News from the Philippines

News from the Philippines

We recently received the following message from Percival in the Philippines. He has been in contact with us for about 18 months and has benefited greatly from the books we have sent him. The benefit he receives from the books can be seen in the fact that he was asked to conduct a couple of sessions on the atonement just recently, making use of books by Hendriksen and Lloyd-Jones especially.

Percival has translated All Things New into Tagalog and a small number of these have been copied. We hope to publish this in the future, although the fact that his only computer access is at an internet cafe is making this difficult at the moment!

He has encouraged other pastors to make contact with us and this has resulted in some other good relationships developing. We look to the Lord to give us more men like him.


Conference in the Philippines

Dear brother,

The two conferences held this March were a great encouragement to us all. My first message (March 30th) was about the believer’s final redemption – Christ’s second coming.


On the 31st I preached on God’s greatest achievement through Christ’s death on the cross. The passages I expounded are:

Heb 2:14-15, Acts 26:18, 2Tim 2:25-26, Eph 2:1-3,4
Jesus’ death destroyed the devil’s power over death; set His people free

Heb.9:26; 1 John 3:5, 8
Jesus took away His people’s sins

John 12:24ff, 1Cor.15:21-22
Life multiplied

2Cor.5:18-21, Rom. 5:10
Complete reconciliation to God

The creation of the one new man- the church made up of believing Jews/Gentiles

Romans 3:24-26, Rom.4:24-25
Imputation of righteousness and justification before God

The books you sent to me are very helpful – full of spiritual treasures. I will let you know once the box of books arrived.



Conference in the Philippines