Greetings from Zambia

Greetings from Zambia

Special greetings to you in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Its such a great privilege one more time to communicate with you. Honestly speaking i can’t hold and hide my joy on how I am being blessed and enjoying the library that the fellowship sent me through your office. For me it is more than a Bible college.

It has added much value to my ministry. So far I have done Christ in Exodus written by Steve Avers.  I have also tackled The Greatest Prayer that has Ever Been Prayed written Brian A. Russell alongside Bible Answers by Derrick Prime and currently am looking at Behold My Servant written again by author Brian A. Russell.

Great theological Insights and revelations indeed! I have extracted series of sermons and Teachings more especially from Christ in Exodus. May i simply say my preaching has changed of course with the help of the great teacher the Holy Spirit.

Once again a big thank you to the fellowship through your office for this great generosity. Only the God we serve can reward you exceedingly together with your entire families.

Always having you in our thoughts. God richly bless you.