Western Heritage


In the last five hundred years God blessed the West with the Gospel and all the benefits it brings. Today, 100 million Christians in the West sit with the wealth of the World, and a heritage of Christian Writers living or dead, so that we have millions of good Christian books telling us how to live.

There are 400 million Christians living in the REST with little or no resources.

Psalm 61 v 5

“Lord, you have given me the heritage of those who love your name”

What shall I do with it?

In 2 Kings 7 some poor leprous beggars discovered God’s deliverance and wealth beyond their wildest dreams, and then realised that their relatives in the city were starving to death. The beggars’ words echo with rich irony to us:“We are not doing what is right. This day is a day of good news, and we remain silent.”
Will the WEST Resource the REST
Will Evangelicals Send Theology  Resource Every Saint with Truth

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