European publishing houses often struggle to finance translations of English classics, and we support the work of 3L Verlag in Germany, Editorial Peregrino in Spain and Biblos Alpha in the Ukraine.

Germany Filing

3L Verlag, Germany

Although Germany is the country of the Reformation, its Christian influence has waned. We are very thankful that there is a renewed interest in Reformed Theology. The newest project 3L is engaged in is Matthew Henry’s full commentary on the Bible.

Our partners working in Germany have the disadvantage that there are huge costs to produce a translated German manuscript. Christian publishers in the English-speaking world get their material almost for free from the abundance of competent modern writers, or the heritage of dead preachers. In contrast, our friends in Germany have to invest in heavy translation costs before publishing. All these costs involve an outlay prior to recouping the investment through sales. The need in Germany is greater than ever because Liberal Theology, with its false promises, has influenced most churches and pastors.

After nine years in rooms of a church building, 3L moved to Waldems-Eschn in September 2008, where they occupy offices and warehouse space all in one place, which makes things much easier.

By their tenth birthday in 2010, 3L had published their one hundredth title. 3L are anxious to increase the pace of translation and to branch out into other languages such as Swedish. They also distribute Russian material.

Friedhelm and Gudrun, who run 3L Verlag, gained their love for reformed theology at Hook Evangelical Church where they enjoyed some years in fellowship under the ministry of Brian Edwards.

Equipo Peregrino

Editorial Peregrino, Spain

Editorial Peregrino in Spain has been operating for thirty years, as a mission to Spain and the Spanish community in America. They not only publish high quality books in Spanish, but do much of the artwork, type-setting and ISBN registration for CBW. They send literature to Cuba, as well as trying to penetrate the Spanish-speaking regions of south America. EP are agents for the Banner of Truth and translate all their material into Spanish. EP also publish two magazines to encourage the small Christian community in Spain to enrich its reading and grow spiritually.

Demetrio Canovas, who commenced the literature work, retired recently and the publishing work is being ably continued by Mateo Hill, a long-time resident of Spain.

Partners In Room

Biblos Alpha, Ukraine

Biblos Alpha publishes in the Ukrainian language as well as Russian. CBW has sponsored much of its translating and printing costs, because this publisher operates as a mission, and has to bear the heavy investment load in translating prior to printing and recouping an income.

Biblos Alpha is run by volunteers, at least one of whom has been imprisoned for the sake of the Lord Jesus. Their vision is to get reformed literature out to both the registered and unregistered churches (within one of which they are based) throughout Ukraine, with the wider vision to publish in Russia and get literature into the Central Asian countries where they have contacts. Favourite authors for translation are Martin Lloyd-Jones, JC Ryle and CH Spurgeon.

Our Deputy Chairman has visited the country numerous times – in good and bad situations – over the last twenty-five years.

Recently, Chapel Library has agreed to printing ‘Free Grace Broadcaster’ in Russian. In order to assist Christians in areas where are they under governmental pressure, the publishing of two or three titles as e-books has commenced.