News from Cuba

News from Cuba

Thanks to all of you who are really interested to help with my growing in the Lord’s path. I used to watch a lot of movies but now I really enjoy learning through reading and then sharing what I learned and comparing it with the scriptures.

I have received a parcel of 54 books; it seems you sent it last November. I’m really thankfully for your love and dedication.

I am teaching the little English I know and hope that soon my students can read some of these books too.

Once I finish my house I will have a nice and accessible Library for brothers and pastors here at home! Thanks again. Next week I will send some comments of the books I am reading.

Ah! I almost forgot! Thanks for the discipling materials. Very useful!!

I will be praying for you, your family and your ministry.

Received a few days later:

I have been checking some of the books in order to read them according to our churches needs and my own. Woooh! Amazing. I have found really good matters like hell, Jehovah witnesses, heaven, sex, advice to us preachers, only to describe some.

Just taking a brief view to some chapters on these books. Thanks again.

The book When the Road is Rough and Steep by Harry Kilbride is helping me a lot!

Prophet Elijah’s life is amazing and now I understand better and also can help others to deal with life when facing that their “brook has dried up.” Depression is terrible and we can say that all of us have come through it at some point of our lives, directly or indirectly. So many kinds of depression!!! Which is new to me!

But there will be a day when we suffer no more; though it helps us to be conscious that God is working for our good at every second, ha! and that was meant by God for us Christians. God uses trials to make us more like his Son our Lord Jesus. The Holy Spirit is always with us. So… No wrong conclusions and looking always to what the Bible teaches about facing trials. God will sent ravens to feed us and He has a good plan for our life.

Havana, Cuba