Letters of Thanks – January 2018

Letters of Thanks – January 2018

I am so thankful and grateful to our Almighty God with the dawn of New Year 2018 along with the wonderful packages. Well I wish to inform you that I have Received all the ‘Priceless Books’ that you have sent to me. As I read down briefly, I am quite sure that it will really impact and add weightage on my various sermons whenever I get the opportunity to deliver. Your Pricless material will be like sharpening the sword. I believe it. I will be donating some books to our local Church Libraries and to our Pastors.

Well, on my part I have nothing to repay you back but I assure you that I am praying that God will reward you for your good deeds. I cannot measure the troubles you have gone through for my wellbeing. Thank you so much. May God continue to shower His blessings upon you, and your ministry as always.

Nagaland, NE India

We had received all your parcels until now and the reading had been marvellous, like a sweet blessing in a dry place.

Please, we ask you to continue sending good books as you do.

Thank you for being a bless for me and for our church.

Holguin, Cuba

One of my favourite books was Mysterious Ways: God’s Providence in the life of Joseph

I tell you that I am building my own house and I am going to have a room for a library and all these books will be available for all pastors and Christian brothers that I know or come to visit my future house, of course…those who understand English language. But I also think that I’m going to encourage this new generation to try and practice a little bit the English and the tools we find in these books to use them while preaching and caring for the church.

Thanks for your disposition to help us with these gifts. These are a priceless gift and so your prayers as well.

Havana, Cuba

We are greatly thankful for the collection of these books, which are a treasure to us for the worthy of knowledge they provide and the widening of our resources for research purposes. One of the boxes contained Reformation Today magazines and Geneva Bible Notes, which I intend to give out as resources to our students. We plan to open our college on the 13th of February this year. I also intend to give out some of these books to some students as a way of exposing them to the reformed books and writers. Most of our students come from a background of Charismatic and Pentecostal and are not given to disciplines of reading. These books will be a motivation for them to reform.

Petauke, Zambia

This is the first class at the Pastors Training Conference to receive your books today. Thank you

Ugandan pastors with books

Kampala, Uganda

The need for Bibles, even just New Testament copies, grows as the number of people we reach is increasing.


I thank God  particularly for being in contact with you and your ministry, for the help you’ve been providing us since we first started to communicate. I thank the Almighty for letting us enter the year 2018 together by His never ending mercies.

I pray He continues to keep you strong and courageous, supplying you with grace abundant, and every virtue that you may need.

Particularly grateful are the pastors to whom you sent 5 books each. I failed to report their safe arrival because I was inside network area only for a while when I collected the box of books. I went back, and together with them, we started going through one of the books as a small class, with a few other leaders of their churches present. At the moment there are testimonies, even from the congregation, to improvement in content and style in the preaching of these pastors. Also, in these five churches, we can attest of both spiritual and numerical growth, as the least Sunday school attendance is an average of 21 in all 5 churches, to the glory of God.

I will be around for a while, seeing I didn’t have a Christmas vacation, being earnest for the work. And also my health that needs a break from the strain. I want to use this time too to pray, as we now increasingly need financial assistance, having taken responsibility as a church over orphans in the area, and a few widows, and looking forward to opening new churches this year. This makes us continually in need. But we will not fail to acknowledge the hand of the Lord in it all.

The need for Bibles, even just New Testament copies, grows as the number of people we reach is increasing.

Tombel, Cameroon

I would like to let you know that I have received the Books that you posted. I thank you very much. They will be helpful to me, and the people that I am serving.

I have also finished reading a book, titled, Focus on Christ. The author is John Stott. The book has taught me about the aspects of my relationship with Christ. It has helped me to grow in my understanding of his glory. Jesus is the king of glory.

Zomba, Malawi

Since I started receiving  books from you, my ministry has greatly changed because I have many tools to help me in my sermon preparation and teaching God’s people effectively.

Not only does it help me personally, it also help other pastors and Church members who come and borrow books for their growth intellectually and spiritually as well.

One of the books I have received in this box is entitled The Guide: The Bible Book by Book by Roger Ellsworth. It is the best. For a long time I have been looking for a book that provides an overview for the whole Bible in a concise and straightforward way in order to teach our students within our church. Thanks be to God because He is the provider; He has met my need by sending this book through your service.

It is my conviction that my students will benefit much since I am going to use it in the OT and NT survey courses.

Although Christianity in Tanzania is growing more rapidly than ever, in fact, most of its members are not deep. This challenge can be met by providing resources to enhance them. Thank you very much because you have been the ones who meet this need.

For that reason, I would like to ask for additional boxes to meet this need.

Mwanza, Tanzania