News from Malawi and Zambia

News from Malawi and Zambia

A recent report from our contact in Malawi, Joster Jumbe:

I have had the past two busy weeks. I have been very busy traveling, teaching, translating, editing and holding meetings with different church leaders. We started by teaching ministers at Reformed Theological College which is one of the great beneficiaries of CBW books.

Pastors in a classroom

After my introduction of an Apologetics course, a Pastor testified how he failed to defend his Christian faith. He told his fellow pastors that when he was under the church’s discipline, he was influenced to by his friend to consult the witch doctor. He repented of his sin and failure to defend his faith.


Associate Presbyterian Church of Malawi

On Saturday, we went to the Chikwawa District to meet church leaders of Associate Presbyterian Church of Malawi (APC). The journey took us longer because the car broke down on the way. We invited the mechanic to fix it. It took us many hours. However, I thank the Lord we finally reached our destination.

The APC receives CBW books for the training of their leaders from us. This is a small church with 13 congregations in Malawi and 6 congregations in Mozambique. We agreed to visit them for lectures two times per month with effect from May, 2018. Representatives of the 13 congregations from Malawi were there.

Church leaders with books

They thanked the Lord that CBW books will help them expand their knowledge in many theological issues that are shaking the church in Africa and the world at large. My assistant training supervisors Pastor Pelete and Mr. Chapola gave them a lecture each. Pastor Pelete emphasized his teaching that Jesus Christ died for the lost sinners. He did not die for wealth as most false preachers are alleging today. He advised the attendees to refrain from such false preachers. Mr. Chapola taught the Bible doctrines. He advised the attendees to apply these doctrines when they are preaching and teaching.



Covenant Theological College, Zambia

On Monday, I left Malawi for Zambia. It was a long trip that led me to sleep in the bus in Lilongwe for me to catch the early bus for Zambia that leaves at 6:00am. The bus was infested with bedbugs, which bit me on the seat when I was sleeping. This was not a new experience in my life – I have been sleeping in buses on most of the long trips I have made in Africa. Sometimes, I spend two nights in the buses.

I took some books to be given to Covenant Theological College (CTC) for students’ use. It is located in the rural jungles of Zambia in Petauke District. The management of CTC thanked the Lord for this great gift.

College leaders with Christian books

I was very much welcomed by the members of staff of Covenant Theological College. We met in the office where I introduced them both the CARM and MINTS programs. They agreed that they will start teaching CARM courses in the first semester in order to confront students against their false teachings and the other semesters they will be teaching the MINTS courses.

Men sitting at desks

The principal of the College, Pastor Sakala, thanked CBW for the Chichewa books. He also stated that he has started receiving books from CBW after my recommendation. He said that the Chichewa books will help a lot the lay training pastors. He asked me to keep on sending them these books. I also met Mr. Alsop from England, who is one of the trustees of Covenant Theological College. He told me that he knows Pastor Gordon Oram and Mr. David Ide of CBW.

On Tuesday, all prospective students together with members of staff were invited for my lecture and presentation about CARM and MINTS. The pastors – from different places of the Eastern Province of Zambia – were very much impressed with our arrangement. Twenty-three pastors of different denominations ranging from Reformed, Charismatic and Pentecostal churches registered as students for CARM and MINTS.