Letters of Thanks Jan-Feb 2019

Letters of Thanks Jan-Feb 2019

Letters of Thanks Jan-Feb 2019

A selection of the correspondence we received in early 2019.

After reading the book titled Rainbow of Grace: Learning from the Life of Noah by Peter Jeffery, I learned that although Noah lived in the corrupted world at that time, he was a faithful man of God who obeyed God’s word. He listened to God’s Word and applied what God directed him to do. He did not listen to his fellow brothers and sisters and instead he was faithful to God himself. Due to that, Noah was a righteous person who stood before the Lord, acceptable to Him.

But also I learned there are three important things concerning Noah’s righteous that I need to apply into my pastoral ministry. He was a righteous man before God, he was a blameless in his relationship to the world and he walked with God.  

I pray that God will enable me to be a preacher of righteous like Noah was. This means that he preached righteousness to the point that he was capable of meeting God’s demands. Because of that I need to be acceptable before the Lord and pleasing Him. Therefore, I found that man’s greatest need is to be righteous and to be acceptable before the Holy God. I ought to know that the righteousness comes to us through faith in Jesus Christ for those who believe.  

Shinyanga Tanzania

I am overjoyed with the parcel I received today. In fact, I had to express my joy through dancing, thanking God for you!

These books and booklets are very important which are helpful in the ministry. I love the Global Study Bible, with its simple English and enriched commentary. That is what I am using to prepare for Bible teachings in this evening’s church service. There are other books that talk about Christian Character (The fruit of the Spirit). Great books!

I very much grateful for this gifts of yours. Thankyou very much. Quoting from Apostle Paul, Philippians 4:18 “…I am completely satisfied with the gifts that you….bring me. They are like a sweet-smelling offering or like the right kind of sacrifice that pleases God.”

Accra, Ghana

What can I say! How do I express my gratitude! I just want to say a very big thank you, to you and your excellent team, for this great job of sacrifice. You have truly delighted my heart.

My earnest prayer is that the Lord will keep delighting you. May you see the lasting result of this your labour and ever remain glad. I got the package sent to me on Tuesday afternoon from the post office. They are indeed wonderful materials for edification and spiritual growth. Keep flourishing in grace as the Lord is our sufficiency always.

I sincerely love and appreciate you all.

Oko-Ogbomoso, Nigeria

I always thank God for you and the big help of books. The books have helped me so much in training my Church leaders and teaching the membership. We have adopted some books (like Foundations Of The Christian Faith) as a syllabus of teachings of our Church. 

From the day I received these books I have never spent a day without reading. Always I wake up early morning around 04:00 hours and I start reading at 04:30 hours just after prayer. I am really enjoying reading, and reading has now become my habit. Please assist me with some more books.  May God truly bless you and your work

Ndola, Zambia

I have discovered the preciousness of the books contained in this box. I cannot mention the preciousness of every book in the box, indeed all the books you sent are profitable.  

The  book entitled Harmless as Doves: a Puritan View of Christian Life written by Thomas Watson is one of the best books I have studied. It provides a biblical picture of practical Christian living. This book has helped  to live Christian life in a practical way. I am going to use this book in my ministry to develop Christian teaching which will help church members to live godly lives. 

It is my conviction that this book is going to provide tremendous changes in my congregation and outside my congregation as well.

Yet there is a great need of resources in Tanzania. Therefore, I would like to ask for additional books to meet that need.

Mwanza, Tanzania

Thanks be to God who has called us in his glorious ministry. We are growing amazingly in my ministry as a result of the books you have been providing to help Christian leaders in their ministry.

It should be noted that the books you sent have arrived in my hands safely. One of the books in the box is The New Testament Commentary written by William Hendriksen.

Really, this book is an effective tool that I have been looking for a long time.  Its benefit is twofold: First, it will enable me to study the books of Colossians and Philemon in a deeper way. Second, I will help people to get knowledge of the Biblical truth as highlighted in these books. I am going to use it  as a useful resource for sermon preparation. Also, it is will be a useful textbook in group Bible study in my congregation.

Sengerama, Tanzania

Your books have been crucial for this work.

Our church is praying for you and is sharing with you that we are advancing in our discipleship of new believers, and of brothers and sisters that have spent a long time in our church but have not grown or exercised the gifts of the spirit to build the church and to serve to the rest of the body.

Your books have been crucial for this work. We really appreciate all the unconditional help you have given us through these years. Thanks a lot for all of your concern and dedication. We know you are a team!

Havana, Cuba

Once again i thank you for sending such useful books. 

I am reading two books in deep way. One is Living for God’s Pleasure by Derek Prime, an excellent book on fruit of the spirit. Thanks brother, it is useful for me to understand more about the fruit of spirit and I consider it is a manual to become like Christ.

The second book is Grace… Amazing Grace by Brain H Edwards. This is a deep and elaborate research book on grace. I finished the first Chapter have started the universal grace chapter. This book help me to know more about grace. 

Thanks brother. May God bless your Holy effort….

Tamil Nadu, India