Letters of Thanks – July 2018

Letters of Thanks – July 2018

I would like to give thanks for the great work you are doing for sending the books which contain true Biblical doctrines. I’m sure that this work is under God’s control, as His great commission is concerned. 

The books are of great help for Malawi where there is a great loss of the true doctrines of Bible. As the devil is still at work, the dangerous thing is that a false presentation of the Word of God is everywhere in Malawi. That means we have great mission of reforming and redeeming Malawi from a false gospel.

For my personal benefits, I’m very thankful, because through reading and studying these books I have answers to many questions I have had. This library is like my spiritual teacher who equips me to spread the Gospel with sound doctrines and refute false ones with boldness.

This library is like my spiritual teacher

If you put Malawi on a map you would judge it as a Christian country, but you will be surprised that even the leaders who are preaching and teaching are far away from the knowledge of themselves and of God; this is the sign that Malawi needs special attention and a strong approach which may bring live blessings of salvation. This may not be happening without your prayers that the work you are doing may continue to be effective through your support of books.

I can’t do anything for you, but only mentioning you in my prayers. Derek Prime said in his book Pastor and Teachers: “Paul explained to the Thessalonians the excitement this prospecting gave him, especially when he found the going tough: ‘For what is our hope, our joy, or the crown in which we will glory in the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ when he comes? Is it not you? Indeed, you are our glory and joy,” (1Thessalonians 2:19, 20). Wise shepherds and teachers look for their reward then, and not now.” (p. 50).

From a Bible College student, Zomba, Malawi


Greetings to you my friend and all my brothers you are working with, you are really doing a great job. I and my friends here in Malawi have benefited a lot from your support. I also would like to thank you for the last package that you send to me. I have learnt a lot from these materials.

From the book Direction For Christian Living I have learnt that Jesus never allowed people to follow Him without their first considering the cost, and more.

Also on Baptism, I have been given much information from a booklet entitled Baptism: Its Meaning Implication, where it says 

  1. Baptism is a picture of our new birth by the Holy Spirit.
  2. Baptism is a picture of our spiritual death and resurrection with Christ.
  3. Baptism is a picture of our new relationship with God.

Therefore Baptism is by full immersion because this shows our death to sin and new life in Christ.

Also the book entitled The Fight – this book has helped me to know God’s Words to share the faith and also find God’s Will.

Finally, I need more of these materials – please continue sending it to me. God bless you.

Rumphi, Malawi


I thank God for Christian Books Worldwide. God mightily used the books to meet my need to go on in the field of God to share God’s love and encouragement to the weary soul and those who want Christ more. There is joy and peace when Christ is glorified in our lives. 

All the books you have been sending to me are not just books, but they are really a good materials for endtime revival in all the churches. Sir, I don’t needs to deceive you, all the books are instruments for me and strength to my spiritual weakness, most especially the book titled Living for God’s Pleasure by Derek Prime. It really interprets the real meaning and importance of the fruit of the Spirit. I really thank you for the book and also for your labour of love. Once again, I am so grateful.

Ado Ekiti, Nigeria


With much joy and gratitude I wish to inform you that the spirit-touched literature you sent has arrived and I have already gone half way reading and studying some. I am richly blessed with the profound books and I sincerely have a lifting in my spirituality. I also wish to appreciate the ESV Study Bible you enclosed. Thank you. I am presently studying The Bible-Centred Church book among others.

Jos, Nigeria

This teaching was easy to understand, and was helpful to me


I love to share with you this comment about the book Bible-Centred Church. Its teachings touched my soul – I love daily to read and benefit from it. This teaching was easy to understand, and was helpful to me. I believe that the ministry of Christian Books Worldwide is a mighty tool that God is using in His Vineyard in these last days. God bless you!

Bungoma Western, Kenya


I am here also to inform you that the previous books that you had sent to me were donated to our local Church library which turned to be very useful for the Church staff and an asset for everyone at our local Church. Hence there were many great and blessing comments regarding those priceless books. Sir you have been a great help not only to me but for everyone of us at our local Church. I assure you we are praying that God Almighty will continue to bless you and your precious family members who are blessed by the Lord.

Dimapur, India

If we learn, they learn. We share the knowledge within the books.


We thank God for your ministry and help. Good books that allow us to keep the hope and to find treasures of God’s word. Your books are important for us in the way we do not have the opportunity to get a good Christian literature, as you know.

They help us to prepare the sermons every Sunday so, we can say every one receives a lot of blessing listening the doctrine and wisdom we discover in their pages. They are being of invaluable help. Also, we realized all the brothers and sisters are growing more and more 

as they listen to the pure teaching that there is in the books. If we learn, they learn. We share the knowledge within the books.

Thank you my brother. As you can see, your books are rich blessings for all the people we preach to and in that way its value increases. We hope you can keep sending more books and help us in that way. We pray and all our church sends its love to you.

Holguin, Havana, Cuba