CBW was formed into a charity in January 2009, emerging from the growing work of Pastor Training International.

PTI supplied good theological material in its conferences in Africa, and elsewhere, to pastors with little or no prior theological training. Following up on these men was catered for by PTI’s mentoring scheme. This scheme runs from the UK and as the mentored student progresses in his studies, he is rewarded by further additions to his library. In this way, pastors who may have been teaching error are guided into sound Biblical knowledge and study habits.

In time, PTI – with the growing demand for conferences – needed to focus on its training program and mentoring. However, the ambition to supply sound theological literature grew. CBW was formed to meet the huge need of the church in the Developing World with resources we in the West take for granted. CBW continues to work closely with PTI, supplying their growing demands for targeted theological material in English or, increasingly, in the vernacular of the countries where conferences are held.