Books to Bulgaria

Books to Bulgaria

Many thanks for the books, I received them both times (in June and September). I use part of them and part of them goes to the church library.

This year was very important for me. Until now I served the Lord for 19 and a half years as a missionary to the Bulgarian Jewish people with the mission Christian Witness to Israel. But in April the Lord called me to become Second Minister to the largest Evangelical Congregational Church in the capital, Sofia. The Church has about 140 members and about a 100 more visitors. I had to move nouse and to adjust to the new ministry.

With regard to the school, the things are a bit in a transition moment. So far, we gathered 4 times per year for our lectures. But it appeared to be a very expensive way. Maybe we have to think how to start to visit the local churches and to meet the students where they live and work. So far we have one student who has to complete his MA thesis. Myself and one brother have to write two textbooks (about 160 pages both) to finish our D.Min. degrees.

In the photo you will see the students. I am in the very back (on the left) with dark glasses and the blue T-shirt.

Wish you blessed New Year and very Merry Christmas.
In The Lord,

Bulgarian Bible students