Letters of Thanks December 2018

Letters of Thanks December 2018

I am going to use this book to teach my congregation on the subject of payer.

I received the box of books last week. Really, it contains useful books in my ministry. The book entitled Prayer: A Basic Training by Warren W. Wiersbe is one of the books contained in this box. The author describes the importance and depth of prayer in Christian life. Since I studied this book my prayer life has been greatly changed.

I am going to use this book to teach my congregation on the subject of payer. I had been looking for books on prayer. This book is the answer to my need. Since now I am going to be effective in prayer.

Sengerama, Mwanza, Tanzania

I want to express my gratitude for the work you have been doing and I pray that Living God will continue to empower CBW in Jesus name. The books have been a tremendous help to our Disciplers Bible studies in Kenya. I am busy and I am searching scriptures and studying God’s word and this is the truth I just wanted.

If you have a spares of books remember me, and I requesting you help me with a Bible Dictionary, Handbook, Commentary, Encyclopedia of the Bible and others information books. May God richly bless you until Christ second coming. Looking forward to hear from you.

Bungoma, Kenya

It is a real blessing to receive and read the books you send to us. They are a treasure for my life and the life of the all congregation that the Lord Christ has committed to us. You are as a teacher in a Seminary sometimes, other occasions you are like a pastor delivering a great study on Scriptures. As a counsellor invaluable and useful to God for the growing in Grace and the Gospel of Jesus. Thank you my brother for all your work. We hope you continue sending good books for a thirsty people.

Holguin, Cuba

I have received the books last week and all of them are of much use. A couple of things to mention from them:

  • Books on Jonathan Edwards. His papers, life are of much influential. Another special thing is that the booklet is small and an easy read.
  • The papers / sermons read during the conferences are good. I need to read them in the coming weeks.
  • Also, I am very very happy to see William Hendriksen’s books. It is of much use to me to prepare for the studies on Ephesians. The study is going in our youth Group.

Coimbatore, India

Thank you very much for the great books! Living in a non-English speaking country, it is very difficult to get access to good Christian books in English. Thanks to you, we have a chance to read many authors, which were not yet translated and published in our country. Especially valuable are the books on church history (e.g. biographies, English reformation, puritans) and books published by Banner of Truth Trust.

Kharkiv, Ukraine

The books which you have sent are absolutely blessings for me. I am daily going through it and this makes me like a visionary to think on it, do on it and prepare me to stand in front of people to share my views and new ideas. Thank you once again for books.  Keeping you and family and ministry in my daily prayers.

Chiengkawnpang, India