Books in Kenya

Books in Kenya

Samuel in Kenya wrote to thank CBW for the first batch of books he has received from us.


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First I want to express my appreciation to you for the books you have given us.

The books you have given us have helped our learning to be easier. I am able to do assignments without any problem. We are able to see we are going somewhere with Disciplers Bible studies ministry. If you have spares of books, have mercy on us!

The books have given me a passion for building a reading culture. I have a strong desire to continue this Disciplers Bible Studies ministry, because the books you have given us have added interest. Personally, my preaching style has also changed for the better. With your books, I will be a good preacher, hence a blessing to the Disciplers Bible Studies .

Your books have also changed my personal life.

Our lecturers teach us with confidence because of the same books. One day I will be somebody very helpful to my family, Community, Disciplers Bible Studies, and my country because of the books. “Blessed is the hand that giveth.”

I send my sincere thanks to all the athours who wrote every book which I have copy. May God continuing to give them a good Health, Strength, and long life to establish your work and may God remember all in Jesus name, Amen.


Kenyan man with Bible