Letters of Thanks – November 2017

Letters of Thanks – November 2017

Below are some of the comments CBW received in November 2017


I am so glad to notify you that the parcel has arrived safely. I am so happy. I couldn’t believe when I opened the box and saw a lot of books. Just by looking on the topics, I just say wow! I will never remain the same with such a collection.

Christian books Worldwide, you are doing an amazing job. Thank you so much for equipping me. I was looking for a devotional book for so long. God has fulfilled it.

Keep up the good work.

God bless you and the Ministry.

Belvedere, Harare, Zimbabwe


Christian books Worldwide, you are doing an amazing job. Thank you so much for equipping me.

I went to complete my Theological studies in Kampala (Uganda). I got back at home last week. But I have great news to tell you.

In EUSEPR Church (Eglise de l’Unite du Saint Esprit et de Pentecote au Rwanda), they started a Bible study because of the books I gave them; and at ADEPR (Association des Eglises des Pentecotes au Rwanda) Rugerero Parish, they already have a small Library where the leaders and pastors come in to read and prepare the messages for the believers.

In NEBO Church a new church was started because of the books I sent to them; the new church is located in Gisenyi City. Our Ministry (Nain Hope Gospel Ministries ) continues to make the partnership with many churches. We met at secondary schools such as Groupe Scolaire Mukondo, Groupe Scolaire Nyakiriba, Ecole d’Art de Nyundo, Groupe Scolaire Kanama Catholique where we distributed the books to the finalist students (S6) but the Headmasters of those schools requested the books for their students at least from S3 to S6.

That is very large command because approximately from S3 to S6 by each school there are 300 students x 4 schools = 1200 books. All books they need in English because right now the Rwandan Government had introduced all courses in English.

Dear brother, I miss the words to express my gratitude for all the support of books you sent to our ministry, I assure you many souls lost are coming to Jesus Christ. I am so inspired by many books you sent me.

We thank you again for this wonderful cooperation.

Gisenyi, Rwanda


The two boxes of books arrived and thanks for the concordance, Foxe’s Book of Martyrs and New Bible Commentary and other good reading materials. I will send some books to other Bible study leaders by mail.

Pastor Rico and brother Verdejo received  books to help them in their study of the word. Today I will meet with other study leaders to give them some books.

My wife and I read Foxe’s Book of Martyrs so we could give answers to some who asked about the Reformation Christian heroes. I have finished reading Edmund Clowney’s book and I will share it to others.

A few days later came the following:

I have given books to the church leaders in my area. They are truly grateful for these wonderful and helpful and God-honoring reading materials! A few have discarded  dispensationalist materials.

The Bible concordance and commentary plus dictionary help us a lot. Not only for myself but other Bible study leaders as well.

Carmines Norte, Philippines


I have given books to the church leaders in my area. They are truly grateful for these wonderful and helpful and God-honoring reading materials!

We thank you for your continued support to this work. You have sent us books consistently throughout the year. For that we are thankful and appreciate the gift of books greatly.

We have distributed books to our students and local Pastors and leaders in all our 4 conferences we have held this year.

We thank God for the ongoing partnership.

Bulawayo, Zimbabwe


I want to Sincerely announce the safe arrival of another carton of books sent by your ministry. I cannot thank you enough. God will surely bless all of you for me.

I promise to keep you posted with the reports of  the usage and the impact on our ministry over here. As you must have known, we are still at the point of building the interest of our converts on Study of books. Most primitive Africans especially where I am serving do not treasure reading but audio visual materials.

As a Graduate Preacher I know the importance of books on Spiritual Growth. I think it is my responsibility to take them to Retreats until this passion is created in them. Please continue to pray with us.

Nsukka, Nigeria


I am pleased to inform you that today I got a carton containing 27 books that was addressed to me and it has books featuring books that are the Bible with good exposition and sermons from mighty men of God including my favourite JC Ryle and CH Spurgeon and other renowned authors.

The Books are of great help for they assist in understanding the Bible books, how to preach effectively as the Master desires and how to teach the word as the Bible was written, to produce the result without human additions.

Lilongwe, Malawi


Christian greetings.

Pastor, your package of books has been arrived at post office. We received safe 24 pcs. We will take a photo picture and send to your email. I want this books to lend to some pastor so they might be blessed also. Thank you for global study bible.

I started reading some books like Christ in the Book of Exodus and Foundations of the Christian Faith.

Pastor thank you. we will lend it to others ministers.

We will pray for your ministry.

Victoria, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines


I have received the box of books contains 18 books. One is a Dictionary of Theological Terms which I need more and JC Ryle’s Practical Religion for background understanding, and Growth in Grace by Ferguson. I will also check other books and put comments on my next mail to you sir. The books from last time I’m reading are John Owen’s Sin and Temptation, that is really convicting me in some areas of my personal life.

Secunderabad, India


I am very grateful to God for enabling and sustaining Christian Books Worldwide to minister to us at this time. May God richly bless you for being faithful to bless and equip the body of Iron feet of clay. The Dictionary of Bible Themes has inspired and challenged me once again to the value of Christian life and the importance of Bible study.

Sir, I don’t know how much I can thank you for the Dictionary of Bible Themes, this is kind of book I have been looking for, years ago, all what I can say is that God Almighty will bless you richly and you will not miss heaven you and your household. I am praying for you and the Christian Books Worldwide and all the sponsors. May God uphold you all till eternity.

Ado Ekiti, Nigeria

I am very grateful to God for enabling and sustaining Christian Books Worldwide to minister to us at this time.


Three boxes arrived full of books! we appreciate this very much and the breakdown is as follows:-

50 Dictionaries of Theological Terms by M.E Manton

50 Books on Hints and Signs of the Coming King by Kurt Strassner

50 Books of Pastors and Teachers by Derek Prime

10 Books of Walking with God by JC Ryle

I will distribute them to pastors soon in various stages at different functions in Kenya, Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo (where I have contact groups that I visit whenever possible).The majority of the books will be used in Kenya.

Bumala, Kenya


I read and use some books for my teaching ministry.

The Bible Book by Book and Christian Handbook are useful for my OT & NT Survey and Systematic Theology subjects. It is easy to read and easy to understand. I got a lot of new thoughts from those books.

Christ in Exodus – The theme of Exodus is Redemption. Through this book I can see more clearly about Christ’s redemption for his people and can see Christ in the Exodus and OT.

NIV Concordance -We have no Myanmar Bible concordance. This book helps to find out easily Bible words for teaching and preaching.

Yangon, Myanmar


Greetings. I have received a mail bag of books that you sent  recently.

We have having a Reformation Theology class this week at the center which is taught by PR Roanld Kogo from Nairobi, Kenya. The reading-required book of this course is 2000 Years of Christ’s Power by Needham Volume 3 is a must read. We have one copy that will rotate among eight students in one month.

I would like to thank you for the valuable books you are sending to us.

Kampala, Uganda