Christian Books Worldwide is a UK-based charity that exists to:

Translate and Publish suitable reformed Christian literature into other languages and

Distribute sound Christian literature in English

In the words of Bill Walsh, Director of The Gospel Coalition International Outreach, USA:

CBW is about “Theological famine relief”

Donate Books

If you have any Theological books you can donate to CBW, get in touch with us here.

You can support CBW financially through the Charities Aid Foundation.

Overseas Pastors and Bible Students can request books from CBW.

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Letters of Thanks – July 2018
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I would like to give thanks for the great work you are doing for sending the books which contain true Biblical doctrines. I’m sure that this work is under God’s control, as His great commission is concerned.  The books are … Read More

Encouragement in Africa
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Here is an update from Martin Odi, who spends most of his time travelling in central Africa seeking to train and help pastors and preachers. We have in the past sent numerous books to him for these occasions as well … Read More

Bibles in Kenya
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The following note was sent by Paul Musembi in Kenya Hello brethren. We hope you are all well in the Lord. We are fine here and serving the Lord, busy preparing for tomorrow. I collected the Bibles from Christian Books Worldwide on … Read More