Christian Books Worldwide is a UK-based charity that exists to:

Translate and Publish suitable reformed Christian literature into other languages and

Distribute sound Christian literature in English

In the words of Bill Walsh, Director of The Gospel Coalition International Outreach, USA:

CBW is about “Theological famine relief”

Donate Books

If you have any Theological books you can donate to CBW, get in touch with us here.

You can support CBW financially through the Charities Aid Foundation.

Overseas Pastors and Bible Students can request books from CBW.

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Supporters’ Day 2018
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Our 2018 Supporters’ Day will be held on Saturday May 12th at Grace Church Guildford, GU1 4HL (formerly known as Chertsey Street Baptist Church). This is a joint event for supporters of Christian Books Worldwide and its sister mission, Pastor Training … Read More

News from the Philippines
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We recently received the following message from Percival in the Philippines. He has been in contact with us for about 18 months and has benefited greatly from the books we have sent him. The benefit he receives from the books can … Read More

News from Malawi and Zambia
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A recent report from our contact in Malawi, Joster Jumbe: I have had the past two busy weeks. I have been very busy traveling, teaching, translating, editing and holding meetings with different church leaders. We started by teaching ministers at … Read More