Africans Teaching Africans

Africans Teaching Africans

This update is from Abraham Kogo, who serves with Africans Teaching Africans in Kenya. Over the years we have sent him a number of books. Recently we picked up some Bibles which were not wanted by a hotel and sent some to Abraham.

It is not unique that pastors do not have a Bible – we have just been told the same by another trainer/church planter we support in Cameroon.

ATA News March April 2018

It is with great pleasure and honor to share with you how God has been faithful in my full time ATA ministry here in Kenya. Many centers came up in the last two months by God’s grace. I am happy to see many pastors learning the Word of God in their own native languages.

Three Kenyan men

Above are some of the pastors I introduced ATA to in Kasten in Eastern Kenya. In the middle is a Pentecostal pastor who is ready to take ATA in his church despite his old age. The young one on his left is Pr. Kamami, a graduate of Westminster Theological College in Uganda. It is good to have our fellow college mates running ATA program in their local churches. Pr. Kamami is now my ATA key person not only in Kasten but reaching out Garissa as well. Pray with us that the gospel will penetrate in Garisa, a town which is known for various terror attacks. This is a town where I was once arrested by a Somali police man for spreading the gospel in this Islamic area.


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Kenyan Pastor with bibles


Damaged Bible


In Eastern Kenya, we also have an ATA class running under a makeshift shelter at a place called Nzalai. Above is Pr. Paul Kamami who is our ATA teacher receiving Bibles for the ATA class in Nzalai. The Bible is our main tool in our ATA ministry. I thank Christian Books Worldwide for donating these Bibles to us. We appreciate their work as CTC/ATA.

In one of the churches where I open an ATA center in Estern Kenya, there was a church member who had worn-out Bible as you see in the above picture. I am putting this here so that you can know how important your support is to our brothers and sisters who are struggling with the challenges of life yet they are desperately in need of the gospel. Whenever you donate Bible money and any financial support to our CTC/ATA ministry, it touches lives of many people who study God’s word.


Above is a small church in deep of the village in Eastern Kenya. I was happy to open an ATA center in this church despite how small it is. I like doing my ATA exiting full time job in villages where many elite pastors doesn’t want to be. Pray for the success of this class.


Group of Kenyan Christians
In Nakuru, it was also good to introduce ATA program to some of the pastors as you see in the above picture. I was happy to be hosted by Pr. Samuel Toili who is also a graduate of WTC in Uganda. He will be running ATA program in AEPC church in Nakuru.

The climax of my ATA ministry this month was an ATA graduation and launching of new classes in Kisii County. 19 ATA students graduated with certificate of completion. Many churches assembled together to witness this. It was a great event which has never happened in their community. Everyone was much thankful about ATA vision of reaching many with a Bible training program which is easier to run.

Many of the graduates had been pastors without any training. ATA has done them good by training them. This was a testimony given by many graduates during graduation period.


Kenyan Christians with certificates

Above are our ATA graduates in Living Light Church in Kisii County. May God bless them in their respective ministries.