Books in the Philippines

Books in the Philippines

Here are letters of thanks from three pastors in the Philippines, each explaining how the books they have received will be used.

I received yesterday morning the books mailed to me. Oh, thanks for Hendricksen’s commentary plus Leupold’s 2 vols on Genesis. I love to have these reading materials for my study!

Also, I love Pierced for our Transgressions – I read already half of the book – an excellent exposition of the doctrine of atonement. This and Redemption Accomplished and Applied are excellent books! Thy Word Is Truth by RJ Sheehan is also helpful.  I gave to my friends some booklets.

(about a week later he wrote)  

Leupold’s exposition of Genesis is really helpful. I am almost finished reading volume 1. For weekly home Bible studies I use Hendricksen’s commentary on the book of Luke. There is also a commentary on the book of Titus by Thomas Taylor which is helpful, too.

For pastoral theology study I use Derek Thomas and Charles Bridges. These authors give excellent teachings for young men who desire to be in the ministry.

Carmines Norte, Philippines

I am totally grateful for the book Andrew Murray on Prayer. My only source of Andrew Murray’s materials especially on prayer is the free monthly subscription of the magazine, Herald of His Coming. Thank you, really, for the book. Other book that was immediately needed is Sermon Outlines for Funeral Services. It is quite timely since I am, at times, invited to preach for funeral services. Commentaries may not be on my top list of needed books, but I gave time reading it immediately upon its arrival. Thank you so much for all these resources. I pray for more financial support for your ministry so that you can continue on sharing all around the world.

Malaybalay City Philippines

I’m so glad to inform you that last Friday, I received the first parcel of books that you have sent me (Foundation of the Christian Faith, Christian Handbook and assorted Spurgeon’s Sermons). Thanks a lot!

Last Sunday in our worship service, we held a Pastor’s Appreciation Day and we gave copies of the above reference books to pastors Domingo, Jun and Rufo (my uncle who shared with me the gospel of the grace of God a few decades ago). They greatly appreciate the copies of those books that you freely gave us.

A few days later he wrote again

Thank you for your kind and encouraging e-mail and also for your continued support by providing us with the needed books for our ministry here in the Philippines. I’m so glad to know that the books that we share with the pastors, church workers and other Christians in our place of ministry is being used for personal study/edification, group Bible study, Sunday school lesson and as message outline in individual local churches.

Last week, I received parcel no. 2 of the shipment of books from CBW. During our worship service yesterday, I was able to distribute the books to Brother Freddie and Sister Laura (who is a retired elementary teacher). There is a scheduled Bible conference coming that  will be held at Body of Christ Church which is being handled by Pastor Val Tanierla and I will distribute some books and workbooks to the attendees of the said occasion.

Soon, we will take our last subject in ACTS – Level 1, it is entitled: ‘Transformational Worship and Liturgy’ and I will also bring some books that I can share with my fellow theological students. Some of them already have a copy of Foundations of the Christian Faith and I know that the Christian Handbook and its accompanying workbook will be a welcome addition to their reference books. Again, thank you so much! Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

A different pastor in Carmines Norte, Philippines