Digital Literature

CBW’s principal objective is providing excellent biblical literature in international or local languages, at literacy levels appropriate to each particular context.

Digital technology provides a powerful way of increasing the reach and impact of CBW’s ministry, delivering first-rate content immediately and affordably, content that is accessible and applicable to the varied needs of Christian readers in the majority world, wherever they may be.

CBW is creating an environment where preachers and leaders in the global south can more easily be effectual readers, thinkers, and speakers

By promoting the use of digital reading and offering evangelical leaders in the global south direct, immediate access to a fast-growing catalogue of eBooks, CBW is creating an environment where Bible teachers and preachers can more easily be effectual readers, thinkers, and speakers.

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Digital technology provides a powerful way of delivering great content to evangelical leaders in the majority world directly, immediately, and affordably, wherever they may be

Many pastors in the global south – perhaps the majority – have received just elementary education, and need basic biblical literature to be easily available in their mother-tongue, as well as in international languages such as English, French, Swahili, Arabic, and Spanish. 

Others – a highly significant minority – are thought-leaders, requiring ready access to more advanced and educationally-oriented resources. 

CBW’s strategy is to resource all kinds of leaders with the world’s best biblical literature – books that speak with equal clarity to the ends of the earth.

Our current catalogue contains a growing number of titles freely available in the majority world by association with Christian publishers including: Banner of Truth Trust, Christian Focus, Crossway, DayOne, Evangelical Press, Grace Publications, and IVP UK. In this way, each year the teaching, training, and evangelistic impact of thousands of Bible teachers and Gospel workers – especially the poorest among them, those with very limited or zero resources – is strengthened, resourced, and enabled.

CBW eBooks are available in 170 countries