Letters of Thanks April 2018

Letters of Thanks April 2018

I almost jumped off my chair when I saw the two large volumes of The Baptists by Tom Nettles. This has always been one of my dreams and prayer to have collected historical studies on  Baptist movement and Tom Nettles does an amazing job in his research papers and books. I have come across some of his works online and I was always impressed and blessed by his teachings. These two books will be extremely helpful and a must read at least once a year and of course have others read and study them. I am really fond of historical studies as well and anything with regards to confessional Baptist studies

I am also extremely delighted by the large volume, Memoirs of the Westminster Divines, James Reid.These are the types of books which bring great joy to my heart and I really can’t put them down when I start reading. I love sharing what I learn from these books to others and bring them to faith or to a better understanding of the scriptures.

I am also very grateful for the 5 smaller books published by Grace Publications. I love these shorter topical studies of the puritans which are very helpful for quiet time in the morning and especially for small group discussions as well as family devotions.


I really thank God once again for His mercy over my life for connecting me with such a ministry like yours at the time like this, when to get good books is rare. Also I thank you for the spiritual openness books you sent to me. 

God by His spirit has unfolded the mystery of His word through the books I receive from your ministry, with deep insight and revelation in my Christian life, ministry, family and the call of God in my life. There is no doubt that God used the books for me and my members, it really blesses my spiritual life and understanding. It has also kept our spiritual flame burning and also renewed my vision for Heaven, most especially the last books I received from you.

Ado Ekiti, Nigeria

…once one is through with a book he/she passes it on to another…


Praise God, I extend my heartfelt gratitude for having received a second box of books from you. I am glad that these books have impacted my ministry tremendously. I wish I could have known you before this time, but thank God this is the right time. We are reading them in turns and we’ve formed study teams. We sincerely say thank you and God bless you.

And then a little later in the month…

It’s now clear to us that the God we serve is using you to be a channel of blessing to many, especially those of us who have set their eyes on the books. These books are very expensive, very rare in our local book-stores and very valuable, and as per their content, life changing and most needed in the ministry. I want to thank you for the vision, effort, resource and time  invested in collecting and sending the books.

We read the books in rotation; once one is through with a book he/she passes it on to another then after three weeks we converge for discussion. The church is getting edified and the zeal for learning is awakened. we hope that you are part of this and all the glory be to God. We are glad that you promised to send some more. We thank you very much indeed and we pray for you. Please remember us in your prayers.

Migori, Kenya

I believe this book is going to be effective in my ministry…


Thank you very much for the books you sent me.  I received the box on Saturday last week. 

Indeed, these books are helpful in my ministry. I have read some and see how effective they are. One of these books is 1&2 Timothy and Titus written by Douglas J.W. Milne. As a pastor, I believe this book is going to be effective in my ministry since the author exposes pastoral issues as discussed by the apostle Paul.

Sengerema, Tanzania.

I would like to notify you that the books have reached me safely, Praise the Lord. In fact, these are resources I longed for for years, and now they have become reality in my life since they have come in God’s timing.

I have studied some of the books and found them very effective in sharpening both my intellectual and spiritual life.

Wanted: Servant Leaders by Gottfried Osei-Mensah, is one of the books that has greatly enhanced me in the area of leadership. As a leader in the church this book has given me a new point of view about leadership from from both biblical theology and African perspective.

It is my conviction that, through this book my Christian leadership will not be the same. I have already experienced changes as a result of this book.

Sengerema, Tanzania