve this goal and to influence others doing the same.                                                 Portugal

Am pleased to infom you that the books have arrived and I collected the parcel seven days ago. I have so far enjoyed reading the Forgotten Spurgeon and Truth Unchanged and Unchanging. Its great insight to read the down-grade controversy.  Once again thank you for the books. Finally am submitting a small request, would you please secure me a copy on the commentary to the Hebrews by Dr. John Brown. I’ll be pleased to have this copy on the book of Hebrews. Once again thanks a lot.                                                                             Luanshya  Zambia

I acknowledge receipt of 18 books today from the post office. It is great that these books are coming when our college is growing and is in great need of reformed books.  The printing of Spurgeon sermons is taking place by AG Press and the translation of New Testament Spurgeon’s Sermons is progressing quite well.                                             Zomba, Malawi

 Thanks a lot, we received the 41books in a box you sent on 2nd Nov.2015,it was hard to cross Bujumbura at last I went to pick them. Please those books are very important for the ministry and personal life also to other pastors in training.I always pray that much blessings come to you and the CBW. I do very much appreciate and thank God for supporting us with books. While this brother mentions Bujumbura, Burundi, he ministers in Eastern DRC and can only rarely cross the border to collect his mail.

It has been a privilege and honor to be connected to you and your ministry,I am richly bless with those books.I just finished reading “Satan cast out” by Frederick S Leahy. I leant something in the book about the Name of Jesus that really bless me, much more how to deal with the demon possess.                                                                 Tombel, Cameroon

 It rejoices my heart to receive a set of 12 truly excellent doctrinal and commentary books. Thank you very much for the God has used you to answer my prayer for books. Each time U have reached each book it has been a wonderful addition to the need in my teaching ministry! I will take a study of the books and make a short write up.    Soroti, Uganda

 I proud to inform you that i did receive the 29 books you send me. Am grateful to you sir for your generous support. Indeed the project is on the ground and the response is so far good. Am very happy because the books came at the right time.                                          Serenje, Zambia

 I thank the Lord for the spiritual brotherhood that has been existing between you and me through CBW. We do not forget to include you in our prayers. We are going to benefit a lot through many ways. After reading the two books you sent us, I am planning to write in future a book in the African Context about some issues affecting Africa. I am acquiring this knowledge from some books like Between the Testaments and The History of Redemption.                                                         Zomba Malawi

Posted February 2016

Thanking God for the past year, I must also express gratitude to you and your team for a year spent together by means of ITC. The books that you sent to me all through the past year have been a means for blessing in life and really valuable source of encouragement and instruction. At this juncture I pray the Good Father in Heaven endow you with more grace and provision to continue in this work.                Tombel,Cameroon

 Just received a set of books from you. Am so grateful for 2 of them, a Greek NT and John Murray’s exposition of Romans. I had borrowed from a library never had one of my own to use. Also would like to ask you to pray for us.

One set of students had left. They left for the reading was hard and they just wanted to laze about.

Thank our Lord for 2 new students who are voracious readers, like a dry sponge soaking up more then we can deliver and the books are filling up the gaps. Thank you once again dear bro. God bless you abundantly.

Secunderabad, India

I have already confirmed about the arrival of books to me. I was busy reading and studying them and there is a small book by Ferguson on Ruth. To be honest with you, surely i did not understand the book of Ruth. The way this Brother exposed this book is really shocking. On Sunday i preached a subject on ” Total Commitment derived “from Ruth 1: 14-17. With such Powerful tools we will do His work. All the books you sent to me were very good. I will be able to teach better against the Charismatics. The book by MacArthur will solve the problem once and for all.

Kadoma, Zimbabwe

I had also been waiting for this Books and they have arrived very safely now.  I had been praying for their safe arrival and the Lord has brought them safe!  I had been checking on the Books and want to recommend them that this is the “Best of the best” for teaching theology to the students especially as we are beginning a new year and our term opens up on Monday the 8th.  I will be putting this Books in the Library especially for the student research and assignments.  Thanks so much for your labor in the kingdom of God, our college and the students has not remain the same.

Soroti, Uganda

I received a box of books this morning containing the Mysterious Ways,

and I have not been able to put it down, I see also very books here,

the dictionaries. These are all very wonderful books. Thank you so

much for them.  Tombel Cameroon (We have a number of contacts here)

I had got the books you sent me yesterday. I so excited when I got it. I think you have forgotten me because of l sent nothing to you. And I think that I had lost you, a good friend. The books you sent me yesterday are very good for me. Could you send me some books again? I need to read books as a pastor. Now I very interested the books. I will read them because I very like all of the titles. After that I will list the books I need and I will sent the titles to you again.   Brother, when I was in Yangon for studying M.Th course, l went to book shop to buy some books. I saw many books there and wanted to buy one of theological books in English language. I couldn’t buy it, because it is very expensive. Brother, l know the books you sent me also expensive. Thank you and the people who donate this books. And very thank God, Jesus Christ, our Father in heaven.        North East Myanmar

 Well I would like to thank our Almighty for all the guidance and blessing because of your constant prayer support. I have received all your valuable priceless refomativ books which are not available in our stores that you have send before. I have read some few pages and it’s worth reading it though I’m yet to read all in detail because of my busy daily schedules of partical ministry   like, Bible study, king kids club, discipleship and Alethia Publications, distributing gospel tracks and book clubs etc. Will Sir I would be leaving to home state Nagaland only from the month of June 2016. Please do continue to uphold me in your daily prayers as I have brised you last time regarding the Reformation which is yet to be born in our home state Nagaland and I am praying to start it early provided if God is willing. It’s going to be a big challenge for me as I can do nothing on my own without His guidance and your prayer support too. We really need Reformation, revival. What I want is that let them come back to the Bible and know the basic radical truth of the gospel, then only they can be solidly grounded in their faith in Christ Jesus.

What I mean is that if we give them the right books and feed them properly, I still hope that they can transform and receive once again, and may be they will come to realise the truth in the Bible and grow in their faith of our Lord Jesus Christ. For His glory.             Nashik, India


I have finished studying about the book on Ruth. Delivered another Sermon on Sunday entitled BOAZ A REAL MAN. I am now busy studying a book on Biblical Interpretations and hope that after studying ,i will be a real EXEGETE.                                      Kadoma, Zambia

 Just wanted to send you a brief email to say huge thanks for the books that you’ve sent. Seriously appreciate your generosity. I’m sorry the first load that you sent were lost but miraculously we were able to retrieve few of the books.  Grateful for brother Jeff for introducing us to you guys. Please know that we will use the books well and several people be able to have a read as my study is open for my church people to come in and read when and as they want.                                          Lucknow, India

Yes, your books are great help for my ministry.  Through Global Study Bible, I get more meaning of Bible words which help for my teaching and preaching. It is useful.  Through Foxe’s book, learned how God’s people suffer for their faiths. It gives me more strong faith in Him. Through other books I also learned that the blessing of God is depend on how a person is faithful to Him.   Yes, all books give more strong faith and helpful for my personal ministry.  Once again thank you for your books. Hope that God bless your ministry and if possible can you send some Study Bible in the future.                                                        Yangon, Myanmar

Greetings and good wishes to you in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ

Received your parcel on 11th FEB. Really I am very delighted to see all the valuable books.I Think GOD HAS provided these priceless and very valuable books. GLOBAL STUDY BIBLE,  PETER JEFFREYS Books 1 peter, Corinthians are very needed books that I want. Please pray for me and my ministry. more than 500 people are attending in our TAMIL BAPTIST CHURCH ANBINNAGARAM. I AM TAKING BIBLE STUDY FROM HEBREWS. THANK YOU SOMUCH FOR YOUR GIFT DEFINETLY IT WILL HELPTO MY MINISTRIES         Anbinnagaram, South India



This is to thank you for the loads of Banner Of Truth Magazines,Sword And Trowel Magazines,and Reformation Today Magazines.which you sent me.They have been tremendous Blessings to me.From one of the past editions of The Banner Of Truth Magazine,i have learnt to preach expositorily.I am currently preaching through the Book of Romans.Please,continue to send me the magazines,and also,keep me on your mailing list,to continue to receive the Reformed Books you send out,as i am one of the instruments of Reformation to the Nigerian Churches.My prayer is that the blessing of the lord will continue to rest on your work.                                                          Umuahia, Nigeria.

Jeff from Heart Cry has requested you to send us books. Thank you for sending packets of books contained 11 books. We are glad to receive them these books will be a wonderful resource for our personal lives as well as in our pastoral ministry mission work and have come to realize that your work is also very special and therefore we will send comments after reading of those books. We appreciate you for what you are doing for the welfare of the body of Christ specially in the third world countries.                                                                                         Hyderabad, India

I ideally write this to recommend a good job for the ministry of Christian books world wide is doing. In fact the books which you sent to me are very useful especially at this time am writing my MA Thesis, since am writing on Ruth, Illustrated Bible Dictionary of is my hands on assistance for theological meanings during the Thesis. I also find alot of insights to quote from the rest of the books. Without them I could not have enough reference books for my Thesis. (This brother is studying with MINTS)                       Mangochi, Malawi

Posted December 2015

I acknowledge receipt of a “Commentary on the Whole Bible” by Matthew Henry. I thank you once again for this gift. Your services through CBW have enriched us with reformed books. We regard your services highly and always include you in our prayers. The translation project is going on smoothly. We hope by the end of this month to compile a document of translated Spurgeon’s of sermons worth publishing.  I am back from my long trip to Tanzania where I did a number of issues including introducing MINTS, teaching and settling disputes among the Christian brothers. Both things went on very well. The Lord was on my side.      Zomba, Malawi


First of all, I thank you for the books you sent to us last time. I received one box containing the different books . Thanks so much. Is it the one box did you sent? As I told you in my previous email, we are a goal to enrich our library because on the Christmas day the Local Government will visit us and visit the officially the Library.

Gisenyi, Rwanda

 We appreciate for posting another box of books to us. This is highly appreciated so much. I will let you know as soon as they arrive. I believe that we will be assisted by these books mainly at our Jerusalem Bible College which is a study center for MINTS Theological Seminary from America. We really need these books for different assignments as well as ministries. When I have an access of a camera, I will take a photo and send you our 8 students and 6 teachers who are benefiting from your support of books. I am a study center coordinator. I also teach orphaned and less privilaged children the word of God in secondary and primary schools. We pay them school fees and give them basic needs for their studies. The Lord is blessing our work.


We will pray that these books should reach us and other countries where they find problems for the books to reach them. We wish you all the best as you continue ministering to us through these books.

Chichiri, Blantyre, Malawi

I am greatly blessed by the gifts send by you from the ministry of Christian Books Worldwide.  I am much thankful to you both. Me and my wife are much blessed with this precious books as they are rarely available in India as will as the cost cannot be afford.

The books arrived in very good condition and step by step i will go thru all of them. Truly they are blessing to me personally as well as to the preaching especially as i prepare message for Christmas “The God in the Manger” will be much of help.

Thanking for this ministry of taking care of our souls in much greater way. May i request to kindly keep sending such precious books written by godly men in future too if you can as God permits.

Once again I want to say I am blessed with this books….THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Kohlapur, India


 I am so much excited as the awesomeness of our God the Father and the

Lord Jesus Christ unfold through the books I receive from your

ministry, with deep insight and revelation in my Christian life,

ministry, family and God’s call.

There is no doubt that God using the books you send to me to feed me

and the God’s household, and keep us aflame.

The books are WORTH IT. I thank God for the books, Gordon, the

ministry, men and women who sacrificed their time, money and efforts

to encourage us to fulfill our ministry and calling.

We are praying for all of you.      Aba, Nigeria


 Hoping you are well and praying that you have happy Christmas season.

We will be praying for a large space for the books that will be donated to you. and as well pray for the safe arrival of the Books to all their destinations.

Your Books has been so help to us one student commented that we know we have a school now because we have the Books coming from christian books. He was saying without the Books their is no Library and without the Library there is no school so, your Books has done great deal to us and our school is not the same again.

May God bless you and your team for sending this Books. And God bless the brethren that are donating the Books too.

Please you can send for us the Books for studies on Islam, missions and christian leadership

Thanks so much for getting in touch.

From a Bible College Soroti, Uganda


I am very grateful to the Lord and to you of what you always thought to me. Thanks in advance for the books you want again me sent. It is true that posts here don’t work not sometimes well. But I think that with prayer I can receive them without difficulty. I continue to pray for your Ministry so that God gives you the means to properly do the job. I am much encouraged by the books already received, because it help me for the preparation of certain teachings.

That God gives you to have a good Christmas party.

Bouafle, Ivory Coast


I finally had a chance to set eyes on the books you send me and Reuben. My copies just fit my taste these days since I have a clinging for men and women of God in past generations. The periodicals you included just adds to what I am saying. Thank a zillion times.

I am with Reuben in Dar and will be having another class next January at the college I teach.

Keep up the good and noble fight.    Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

I am very glad to inform you that we have received the Study Bibles and other books. May Almighty God bless you and your ministry. Our students will sit for end of first semester examination from Monday 14th December to Friday 18th December, 2015. These books and Study Bibles will be of great use for them and other lecturers as well. At the same time our library will be boosted up. To Him be all the honour and the glory.     Chichiri, Blantyre, Malawi


I’m greatfull for the connection and yesterday i received 12 books to help me in my growth and i’m realy greatfull for your help for me and may God richly bless you

Brother Gordon i would still love to ask for Bibles and a study bible and A Matthew Henry Comentary to help me further.

I do hope to read from you soon      Bondo, Kenya

Thank you so much for the gift. A week ago i have received those gifts. I am so glad having those ones and it will be a great blessing for me in my ministry as well as personal growth. Now i have been going through a small booklet FREE GRACE BROADCASTER – SUBSTITUTION. It is a very blessing for me to grow more understanding the Cross of Jesus – Grace. The more as i am receiving the truth; my faith is going bigger and bigger in Him. Thank you brother Jeff for your effort; reaching up to me. Thank you all for your prayer and being kind to me. All glory to our God the Father Almighty!     Kathmandu, Nepal

I’m very grateful for being part of these group of ministers who received this great blessing. The books have already safely arrived and I’m very happy with the titles and the authors that you’ve selected.  I’m totally committed to learn, to live and to teach the true glorious Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and I’m sure that this books will help me in this holy mission.

I pray that the Lord may continue to bless you and use you greatly!

Amadora, Portugal


The books have been so far very good and the greatest blessings God has

dropped into my ministry this year, in counting my blessings, that is

what I have to say. Special thanks for the ESV Global Study Bibles and other materials. I received them yesterday. School is on break now, I will send photos of

the students receiving and using the Bibles. Thank you very much and

God continue to bless you and the ministry.    Tombel, Cameroon 


I’d like to thank you so much for the support you always bring to our ministry.

I do pray that our God in His mercy may continue to bless you in all. For the books

you have been sending to us brought most change even spiritual maturity to me and others to whom I pass them.

It’s obvious that your work is not in vain for Christ and His Church.


Eastern DRC, just over the border from Bujumbura, Burundi


This Bible is of tremendous blessing to me for my spiritual life and to spread the gospel to other places. This Bible has attracted many to Christ- there is even an orphanage home where the pastor lack Bible and so we worked with this orphanage called Hope Children’s Centre where this Pastor had to make use of my Bible in teaching the people who gathered together to worship Christ. This Bible helps spread the GOODNEWS in this Orphanage home. While in this Christian Orphanage Home l spent time with some grown up kids teaching them the word of God from my this Bible! They were so much fun and exciting as we study many portions from the Bible like the Story of the GOOD….This Bible has yielded glorious fruits in this Orphanage Home as those who gathered around the pastor preaching and teaching from this Bible were so Blessed. l have since returned home with my Bible and l study it each day and night. My experiences at the orphanage home makes me to reflect on Matt. 25:35.

We pray that you will join us in our efforts! “For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me,…

Please pray for this orphanage home and the pastor and l thank my brother very much for this Bible.


This comment is from a lady who wrote asking for a Bible. I was not sure that her request was genuine, so I asked a brother to whom we send books to make contact with her because he lived in the same area of Nigeria. He confirmed that she was definitely a believer, We had a lovely new Bible which we sent her.

Posted November 2015

I am so pleased to let you know that the box has reached me. There are 4 books and 2 booklets in it, all greatly helpful and precious to my ministry. Thank you very much for this.


I am now reading Bruce’s “An Old Testament Theology”, which is giving me an incredible insights to my learning of the OT and otherwise unsearchable benefits to my biblical studies.


Equally invaluable are the “Reformation Today” and other magazines and books which record unique works of Reformed theologians. What a great blessings they are!


When you send a box to me next time, please send me books on Christology, if available, especially those dealing with Christ in the Old Testament. Thank you very much.


Tang Yan Township Myanmar


Excuse me for the time that I put before write you. I had quite a problem in recent times: my daughter was very sick. She had to die because of malaria. It was back to school and should be run to find the money by any means. Currently I blessed the Lord for everything seems to enter go even if the problem of money is still a reality that I seek to overcome.


I started to operated the books, there are very riches. Pray for me because I intend to spend this year the vacancy in Ghana to improve my English a little.

Bouafle, Ivory Coast


This is to inform you that the box of materials you sent me, containing lots of Banner of Truth Magazines, and Reformation Today Magazines, with the packet of Compact Disks, arrived safely about two months ago, nd I apologize that I have been hindered from Informing you, due to my Inability to visit the Cyber Cafe until today. The Insights from the materials have tremendously Improved my Reformed Preaching, and If at all possible, always send me more Banner Of Truth Magazines, Reformation Today Magazines, nd Sword And Trowel Magazines as well. May the lord grant you many more years of Service In His Kingdom.

Umuahia, Nigeria


We are the beneficially of the book from your ministry here in Tanzania!!

Here in Tanzania we have a great need of English Book especially in a field of theology, mission, ministry, biblical study, etc!!


Because all we are building the body of God here before the second coming of Christ! I would like to ask your prayer and assistance! wherever you believe we can have brothers who can support our ministry here in Tanzania we need them

We are leading a college, called Miami International Seminary, which is transforming a number of pastors here in Tanzania but also in Africa!

Mwanza, Tanzania



I am pleased to inform you that by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ,

Kenfack received his books today. He brought them to me and I sheared

in his joy. I am in deed very glad and pray that God will continue to

help us through the provision of these books for us to grow in our

knowledge of the Lord.

Tombel, Cameroon


Some of you will already have read this most encouraging response to books from John Hauzel who is in NE India and is about to oversee the printing of Foundations… into Paite


Dear Brother,


I also realized how much I owe you and your ministry for sending me such enriching books to help me and many other, which I do not hesitate to pass it along, to those who will find them useful and enriching in their lives. Here are some the spiritual insight that God led me gleaned from them:


  1. Revival Sent from God – Raymond C. Ortlund Jr


The books clears many of my doubts and gives me a clear understanding of the biblical revival. Yes, it is not our own human experiences, but the Bible and the Bible alone, which discerns a true authentic revival among God’s people.


It is very true (this touches me most) when the author says, “We cannot trigger revival but we can turn away from all that clogs up God’s work. We can devote ourselves to the normal ministry of the gospel in such a way that we give him no reason not to empower it mightily. That we must never give up or give in. He is able.”


Yes, indeed, our God is able, because he is the Sovereign God, the Lord of All.


  1. The Truth About Grace – John MacArthur


The book give me a deeper understanding about the grace of God than before, which I find it very valuable and enriching. Once again, it is very reassuring to know that our salvation is truly based on God’s sovereign grace and this sovereign grace is presently at work in our lives! This very grace is the grace that “…redeem us from every lawless deed and purify for Himself a people for His own possession, zealous for good deeds.” (Titus 2:14).


This book is of great help in my ministry, especially to those brothers and sisters who have hard time in understanding God’s sovereign grace in their lives.


  1. Mighty to Save – Clifford Pond


Though, I have been teaching and experiencing God’s love in my life, reading through the book makes me shed tears of joy, in realizing (once again) the depth of the wonderful love of God for humanity. There are no words to describe how much God loves us and how priceless are we in His eyes.


At the same time, fully aware of the conditions of those who still do not receive this great salvation, it exhort me to work more vigorously and tirelessly for the extension of God’s kingdom. The end is near and, however, the harvest is still plentiful and there is so much to cover. It is my earnest prayer that the loving and sovereign Lord leads me in taking back those lost souls from Satan’s strongholds.


  1. Expository Lectures on the Hebrews – Adolph Saphir


A very helpful books, especially on the lecture on apostasy, which I was preparing for my sermons. It also helped me in many of my sermons and further lead me to understand Hebrews more deeply. It is one of the real spiritual gem among many other gems.


After reading all the books, I passed on (some books) to some of my friends, who had wonderful times with the Lord, through reading the books. And their words of gratitude are as under:-



“After reading your books one after another, my heart was touched and my life had been changed, accordingly. Since I have enjoyed a relationship with Jesus, I want more and more to be His faithful follower. The books also deeply move and help me in showing what is important in life.”


–            Mr. G. Lamjoylian

[Mr. G. Lamjoylian is an active church layman, who also has a great burden for translating good Christian books in the local language]



“Thank you for Christ-centered message that presented in your book (The Truth About Grace), the comfort and hope for those who will accept him by faith. I am so impressed with the book you sent me. I thank God for what He has done for me and others through your book.”


–            Pastor Th. Joseph Muan

[Pastor Th. Joseph Muan is an evangelist and actively working in various camps and fellowships in Manipur and beyond]



“I thoroughly enjoyed your book. It helped me to see God’s Word in a new way. May God continue to bless you and your ministry.”


–            Elder V. Vungzamuan

[Elder V. Vungzamuan is a church elder, who has a deep spiritual renewal and who actively work for the church renewal]



“Through the use of your books (The Ministry We Need), I have been able to bring many men into the disciples of the study of God’s Word.”


–            Rev. H. Nengzalam

[Rev. H. Nengzalam is a senior pastor and a close friend. He has a great burden in saving the lost souls as well as a burden for translating good Christian books in local languages]







“Your book (Revival Sent From God) have kept me going in difficult circumstances, as an answer to prayer or an uplifting word comes from them. Also, I learned that Jesus Christ is the omnipotent God and Saviour through the reading of your book.”


–            Mr. Lianchinthang Guite

[Mr. Lianchinthang Guite is a good and faithful lay b in our church. Presently, he is serving as an officer in the Central Intelligent Officer, under the Government of India. His interest lies in reading Christian books and passing on the teachings to others. He is very zealous in spreading the Gospel to others]



“The Commentary on Luke, which you sent is very useful and help me a lot in my sermon’s preparation. Thank you very much for your love and concern.”


–            Pastor K. Phungpau

Pastor K. Phungpau is a man of God, who is actively working in the church and homes of the widows.


With warm regards,





Posted October 2015

“I read CBWP newsletter before our church believers and we have these days special evening prayer session held in church where others believers who are already blessed by the (Hindi)book Foundation of Christian Faith have offered fervent prayers for your ministry, its team, work and resources to be blessed and for coming 26th sept. joint Open Day. 

Also, a pastor Ashish to whom we have given from the old books of yours shared how much he was influenced by the book : The Life of Elijah, it stirred him in his spiritual life. Another young pastor preparing his thesis on Israel a blessed nation was greatly helped by your book : Israel is (in) the Plan of God by Steve Motyer. 

We are really very grateful for your old books as they proved to be a big blessing in pastoral ministries of pastors and evangelists.   

God Bless,”

Posted September 2015

Praise God, I want to thank you for the books you sent to

me, this few weeks I have been reading 2 books which have been really

with important to me and I think they are going to be important in the

ministry, the book with title Lord and Christ by Reisinger it has

helped me so much to know issues like Nature of saving Faith, Lordship,

Non-lordship, and Dispensationalism these themes have widen my

understanding and also I am starting to use some few materials to

develop teachings, also the Book with title A GREAT GULF FIXED,

Sermons on the Rich man and Lazarus,


I used to know that Lazarus went to heaven because he suffered on

Earth and the Rich man went to hell because he enjoyed his on Earth

not knowing their destiny was determined by themselves hear on earth,

many will go to hell who are poor and many will go to heaven who

totally rich but because they accepted Christ as they person savior, I

gave an example of this book when I was teaching in one of the class

which also I will continue to use also still going to read the others


May God bless your ministry and send my greeting to those friends of

ours who give us these books that may God bless them and also we who

use them to be faithful in using their materials to preach to our

lives also to others.


Then later in the month – I got a chance to preach in one of the church

lead by one of our student is very old man he called me I have been

reading a small book which you sent to me which is called “Heading for

Heaven” by J.C.Ryle there is a part which touched me explains well

this part ” Running the race” this where I got my sermon but I was

blessed and the people were blessed. I am bit small in size and young

but old people in the church were happy with the message,

Nateete Uganda


I am very pleased to let you know that the two boxes of RT have been collected yesterday. Thank God for their safe arrival as well as for those of previous ones. The 244 booklets of RT and 4 books of Murray are, as are the others, just invaluable. I don’t know how to express my gratitude without repeating what I said before. So Thank you very much for this. The first RT booklets, to mention one, go back to over 40 years. It is a special blessing and favour of God for me/us to have such great works of the greatest theologians of the past centuries. And I can assure you the these books and booklets would be used by and kept available to the next generations for many dacades or even many centuries. I am reading now Packer’s book on the Holy Spirit which is teaching me more about the doctrine that I haven’t come across. I am excited to read more and see how these books would help my understanding that would shape my ministry. Please do pray for me and also keep sending books to me. I would also like to have the RT booklets of 2015 too once possible. Thank you so much May God bless you.  

From a Bible College in Tang Yan Township, Myanmar



My delight to inform you once again that I received the parcel of books containing among others The History of the Westminster Assembly. This book has added more value to the Westminster Confession of Faith which I already have on my Library.

I always appreciate your fervency in the pastoral tools support. May the Lord always reward you in his own gracious and sovereign ways.

Ndola, Zambia

Thank you also for sending books which are so precious for us. Students and teachers of Hanson Baptist Bible College are enjoying to read books that you and your friends sent. At HBBC we have very little books which is less than a thousand. Those books which you sent are very useful especially for students’ research work. I haven’t received The last box that you sent. It might be because of my travelings. I will go and check to post office tomorrow. I will let you know as soon as I receive. I will also pray for the arrival of books that you are sending.

From a Bible College in Myitkyina, Myanmar



Thank you immensely for the box of books you have sent. As I did

inform you in my last mail I had been very busy with school and

graduation, which is all done.

More to this, I was the best student in our Hebrews course, this is

because of the great insight I got from the reading the book of

Hebrews you sent.

Tombel, Cameroon

Calvary greetings in His name hoping you are doing well. I write to

acknowledged the receipt of a small carton of assorted tracts and

booklets from “Christian Books Worldwide (CBW)” on the 7th September,

  1. Thanks for such a gift. It will help very greatly in our work of

literature distributions.

Right now the teachers of Hope Academy Schools (The Emmaus Bible

Centres Mission ministry Christian School) are having a one week

retreat now which started yesterday the 7th os September, 2015. These

tracts and booklets will be share among them and a report of the

sharing will be send to you later.

Jos, Nigeria

I read CBWP newsletter before our church believers and we have these days special evening prayer session held in church where others believers who are already blessed by the book Foundation of Christian faith have offered fervent prayers for your ministry, its team, work and resources to be blessed and for coming 26th sept. joint Open Day.

Also, a pastor Ashish to whom we have given from the old books of yours shared how much he was influenced by the book : The Life of Elijah, it stirred him in his spiritual life. Another young pastor preparing his thesis on Israel a blessed nation was greatly helped by your book : Israel is the plan of God by Steve Motyer.

We are really very grateful for your old books as they proved to be a big blessing in pastoral ministries of pastors and evangelists.

North India




Praise God, I received the books sent this morning. All glory to God.

My sermons are being appreciated as educative and enriching.

Christians are seeing the essence of the scriptures as the basis for

their christian walk. Also I am growing spiritually as my knowledge of

the scriptures are improving.

Because of the nature of my messages, I have been offered a job as a

Religious Teacher at Government Bilingual High Ndom, here. All glory

to God. On the 3rd I graduated with a Diploma in Theological Studies

and still studying towards a Bachelors.

Tombel, Cameroon.(We have several key men in this town)

Thank you very much for the unique selection of these Titles. This is how I am going to Use each of them:

  • I will use “For the Love of God Daily companion to discovering the treasures of God’s word Vol 1- to start my next year’s daily devotion. I have looked thru it and think it will be of good help for this purpose
  • The Geneva Series of Commentaries: Colosians, New Testament Commentary: Peter and Jude, The Miracles of our savior, The Cross Prefigured are very useful resources to my Christ Centered Biblical Preaching which we do every Saturday. I appreciate if you can be able to get some additional commentaries on the following sections as well: The Exodus – Joshua, Ruth – Esther . I appreciate if you can access any books dealing with Preaching Christ in the Whole of the Scripture or even full commentaries.
  • The Treasures of John Owen for Todays Readers: Communion with God, The Primitive Piety Revised, Mark these Men: A unique Look at the \men of the Bible are useful for my general reading and for the students here at the school of Missions.

May the Lord God bless all the efforts that you are putting into continued resourcing of the church here in Uganda. For together in ministry we shall someday reach a generation in which all local churches have an opportunity to receive a sound evangelical preacher committed to training other to preach the Christ Centered Gospel and not the prosperity/ cultic gospel common to our day.

Soroti, Uganda


I went to Bujumbura to collect mails on 21st Sept. These boxes reached safety.

Our prayers to God is that more and more blessings be upon you. You are a very special helper in advancing God’s work and our ministries for His glory. These books that you often send to me provide spiritual nutrients that are important for

keeping my Christian life healthy and strong, even to many other people to whom I’m ministering to. Please, you are really serving the Body of Christ here in the this part of the world.

We send these books to Burundi, but this “bishop” ministers in Eastern DRC.



Posted June 2015

The books were of great help to me and to others reading them . You sent books of written sermons by great preachers of which we could read their minds as they preached .

Second set of books are the autobiographies of former great thinkers in theology.

I have been reading a book about the life of Newton the hymn writer of Amazing Grace. It is wonderful to read about how a man who trafficked slaves , who inflicted pain or killed slaves, who thought Africans were dogs , that God changes his life to be the inspiring man to fight. It was really grace –  Kampala, Uganda


We did four classes last month, training pastors and lay people in evangelism. There are also over 100 conversions in 4 places visited and two weeks later we got a report from the second venue known as Lugazi that they baptized 15 new converts. Thank you for joining us in this ministry through your prayers and financial support. The final day a lady teacher in a school called on the name of the Lord as the Holy Spirit led me to talk to her.

Now resting at home and today is a public holiday commemorating the death of young Christians in Uganda (Uganda Martyrs). We are having a time of prayer and fasting for our country and the church at large.


This month I need to teach 50 pastors again in the rural village and pray for $400 for this, then my Theology class of 25, also one week, Then July/August will do 6 meetings with short breaks, this take place in Rwanda and Uganda. Please keep us up in your daily prayers.

A school in my rural area needs support to buy a 20,000 liter water tank to help students and the cost for the tank is $1200, if any one knows who can help please contact me. – Kumi, Uganda

Thank you very much for your true Love and partnership in the gospel shown to me through continued resourcing with books .

My ministry is totally transformed through this book ministry;

– I have been able to write up notes for training pastors for different in- church training schools.

– Tomorrow 6th June we launch the Bible Reading, Preaching and Teaching School of ministry in which will train from Certificate to diploma Christ Biblical Preaching and Missions . We will use the books for reference and study.

Thank you for praying and resourcing us for we see the Gospel gaining ground and bearing fruit in all ways

” Reading , preaching and teaching the gospel till he comes” – Soroti, Uganda


I would like to share with you an interesting story that has happened at my office today concerning Spurgeon’s sermons. I have a Moslem friend who maintains our computers whenever they have broken down. He saw one of the Spurgeon’s commentaries sent to me by your organization. When he went back to his home he downloaded all the 30 volumes of Spurgeon’ sermons into his computer and read one of the sermons concerning Jesus and the Pharisees. He came to my office today to testify that he has been inspired by Spurgeon’s preaching and further said if modern preachers would preach like Spurgeon, the churches would transform and he wished if Spurgeon was alive, he would ask him to preach in the mosque.

I told him that we are planning to translate the sermons into Chichewa language. He has highly recommended this project that it will help to reach the masses with sound preaching.

I pray for an opening of his heart by the Holy Spirit for these sermons to lead him to Christ. – Zomba, Malawi


May God richly bless you for the books you sent. My parcel has not

arrived yet but I have been lending from Chidi and reading. Right now

am reading Calvin’s Wisdom An Anthology Arranged Alphabetically by J.

Graham Miller.I have only the opportunity of reading Truth for All

Time by John Calvin, translated by Stuart Olyott. The topics addressed

in this book are the daily problems and areas from which we face great

debates among us pastors here and as students of theology. I should

place a request for this book because it has to be on the shelve as a

reference book.

A second message contained the following:-

This work of ministry being involve in teaching and taken seminary

education to pastors and church leaders who have not had any formal

training at actually no cost has been very demanding, many at times I

think of quitting because there is no support coming in plus the

demands of my family. The book The Life, Walk and Triumph of Faith by

Peter Toon is giving me a new insight, I am still reading it and so

far I can not put it down.

Through this I will better understand how to lead a life of depending

and living more on the all-sufficiency of God. I am praying that

support will come in for this work, how I do not know because if I

should place money before these pastors and church leaders who can not

afford formal seminary education because of financial hardships, they

will all drop out.

So the books are helping. Thank you very much. Tombel, Cameroon


Warmest Christian Greetings to you from me here in Kabale, Uganda.

I am very grateful for the books you send to me. I have been greatly enriched spiritually and personally through reading, studying and using them as a resource for my preaching ministry as an honour to God and edifying the saints. I am also sharing them with other gospel ministers in my town.

Thank you very much, and every time a set of books is sent I just cant wait to receive it. Thank you very much.

Greetings in Jesus name. Thank you so much for sending us this wonderful books. I am eagerly waiting to receive them. These books has been of great help in my teaching ministry. I have been sharing them with my fellow pastors and it has enlightened us spiritually. I absolutely appreciate your work. May God bless you.

Eldoret, Kenya


Thanks so much for the consideration that you always make about me and

my fellow ministers and the books that you send me to be honest with

you and once the carton arrives you be assured of the same and the

books and the cds have immeasurably assisted me and added value in

these areas:

  1. How to preach the gospel that brings results and response
  2. How to teach the word using the Bible
  3. How to understand the Bible books in their entirety

Do you find by chance of used Study Bibles for there are some who can

understand them but the cost here is so high?

These points raised above have made me and my friends to be effective

preacher and teacher and at the same time as a leader since i have a

group of local pastors who never went to seminary or Bible school but

i translate chapters from some boooks for their teaching and edifying.

Lilongwe, Malawi


We thank you very much for the types of the books you had sent to us

recently 3th of June 2015. We are very happy to that we have received

the books. we have received them 18th june 2015. the books are okay

for our study. really, they will be useful for my study and to

prepare my teaching and also preaching messages. your effort are

highly appreciated. they are very Important books for our reading.

they will also be good for ministers ,s training. please, we shall

need more our others if you will agree to be sending more to us for

study and my teachings.   Owerri, Nigeria


Thank you for sending again the next packets of books we have personally feel they have continuously been a wonderful resource in our pastoral ministry and evangelizing mission work and have come to realize that your work is also very special and therefore we will send comments after reading of those books their usefulness in our ministry.   Dewas, North India


I wish by this present note say I am very grateful for the books you

sent. though I did not accuse reception thereof, I am very elated now

that I have had a taste of some of them. I am just now about to finish

reading the title ALMIGHTY OVER ALL BY R C SPROUL JR. It is a

wonderful work on the predestination and free will of man covering the

sovereignty of God over His world.

I will like to note here that my reply has been late in coming because

of a health challenge of which I pray you join me in prayers to God. I

have been operated five times for a problem with my ureter due to an

accident.   . Tombel, Cameroon


Just a brief note to let you know that the box of books has arrived to me safely. They are all very relevant to my ministry and to my personal study too. Thank you very much. God bless you. Myanmar

Sat round a table

Posted December 2014

Dear Brother Oram

This is to inform you, that the two boxes of books you have recently sent me have arrived safely .I have just finished reading “Revival-A Community Saturated With God”, as a result of which i have not only become thoroughly informed on the subject of Revival, but have become challenged to pray ,as well as labour for Revival. I was delighted to find John Macarthur’s book “The Truth And Nothing But The Truth” included. It is the most satisfying book i have ever read on Evangelism, written from a Reformed Perspective. I have many people in my community to witness to, but never knew what to say to them at length until Macarthur’s book fell into my hands. I thank you also for including Thomas Watson’s Lord’s Prayer and Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit Volume 38,sermons of C.H. Spurgeon, sermons which i intend to preach to my small congregation in my own words, and in our own context. Please,if possible, n your next posting, please include Thomas Watson’s Ten Commandments, as well as more books on Evangelism written from a Reformed perspective. God Almighty bless you richly.

Your Servant In Christ, Nigeria

Received December 2014

This man originally wrote to us in August 2014 saying he was a Muslim, but wanted Christian books because he wanted to lear about Christianity. That letter was then followed by this one.


i will be very thankful of you, if you help me, i live in KASHMIR

state of country INDIA, recently we saw a mass destruction led by

flood , my books, our property get washed by floods, we saw mass

property destruction,

sir plz help us, and send more books that will be your most kindness.

We sent some books in October and then this response arrived towards the end of November 

dear brother,

this is ******  from Kashmir India. i am very thankful of you

for sending such great books to me including Holy Bible. I have received the parcel yesterday & i am just reading your books they are truly great.

now , my request to you is please send me some more books and also

keep sending in future. so, that i can learn more & more about

Christianity .this is a request please fulfill it and also i want to

wish you for upcoming Christmas…happy Christmas to you , your

family & your company .i hope you will send me a Christmas gift .


May God’s peace be with you.


Your letter is a real blessing to me. I am an Equipper of God’s people both in the church and community. I major in Biblical teaching and training and do travel a lot throughout East Africa, and especially within Uganda.

I do have a class of 25 senior pastors and bishops attending one week each month. we have done this for 3 years now and some of them are pursing Diplomas and Degrees in Bible and Theology. They too need to build their Libraries and in turn equip others in their churches.

The next class will be in November, and I am yet to decide what to teach with this class. Yes the books you sent are now used as reference books in this school. we are affiliated with MINTS Seminary. please go to

Secondly I travel to small and big towns and put together 30, 50, and sometimes 100 pastors and teach them on Biblical subjects of their interest. I do not charge any fee to do this, Most of the times I give in funds that I raise from supporters to print notes for my students and subsidize for their feeding while with me in class.

East Africa must build a Solid Theological background if Christianity has to last for a while in this continent and this is my burden. I am now 51, and I need to devote the next 20 years to building leaders within this arrangement, God permitting.

Yes I will be willing to take some of the books to Rwanda when I travel there early next year.

In all these I need your help in any way the Lord leads you to.

M O – Uganda

Received September 2014

The following messages show the immense need there is for literature in the Democratic Republic of Congo


the staff and the students send you a warm greeting.

i beg to send you in attached some photos of our students who have finished their studies, and inform you also that we have resume the course , for this year we have

176 students . i will appreciate if you will kindly send them some   more french books.

From JM, Kinshasa, – September 2014

Let me a bit tell you about our theological vision.that is deeply rooted in the scriptures and   faith of the true christian church.

As a theological school our task involves teaching peaople sound doctrine so that

they can not be tossed to and fro by every wind of false doctrine which is taking my country by storm .

Then; our aim is also helps students in broading their orientation and understanding of scriptures.

STUDENTS have to work hard, this is to say one must do years in preparation and invest long.

We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of your packages of books in french if possible 15 BOOKS in english.

We wish you God’s richest blessings

your sister

M NC ecole biblique la gloirre


we have a library but this one has only 28 books.,this situation doesn’t allow our students to perfect their knowlegde.

we need   your help.will it be possible to send us french books and english one

Looking forward hearing from you .

yours faithfully


July 2014

After receiving some books we received the following message

Thank you for your help.I beg to inform you that we have 216 STUDENTS

will you please send us more books

here are the titles the students liked more

1 connaitre DIEU pour l’adorer   180 books

2 operation golgota                   170 Books

3 ou est la sagesse ?                   80   BOOKS

4   ou est tu seigneur ?               80 BOOKS

5   les oeuvres du saint esprit       120 BOOKS

6   le fils prodigue                       80   BOOKS

7 Le roi dans la tempete             50     BOOKS

8   JACOB                                 30   BOOKS.

We are praying for the leaders we are raising up and for the Lord to provide us with all the materials we need to help orur students.

When we get all of these books , after giveng them to our students, be sure

all students will be sending you comments.

Looking forward to hearing from you

God’s richest blessings

M VR November 2014.   This brother is a Belgian Missionary

A sample of some responses received from Myanmar during the year.

Dear Gordon Oram PTI I am grateful to inform you that I have received a parcel package containing some good books for my church’s library. I read your books a long with all my coworkers and it also have a great impact to my church members. I keep them in our church’s library. Thank you very much. Please continue to send us more in the future. I pray for you. These books are very beneficial and helpful to my preaching and teaching ministries in Myanmar (BURMA). God bless you all. In Him

Rev.Dr. M C P Senior Pastor Ambassador Baptist Church Yangon

We do need the Hebrew OT and Greek Testaments at our bible school.

Biblical languages are taught at the school and we need as many

materials for this. The lecturers also need to study the bible in

original languages. So please send them along with other books. And

please notify me by email once you have sent the parcel and include my

contact numbers too.

I brought with me Calvin’s commentaries and other excellent books

from you to here in the north and a ‘Wa’ pastor here is making a good

use of them too. Wa is a minority like Lahu in Myanmar and the pastor

has sufficient English skill and is also very much interested in

translating books into Wa language.

John Htaw – Tang Yan, Myanmar

I  send warm greetings again in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ from Myanmar. It is my pleasure to tell you that I have received the box of books you sent me. The materials I have received from you are of great value and real blessing to me and my ministry for the Lord.

I would like to mention my heart-felt thanks to everyone who donates these precious books. I pray that the Lord will greatly bless you and your work. Through your donations the Lord will accomplish great things in our nation and your great job will not be forgotten.

I will be greatly joyful if you are able to send me some additional materials at my address. Please help me more because we are in the neediest condition of your help. May God bless you.

Sincerely In Christ,

Matthew  Kalay Theological College

Praise the Lord Mr Gordon,I hope you are fine. The main purpose for writing this letter to you are my brother is to let you know the safe

arrival of books.

I don’t know how can I express my thanks to you my brother, but let me say this, The Creator of heaven and earth The God Almighty bless the works of your hands.

The attachment are the among of books received. Thank you very much.

Your brother.  Pastor YM. Tanzania November 2014

Thanks Gordon so much foryour email.

This is the testimony of one of the students;

Arida Jesca:

I am one of the students of vision Bible college and has not been able to read any of theological Books except with the one Brother Gordon has been sending for us in the College Libray.

The most that touched me so much was the biography of George Muller on Heping the poor and how God can provide, it touched my life deeply to have compassion to help the orphans and without Gordon sending this books I would not have learnt about having compassion on the orphans in the college.It has strenghened my calling even though I came to the college without hope to serve God by helping the poor.

Huge thanks to all of you and brethren that are contributing for the Boooks they are very important to us.

Thanks to you Gordon and looking forward to hear from you soon.

If the there is any thing you want contact me please!

M O Vision Bible College, Soroti, Uganda

Finally two college students from EO, in Uganda


On my personal reading, I am reading the book entitled ‘Christian Leaders’. This book has set my soul on fire for God through the experiences of these great men- George whitefield, John Wesley, Daniel Rawlands to name but a few. On a personal note I am greatly blessed, encouraged and challenged to improve on the areas of my weakness, priorities, and emphasis on the pointing the Church to Christ in all of my sermons. Reading this book to has been like getting to class with my 1900 teachers and learning lessons for my personal spiritual growth and for the training of Church Leaders. I have already started using lessons of leadership I have learnt with the class of these young men

I have also used other books to in my daily Bible Reading and study like Genesis, Samuel, the greatest prayer ever prayed; I am sharing the books with my students and pastors who I oversee. These book users borrow books to read and return while the students use some of the books as reading materials for their assignments.

2.  Words cannot describe how thankful I am to you for the gift of 13 books I received today. They are a wonderful addition to my Library. Each Title is catchy enough, I really would like to read more of these. I am excited to have the Life Application Bible, commentaries on Romans, Song of Songs, 1 Corinthians, Sermon outlines, biographies of various men of God, Exposition of Ephesians and other very helpful practical Christian writings /works which are truly enriching to my Pastoral career. Thank you for mentoring me through this choice books.

The team of pastors under my oversight, the office Staff and the Team of young men who desire to join full-time ministry that I am training are borrowing this books to read. Our growing Library is a real blessing to our church community.

Posted October 2014


Dear Brother
This is to inform you that the two boxes of books you have sent me,coupled with the two packets of C.D ,have arrived safely.I have finished reading R.C. Sproul’s book,Heart of Reformed Theology,and am almost through with Lain Murrey’s The Forgotten Spurgeon.Also,i have gone through half of John Piper’s,Let The Nations Be Glad-The SUPREMACY OF God In Missions.Please,continue to send me books,because the materials you have sent already,are equipping me to preach effectively,as a Reformed Baptist preacher in Nigeria.I eagerly await your reply.
Yours In Christ’s Vineyard


“Dear respected Uncle,

Greetings to you in the most precious name of Almighty God!
Thank you very much for your fatherly loves and concerned always
showned to me. Due to busy scheduled in my ministry I could not
reply soon. I’m doing my valuable translation and about to finish Sir.
Thank you again and again for the books parcel too. May God richly
bless your family and ministry.”

“We call ourselves evangelical and even celebrate Gospel Centenary but our faith is very shallow we are blown away by every wind of teaching, including the pastor. I am talking about my community, many of them are born Christian (Born and grow up from a Christian family, not truly born again, regenerate or converted) many of them become a professing Christian. We really need reformation, revival, what I want is that let them come back to the Bible and know the basic radical truth of the Gospel, then only they can be solidly grounded in their faith in Christ Jesus. Apart from the Bible we don’t even have 50 Christian books in our language while English speaking have millions of books. What I mean is that if we give them the right books and feed them properly, I still hope that they can transform and revive once again. To me even though there are many existing Churches in our land, I don’t see a Church true Church, even though they call themselves a Christian, I don’t see a Christian who live a true disciple life. If my people really know the truth we could evangelize throughout India and even beyond.”

“The above people are my target so therefore please help me to choice the right books. I do hope that if they read a sound puritan background books and other Scripture base profound books, may be they will come to realize the truth in the Bible and grow in their faith of our Lord Jesus Christ. That is why I thought that John Piper, John MacArthur, John Stott, J.I. Packer, A.W. Tozer J.C. Ryre, Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Walter J. Chantry, Spurgeon, John Owen, Joseph Alleine, Stephen Charnock, Thomas Boston, Thomas Watson, A.W. Pink, R.C. Sproul,  Peter Jeffery, Paul Washer etc. When I read the summary of God’s Big Picture by Vaughan Roberts, sound good too, please let me know when can we proceed it. For His glory”

Children in India with Gift


“Thank you for your email, when I receive the first box of books I wrote to you saying that I have got them, but there was no response from you or any one on your end. I hope you got my note. Isaac from Kampala BTC and I use these books for the benefit of the students we teach in our two classes. These classes provide almost free Theological education to pastors and Bishops of churches here who cannot afford going to established and expensive colleges in the world, And they have a tremendous opportunity to learn through these centers. This is how important your contribution with literature is. May you and your team be encouraged.”

Sri Lanka

“Greetings in the name of the Lord. Thank you very much for the mail and for the proposed book parcels. I’ll let you know as soon as we receive the parcels. As I said in my previous mails the books are very useful. Some of the books I keep for my own use and some I have given to other ministers and most of them go to our library which is used by all our students and many pastors visiting us. Thank you very much. Blessings.”

The Gambia

“Greetings from the smiling coast of Africa – The Gambia.
This is to inform you that I have received the books send to me last wednesday and they are 9 books. At this point in time everyone seems busy with Christmas programs over here but will give them to people to read and give me feedback which I will send to you. I will read the Oxford Martyrs.

I have a mission house and pastors and believers normally go there for retreat time to time. Am planning to now build a special house for that which will host a library as they come for their retreat they will collect each a book to read and return in within a month or so. Will keep you posted and once again thanks for this great wealth of resources which is really lacking in my country.

Stay bless

Earlier letter:

Good hearing from you. Yes, i will love to receive those books and please do send any books as we dont have access to good evangelical books. I will not mind doublication as it will still be useful for pastors.

India – Hindi

“Warmest greetings in name of our Precious Lord Jesus!

We are very happy and thankful to receive the treasure of 14 books in mail yesterday. We are assured in Spirit that these resources sent by you time to time are very helpful in our teaching and preaching ministry on a large scale since Lord showed this year we were connected to more pastors of rural who serve in interior parts of India and thus body of Christ is growing in thousands in this whole north India region with new believers.

We are keeping you and entire PTI staff in our daily prayers for your valuable work for Lord for equipping HIS servants worldwide. Your friends in Christ, Pastor Ashok & Abha”

“I hope you will enjoy our two days rural convention pic blessed with the crowd of 3000 believers,leaders and pastors!! I was able in Lord’s wisdom to tell them more about Gospel and many testified their Faith. Together we Praise God and give Glory to our Lord Jesus Christ!”

Praising God in India

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No. 112 75 03 Company No 05741613