Cross Mission in India

Cross Mission in India

Below are some highlights from the latest newsletter of Cross Mission, an organisation in South East India. We have supported Moses with English language books and connected him with our Telegu translator Swaroop so he can obtain our translated materials.

Timothy, a Church planter, said “my passion is to reach these hundreds of villages to come to know Christ.” He started a small Sunday school in the village reaching children for Christ. He is getting opposition from others in this village but pray for him so that he can stand strong for God and the church.

Christmas celebrations in 21 villages: we had 18 Christmas celebrations in Hindu villages. We take this Christmas season as an opportunity to show Hindus the Love of Jesus by giving them a meal and share the Gospel with them. Hindus love festivals so we took this opportunity to invite them to these festivals.

God blessed us for the past year to lead many people to Christ. We had 83 baptisms from the network of Cross Mission. There were people from many unreached people groups. We want to see these brothers and sisters are discipled well so that they make more disciples in their respective villages.

Gospel Literature Distributed: we thank God for the Gospel literature provided by one of our friends. We are able to distribute 1000 gospel booklets and Gospel of John in this Christmas festive season. We want to saturate Hindu homes with the Gospel literature.

Children in the House of Joy Orphanage are doing great. They got new dresses for the Christmas celebrations. They have got new books for their new terms. It’s amazing to see they danced for songs. We feel so special what God is doing in their lives.

We are excited about 2019. We are praying and planning to extend the ministry into different regions. We are going to start two more training centers to make disciples and plant 24 churches among the unreached people groups. We want to support more poor missionaries in the villages. We are working on a Women’s Empowerment Centre to buy a piece of land and build a centre where women can learn skills and get employment in different ways.