Letters of Thanks – February 2018

Letters of Thanks – February 2018

I have written to inform you that I have received a package you send to me. What a great gift from a great friends, I really appreciate it, it is awesome. Thank you for the Holy Bible, I have already started using it, God bless you so much. Many pastors are coming to my office and reading the books. They are powerful books and  these materials haves brought many changes in our lives and ministry.

Rumphi, Malawi

To God be the glory! Thank you so much for the parcel of books you sent me. I received it in good condition and yes, the books are of great value and useful as they will be of great help in my personal Bible study and ministry. Praise God for a ministry like you who are willing to help pastors and other missionaries like me by supplying books and literature free of charge that will aid us in spreading the good news of Salvation and Love of God.

Caloocan City, Philippines

I went for a mission with other 12 Pastors to the Moslem nation of Sudan from 27th December 2017 to 28th January 2018. Eighty-four People were converted from Islam to Christianity and we baptized them all.

We had Pastors and Church leaders conference that brought together 325 Leaders. We used Pastors and Teachers books for the training and later distributed to the Church Overseers. The books titled All Things New helped us great deal to teach the new converts. It’s very exciting book. It was a successful mission.

Tororo,  Uganda

In our situation we cannot afford to buy very expensive books, especially quality books like yours.


Thank you so much for the books that you sent to us, including the two copies of Global Study Bible, truly enough that in your ministry we found an extension of God’s grace to us. Your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God. Not only supplying the needs of God’s people but is also overflowing in many expressions of thanks to God.  2 Cor. 9:11-12.

Brother, can we make another request? Honestly we are very blessed when we receive books from you. When I talk to my youth class that I received a Christian Handbook with Workbook they clapped their hands and they were very happy. So I would like to teach them ‘How the Bible came into being’. Could you send us more copies of the Workbook? Maybe 10 copies is enough. It would be great with the Church History Handbook and Christian Doctrine Handbook.

I would like to grab this opportunity you’ve given to us. If you have a complete study on the Book of Revelation, we’re just trusting God by faith that you could send us a copy. In our situation we cannot afford to buy very expensive books, especially quality books like yours.

Bulacan, Philippines

I enjoy indeed reading the books which I found to be a great help and changed the way I preached tremendously. Though I haven’t finished reading, I can’t wait to thank you and promise to go through all of them without fail then make a comprehensive report and recommendations.

My dear brother, the demand for more books is on the rise – from the time my fellow colleagues set their eyes on the box you sent, they’ve not ceased pleading for some more. It is therefore my humble request for more books. We’d also like you to remember us in your prayers for the many orphans we are taking care of as a church. My family sends our warmest regards. God bless you.

Migori, Kenya

I  am reading Dr. Jones’ exposition on the book of Romans and it is truly great – very enlightening and helpful for my own study and spiritual edification. This will help me in preparing sermons for the various congregations God entrusted to me to minister to.

Another author that really blessed me is William Hendricksen. A great commentator and expositor. Thanks for these God-honouring materials.

Carmines Norte, Philippines

Since you started assisting me with these Christian books, my mind-set has completely changed.


It has come to known that the free books sent by CBW to Mangochi/Malawi are bearing fruits among many souls for the following:

1. I have risen from priesthood to vicar general since because my preaching was improved and recommended by many believers this was proved when God opened more stations.

When l was at the Anglican Theological College many teaching was basing much on our denomination.

But since you started assisting me with these Christian books, my mind-set has completely changed. Because what l learnt from your teaching is that Jesus is our salvation, Jesus represents the ark of Noah, Jesus is our ram in the thicket, Jesus the passover lamb, Jesus is the manager in heaven that gives eternal life.

2. Spiritual programs. Many Muslims call me to conduct prayers in their home openly.

3. Many people including Islam are joining our church without being shy.

4. Your books are setting people free.

My appeal is that God will continue to bless you spiritually as well as financially. Therefore please do not forget me to provide spiritual services as l understand that leadership ends once one stops learning.

Mangochi, Malawi

I am very thankful for your new package! My heart is full of joy when we receive theology books from you. There is a big need of the solid foundation of Scripture for the systematic theology in Ukraine. Thank God that our foundation can be strengthened through your service.

We thank God for the faithful and dedicated ministry that you do. Your ministry inspires us very much.

We are preparing now for a great evangelistic event here in Kharkov and hope that your literature will help us in this work, strengthening our young people’s hearts in truth.

We pray for you and for the development of your ministry. Praise God for you!

Kharhov, Ukraine

I received a testimony this past week from a Pastor talking about how God has changed his life and ministry as a result of your books.


I am always humbled at what God does in our midst in the ministry. Many of the people who come have testified of the great changes God has made in their lives as a result of the teaching from your books and I am grateful for the Biblical change the Lord has made in many of their lives and their testimonies of change.

I received a testimony this past week from a Pastor talking about how God has changed his life and ministry as a result of your books. We rejoice with him!  So we want to specifically thank you for providing us books in the past which have helped me counsel, equip and aid others so they can teach others.

Benin City, Nigeria

I want to let you know that after picking up these books, i have been reading through the table of contents, the books are very relevant for me and for the Christian institution in which we train men and women for the work of ministry. Thank you so much and may God bless the Christian Books Worldwide ministries.

Kampala, Uganda

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I am writing to inform You that your Books have helped me and our Home Group Prayer Team. We meet every Wednesday night from 6pm to 7pm. The Global Study Bible – English Standard Version is so, so good indeed. Thank You very much for this Bible gift and also the other book titled The Classic Collection on Prayer by EM Bounds. It has encouraged me never ever to resign or retire from Prayer.

Harare, Zimbabwe