Letters of Thanks June 2018

Letters of Thanks June 2018

Thank you so much for this package it is a really blessing to me I am still passing one book after another. Although there was some delay I got it. The Bible I got is very rich. I am a teaching at a Seminary and I really enjoy your package – may our LORD Jesus remember your work. I pastored for more than ten year in two different local congregations but recently I am teaching seminary students.

Mwanza, Tanzania

You have been so careful in sending me the books.  I can now compare the mind set, view, interpretation, translation, exegesis and thought of different remarkable men of God of all times. I really appreciate that.

Now I am reading Jonathan Edwards, and Hell by Chris Morgan. I have been always interested in the doctrine of reprobation and eternal conscious torment and how do we reoncile these issues with the doctrine of God’s eternal love and justice. It’s really hard to understand and even to accept for many. A few years ago I was challenged by the work of J. Edwards and J. Piper. But men like Stott, Hughes, Pinnock and others just help us to love others with a different point of view and interpretation of these matters while they still are our brothers in Christ.

Havana, Cuba

I would like to let you know that the books I have received from you are very important in my ministry. One of those books that has been a great help to me personally and in my ministry is the Global Study Bible. The goal of this Bible is, above all, to honour the Lord in terms of its excellence, beauty, and value in helping people everywhere to understand and know the Bible, the gospel, and Jesus Christ, and in terms of addressing the life-and-death issues facing churches and people everywhere.

In fact the goal of this Bible is commendable and applicable. I have studied this Bible and found that this is one of the best Bibles in the world because of the following reasons: First, it is written in an easy language which makes me a reader easy to understand the message spoken. Secondly, it has a sound commentary that helps me as a reader to understand the meaning of a certain scripture.

Prior to the arrival of this book, I was struggling to find books which would assist me to understand the Bible personally and even during my sermon preparation. This book has come in God’s time as the answer to my struggle. My understanding of the Bible has enriched through this Bible. It is my belief that since then my preaching will not be the same as a result of the knowledge I get from this Book. The usage of this Bible will be twofold: First I will use it for my personal spiritual and intellectual growth. Second, I will use it to help me during my sermon preparation. I believe that this book will be a wonderful tool for the success of my life and my ministry as well.

I need more boxes for the edification of the body of Christ in my ministry.

Sengerema, Tanzania

I am rejoicing right now the moment I am sending this mail. Your packet from Christian Books Worldwide came to me in Porto-Novo last Monday the 11 th of June with 17 powerful books. I never come across such books, they must be very expensive. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ, Thank you Mr Oram and Christian Books Worldwide.

I start reading: Pastors and Teachers, The History of the Church, Foundation of the Christian Faith

Porto-Novo, Benin

By reading this book my pastoral ministry has been challenged.


As God’s servant in the 21st century, contemporary issues facing the church today such as the inspiration and authority of the Bible, the characteristics of Church leaders, the role of women and the nature of holiness have been addressed in this book.

By reading this book my pastoral ministry has been challenged. I have discovered my shortcomings in my life and in my ministry as well.

The result of this book is twofold: First, the book has challenged me to discover the characteristics of a good pastor and I have applied them to my life. Also it has given me ability to teach/preach from the pastoral epistles to my congregation confidently. Indeed, the ministry of Christian Books Worldwide is doing a great job to God’s people.

Sengerema, Tanzania

Greetings in the matchless name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Things are changing when more and more knowledge I am receiving from books which you provided me. While I go through, I am learning new things, getting new ideas. And really it’s working for me great to deliver this among people through preparing sermons.

Thanking you so much.

Sironcha, NW India

I just received the other books last week. I thank God because of the knowledge it imparts to me as I continue to preach and teach God’s Word. Some of the books I received were given to my fellow pastor whose passion is to read good theological books. I am so blessed by those sent books to me because it somewhat fills in the longing that I have to further my training as pastor. Reading those books continually nurtures me and instructs me of those knowledge I haven’t learned during my undergrad training in a Bible school. I am getting hooked and transformed in embracing reformed theology.

As of now, I am trying to share its teachings to my fellow pastor. Please help us pray because we are praying to start a Bible Institute in our church to train men and women in the ministry. Those books I have will be placed in our soon-to-be Church mini-library. I am so thankful for receiving such immeasurable amount of treasures coming from the minds of godly people who were wholly devoted to God. May you continue sending me books to read and share to our church. Again, thank you so much and God bless.

Bagumbayan Daraga, Philippines

I  teach a group of young men and we use Foundation of Christian Faith as our textbook.


For church history we use the books Christian Handbook + Workbook you send to us. Christian Worthies is also a helpful book

I  teach a group of young men and we use Foundation of Christian Faith as our textbook. It is easy to read and filled with God-honoring doctrines. I also use John Murray’s Redemption Accomplished and Applied. You may send additional copies of John Murray’s book and then Christian Ministry by Charles Bridges if available.

Carmines Norte, Philippines