Christian Books Worldwide (CBW) was established as a UK registered charity in January 2009, emerging from the growing work of Pastor Training International (PTI).

Beginning in 2004, PTI’s original (and ongoing) vision was to resource pastors and Bible teachers of little means in the most deprived parts of the majority world, many of whom receive only elementary-level education and minimal or no prior theological training. From its inception, PTI customarily supplied study aids, tracts, books, and other basic theological literature to delegates at its conferences in Africa and elsewhere. 

PTI also operated a mentoring scheme, run from the UK, whereby mentees were gifted certain essential volumes for their personal libraries, followed by further provision of key theological and pastoral texts as studies progressed. With demand for its conferences increasing, PTI opted to focus more fully on delivery of its training programs and to outsource literature requirements to its new sister organization CBW.

The pioneer project was to produce Ultimate Questions by John Blanchard in Punjabi and Urdu.  CBW’s  Founding Trustees – Jim Gough, David Ide, Friedhelm Anhuth, and Mike Taylor  – soon commissioned translations of 3 further titles:

With reception on the ground successful, increasing requests to translate other evangelical and reformed works soon followed.

PTI and CBW continue a close collaboration, together resourcing preachers, teachers, evangelists, and other evangelical leaders with biblical commentaries, theological books, and specially targeted Bible-training materials, in English and also in the vernacular of countries where conferences are held.