Christian Books Worldwide is a UK-based charity that exists to:

Translate and Publish suitable reformed Christian literature into other languages and

Distribute sound Christian literature in English

In the words of Bill Walsh, Director of The Gospel Coalition International Outreach, USA:

CBW is about “Theological famine relief”

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Books to Bulgaria
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Many thanks for the books, I received them both times (in June and September). I use part of them and part of them goes to the church library. This year was very important for me. Until now I served the Lord … Read More

Leadership Training in Malawi
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A report from Joster Jombe who translates for CBW in Malawi I would like to share with you some developments on our ministry. This month has been a successful and a busy one. We had a graduation for basic leaders … Read More

Website Update
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As you will probably have noticed, we have been busy updating the CBW website. We hope that you find the new layout easy to read and that the structure of the site is easy to navigate. One of the main … Read More