Christian Books Worldwide gives great Christian resources to inspire Pastors and teachers to so grow in the Christian life so that they want to evangelise, preach and teach others from the Bible.

Our research shows that there are some 160,000 pastors in West Africa alone, who have received no theological training and have no helpful books to assist their spiritual growth. With millions of untrained pastors in an ever growing global Church, we aim to bring them training with good quality books and teaching materials. This will help those we reach to get to know the Scriptures more, challenge their Christian life, and teach them to preach more effectively.

To this end we are hoping to develop materials to assist those with only a primary school education, or those whose native language has only limited resources available. We want to help them to better understand the Scriptures, however basic an education level they have. Please pray that this ambitious venture will come to fruition quickly – the numbers we could help are vast!

In our first four years we distributed over 350,000 pieces of literature in English or vernacular languages, and continue to send out hundreds more every month.